The Hamonia Factor
In the wonderful world of Hamtaro, a VERY SERIOUS virus has spread 'round the world. It is called Hamonia, and is found in households that house at least one Hamtaro fan. If the virus gets active, it will go into the Hamtaro Fan's body, and turn that person into a....... Hamtaro FREAK.
Hamonia is usually harmless to the human being, usually staying in cold dark places. (ie. a closet) However, if it spots a person who could be prone to Hamtaro obsession, it will enter their body and really turn him/her into a Hamtaro Freak. Let's say this person was called John, and I'll explain the procedure of Hamonia infection.
John is watching a Hamtaro episode, all cuddled up with his Hamtaro plushie. Meanwhile, Hamonia is watching close behind, making its decision weather to infect John or not. It decides to do it, and creeps slowly towards John. Since Hamonia is a virus, it cannot walk or jump like a human. It acts like a ghost, and when it reaches it's destination, it would dart right into the person's mouth. John doesn't realize anything, and continues watching his beloved show. A few minutes later, he can feel a tingling sensation as the Hamonia looks for his brain. When Hamonia finds it, it goes inside, thus controlling John's mind into becoming, yes... A Hamtaro Freak.

Any cures?

There are not many known cures for this horrible virus. Medical experts are still trying to find a substance that can destroy the virus, but have yet to figure out anything. But even if there aren't any direct cures, you could always try to cure yourself manually.
If you are the victim of the Hamonia Virus, you could try changing your habits. Per example, you could cut down on the Hamtaro stuff you do, like watch the show, play with your dolls, visit Hamtaro sites. Phh, just about anything related to Hamtaro should be wiped off your schedule. I know its hard, but its the only current way to get rid of Hamonia. Once the virus detects a certain change in interests, if will eventually exit your body, in the search of a new victim.
But BE CAREFUL. Just because Hamonia has left your body doesn't mean it cannot come back! Having stopped your obsession with Hamtaro, you certainly don't want it to start over! Unless you LIKE being a Hamtaro Freak, please, I'm begging you.... Don't fall back into your freakyness state, it won't be any good at all. In fact, all the things you did to rid Hamonia of your body has prolly done some good to you. Don't un-do all of it. Otherwise, Hamonia will eventually find you again, and.. you know the story...

EXCLUSIVE interview with...

A fellow Hamtaro Freak! This poor girl named Hiroko is going to explain in detail what's it like to be infected with Hamonia... I, Mimitchi, shall be the interviewer.

Start of the interview

Mimitchi: So, Hiroko, you say that you've been infected with Hamonia?
Hiroko: Oh YES. I'm afraid I have.
Mimitchi: How did it happen?
Hiroko: It was DREADFUL. I was just walking inside my favorite Anime Convention shop, and then.... and then.... *cough*
Mimitchi: And?...
Hiroko: Well, I was looking for Hamtaro items. I couldn't find any, since it's popularity had lowered in the past few months. I felt terribly sad.
Mimitchi: Did you feel like there was no reason to live anymore?
Hiroko: More than that... I wanted to..... *sniff* I wanted to EAT the shop owner! *starts sobbing*
Mimitchi: WTF?! LMAO!!!!!!! *falls off her chair* oops, sorry I'm an interviewer.... Err, WHY exactly did you want to "eat" the shop owner?
Hiroko: Because I got this tingling feeling in my head....and.. I was going mental and the shop owner started looking like sunflower seeds.
Mimitchi: This had nothing to do with your craving for Hamtaro merchandise?
Hiroko: Actually, it had quite a hell of alot to do with it. I was really really mad at the shop owner, and started yelling terrible things like... "WHY THE F*** ARE THE HAMTARO THINGS F****** GONE??? I'M GUNA F****** EAT J00!!!!"
Mimitchi: Umm... *sweatdrop* Did you have any idea why this was happening?
Hiroko: Ahhh, I dunno. All I remember is seeing some ghostly mist with hamster eyes in it... and everyone started staring at me. Hamster ears had sprouted from my head.
Mimitchi: Why aren't they on your head now? Isn't that a symptom of the worlds most dangerous form of Hamonia?
Mimitchi: *to the audience* Well folks, this is what happens when you get hit with the worst form of Hamonia. For your own safety, PLEASE do NOT enter an Anime Convention store that has run out of Hamtaro items. If you suddenly have the urge to eat the shop owner, RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Hiroko: You mean it's over? *smirk*
Mimitchi: Yes. And since this kind of disease is really really contagious, I'm afraid we'll have to kill you.
Hiroko: WAAAT????? *puppy face* you can't kill me!...
Mimitchi: You're possessed, Hiroko! There's no other way, you can't keep on living like this!
Mimitchi: Can you tell me why you have the same name as Hamtaro's owner?
Hiroko: The Hamonia made me so obsessed that I ate her and took legal posession of her identity.
Mimitchi: ......YOU EVIL TWISTED CREATURE!!! Can't you find some other way to kill people???
Hiroko: What's the point? *burps* Everyone tastes SO GOOD! Especially their intestines, yummy! :9
(From this point forward, Hiroko and Mimitchi had a good catfight... Hiroko ate Mimitchi, so the website you see now is actually owned by a ghost. o_O Be careful, Hiroko is still lurking around, looking for someone to eat...)