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Hamtaro Adventure 2: Dirge of Friendship

This second Fanfic is a new story. Basically without the many worlds of Kngdom Hearts. The Main villians of the Fanfic is still the Organization.

This Chronicles Roxas and the Ham-hams. Roxas ran away from the Organization, and found by Ansem the Wise, and Roxas began a new life from the Organization.. James is working for the Organization for his reasons. And, what else, it features the 10 ham-hams with Keyblades, excluding James, and including Sky-ham.

Trouble begins when Heartless appeared and begin to cause trouble. The real trouble begins when James and the Organization starts attack the Ham-hams. Then the battle between The Organization goes into high gear. Putting the Ham-hams trust in each other and themselves to the test, as the Organization pushes them into the limit. Many Friendships are built, some are shatterred, and some even go as far as becoming hatred as Roxas and the Ham-hams soon discover when you're put to the test, You might end up losing it all.

E-mail author at sorasmaster@hotmail.com or sorasmaster@yahoo.com for any question and concerns. And don't even think about saying anything about my e-mails, please!

The episodes are in .doc archives.

~~Hamtaro Adventure 2: Dirge of Friendship
- Prologue ~ Click to download
- Episode 1: Now Docking ~ Click to download
- Episode 2: Knowing your Place ~ Click to download
- Episode 3: Development ~ Click to download
- Episode 4: First Battle, and an Old Friend ~ Click to download
- Episode 5: Axel’s Burning Ambitions ~ Click to download
- Episode 6: Darkest Night ~ Click to download
- Episode 7: Nightmare ~ Click to download
- Episode 8: Bravery ~ Click to download
- Episode 9: Heartache ~ Click to download
- Episode 10: Truth ~ Click to download
- Episode 11: Mercy ~ Click to download
- Episode 12: Temptation ~ Click to download
- Episode 13: Roxas ~ Click to download

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