About the layout
Yay! It took 2 days to complete this divs layout, and its pretty rare for me to give my 100% in a premade. xD Usually I'd just slap a few images, brushes and textures together, but those designs never really look good.
I wanted a spring theme, so I found a spring wallpaper, and collected a few spring related images from Hamtaro Paradijs, and just made a small collage. It didn't look that appealing at all, so I added more effects, brushes, things like that... And came up with this! It took so long to decide on how to make the "digital scanlines" because everytime I made one, it would come out in gray! A real burden... Untill I remembered the "Screen" layer style... xD;
Oh ya, and the flower brushes at the bottom of the image are mine. xD

How to use
This layout is fairly easy to use:

1. Download and unzip the .zip file
2. Edit index.html and make other pages if necessary
3. Upload everything to your server
4. You're done! Enjoy the layout

Layout by Mimitchi | Images: HHK, Hamtaro Paradijs | Brushes: Lush Brushes, Hyper Gurl
All Hamtaro images are ©Ritsuko Kawai