Episodes 053 - 104
Here are episode summaries complete with screenshots! Because Mimitchi is lazy, the first 104 episodes are from Hamtaro.com. Any Japanese episodes, however, will be written by me or volunteers.
Read at your own risk, as this section is filled with unmarked spoilers.

Episode 053 - Pepper's Visit

Laura's town is having a story-writing contest, and Laura writes a great story about star-crossed romance, of love separated by the Milky Way in the sky. Impressed, the Ham-Hams decide to do some story telling of their own. Meanwhile, Oxnard is bursting with excitement because his favorite hamster, Pepper, is coming to visit for the summer festival. But Pepper's arrival is delayed and Oxnard rushes frantically out to the countryside to find her, in case she might be in trouble. Unfortunately, Pepper and Oxnard cross paths but miss each other. Only the stars can tell if Oxnard will get to see Pepper!

Episode 054 - Pop Star

A young pop star named Glitter has just enrolled in Laura's school. What's more, Glitter and her accompanying pop-star hamster, Sparkle, are scheduled to perform a live concert in town! The Ham-Hams invite Sparkle to come hang out with them at the clubhouse. But despite all the Ham-Ham's efforts to befriend Sparkle, she's a tough nut to crack. Meanwhile, the glamorous Glitter has her eyes on Travis, and Laura is sad and jealous. Will Glitter and Sparkle find a way to fit in?

Episode 055 - Laura is Really Gone!

Laura gets a bad score on a math test and as a result she is unable to get the CD player that her parents promised her. Upset, Laura storms out of the house and decides to run away and join the circus. But on her way Laura runs into Maria, Bijou's owner, downtown and decides to follow her. They get on a bus and Laura ends up at Maria?s piano concert! Meanwhile Laura's parents and the Ham-Hams are very worried about Laura. Is Laura ever going to come back?

Episode 056 - Boss, the Cool Ham of the Sea!

It's summertime, and Laura and her family are going to the beach so that Laura can show off her new swimming skills. Of course, the Ham-Hams tag along too and Boss is all excited to show Bijou his dashing sailing prowess. But once out on the water, Boss gets seasick and as he hits the floor of the boat, the hull cracks. Bijou and Boss are in trouble, but hamsters can't swim! How can Boss and Bijou be saved?

Episode 057 - The Scary Mountain Ghost!

Laura and Kana go to visit Mr. Yoshi's family in the mountains. As it turns out, Mr. Yoshi's mom is a great storyteller! The girls listen to her recount the tale of two ghosts, Harry and Ernie, who used to hunt hamsters on the mountain. But in the end, one day, Harry and Ernie didn't come home, and so now their ghosts are said to still wander the mountain. On the way home, Laura and Kana get lost in the woods and night falls. To make things worse, they lose Hamtaro and Oxnard! Two scary shadows are approaching; are they the ghosts of Harry and Ernie and are they still hunting hamsters?

Episode 058 - The Fresh Summer Breeze!

Maria's piano recital is coming up, but she pushes herself so hard that she is unable to play anymore! Laura, who notices something is wrong with Maria, comes over with cookies to help Maria relax. The Ham-Hams, also worried for Maria, devise a clever trick to lead Maria outside, thinking that she may just need to refresh a bit. Maria, Laura, and the Ham-Hams end up in a beautiful park! Will just a bit of fresh air restore Maria's desire to play the piano?

Episode 059 - In a Pinch, a Rival Appears

There is a new boy, Roberto, at Laura's school, who is an amazing soccer player! But he's a little hot-headed about his soccer skills and he angers Travis and the rest of the team, and Laura as well! The Ham-Hams decide to teach him a lesson. With a bit of Boss's cunning, they turn Roberto's soccer practice into a pothole dodging session! But Roberto, in turn, surprises them all!

Episode 060 - The Chicken Contest

Charlotte, the girl that Mr. Yoshi has fallen head-over-heels for, invites him over to her family's chicken farm! Even Laura, Kana, and the Ham-Hams get to come along. But Mr. Yoshi is scared to death of chickens! To make matters worse, Charlotte's father announces that he plans to marry her off to a rich businessman, Alexander. Charlotte?s father turns the date into a contest between Mr. Yoshi and Alexander. To win Charlotte, the two suitors must compete in the Rooster Family chicken contest! Mr. Yoshi must overcome his fear, with the help of the Ham-Hams, or he will lose Charlotte forever!

Episode 061 - Treasure Hunting

While cleaning up Elder-Ham's house, the Ham-Hams find a treasure map! They spend all day searching and searching for the mysterious treasure but the map leads them in circles right back to Elder-Ham's house! Meanwhile, Laura's Mom has lost a precious broach but can't find it anywhere. Are both the Ham-Ham's and Laura's Mom's mysterious treasures never to be found?

Episode 062 - Penelope Makes a Friend

Kylie, Penelope's owner has a cousin named Ethan who comes to visit! Young Ethan and Penelope take an immediate liking to each other, and play and play all day until they both fall asleep exhausted and happy. Penelope soon decides that she wants to give Ethan something to show him that he is her new best friend! But she is so shy and Ethan is carefree and oblivious. The Ham-Hams try to help Penelope out of her disappointment and bring her to Ethan's school, where surprising news awaits the anxious and unsuspecting Penelope.

Episode 063 - The Scary School Principal!

Laura's school principal is renowned for his love of plants and for his scary appearance. One day, Laura inadvertently breaks a flowerpot containing a plant that the principal values greatly! She is terrified of what her scary principal might do to her. The Ham-Hams come to the rescue and try to fix the flowerpot before the principal notices, but before they have time to finish, the principal returns! Everyone is in big trouble, and Laura has to face making a difficult apology.

Episode 064 - The Reconciliation!

Howdy's owner, Goldie, runs the convenience shop next to the optical shop owned by Curtis, Dexter's owner. Much like Howdy and Dexter, Goldie and Curtis are longtime friends but they tend to argue a lot. One day, Goldie and Curtis start an argument that escalates until they refuse to speak to each other anymore! Howdy and Dexter, concerned, devise an ingenious plan with the other Ham-Hams to get Goldie and Curtis to make up. But will it succeed?

Episode 065 - Mimi's Dream Park!

Mimi, Panda's owner, is all excited because she is supposed to go to the amusement park with her family, Laura's, and Kana's. However, Mimi's little sister gets sick and her parents can't go, so a disappointed Mimi doesn't get to go either. Feeling badly for Mimi, Panda enlists the other Ham-Ham's in a plan to cheer her up! Panda, with his crafty handyman skills, sets about constructing Mimi's very own Ham-Ham Fun Park! But after building all day, the weather turns bad and by nightfall, a big storm threatens to destroy all the Ham-Hams' hard work for Mimi!

Episode 066 - The Spinning Sunflower Ferris Wheel

After the storm that destroyed their Fun Park, the Ham-Hams are very disappointed. Nevertheless, they bravely decide to start over and rebuild an even better Fun Park for Mimi! At the same time, Kana's dad tries to convince Mimi's Dad to take Mimi to the amusement park. However, the two fathers have a big argument and Mimi?s dad, in retaliation, announces that he won't take Mimi to the park she so wishes to see! All the while, Mimi is napping and dreaming of the amusement park with great anticipation. When she finally wakes up, she's in for a big surprise!

Episode 067 - The Zoo Date!

Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi are going on a date to: you guessed it! The zoo. Mr. Yoshi has even prepared a special picnic lunch to share with Charlotte, Laura, and Kana. Of course, the Ham-Hams have found their way to the zoo, too! But things begin to go awry when Hector the ostrich not only escapes from his cage but also takes the picnic Mr. Yoshi so carefully prepared! Meanwhile, the monkeys have gone wild and are after the Ham-Hams. Ostriches, monkeys, and lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Luckily, the Ham-Hams are out of their cages and free to help set things straight.

Episode 068 - The Haunting

Laura, Kana, Mr. Haruna, and the Ham-Hams all drive out to visit Gabriel, Mr. Haruna's horror-story writer friend who lives in a big, fancy mansion. But as soon as they get to Gabriel's house, Gabriel takes off on an impromptu errand and leaves everyone alone to keep watch over his big, creepy home. Night falls, but Gabriel doesn't return. Soon something is howling in the distance. Everyone's heart begins to beat a little faster; and then, the door to the house opens, and something furry with gleaming eyes steps inside! It's up to the Ham-Hams to protect Laura and Kana!

Episode 069 - A Fortune Comes True!

Kana likes to play with cards and tell people's fortunes, and lately she is getting good at it! The Ham-Hams are immensely interested and want Oxnard to tell their fortunes, too. Boss thinks it's all a bunch of hogwash but Oxnard predicts that Boss will meet up with something big, white, and round, and it isn't long before as foreseen a big, white, round rabbit sits right on top of Boss! The rabbit turns out to be someone's lost pet. The Ham-Hams, Laura and Kana all join in to help the rabbit find its owner. Thanks to Hamtaro's rescue tactics drawn out in the clubhouse, it looks as if sad little boy is about to find his furry happiness again.

Episode 070 - The Baby Goat

Today, the Ham-Hams, Laura, and Kana are going to visit Pepper the farm-hamster and her owner Dylan at the Flower Farm. Everybody is excited because Daisy, the goat, is about to give birth! All the Ham-Hams want to see how Daisy is doing, but once inside her stall, they find daisy cranky and irritable.

Not realizing that the impending birth is what is giving Daisy grief, Oxnard thinks that she just wants to go outside. Oxnard opens the gate and Daisy escapes! Pepper, aware of the danger that the baby could be in if Daisy is running loose, is furious at Oxnard for what he has done. Everyone teams together to find Daisy, but Oxnard looks harder than everyone for fear that his blunder has caused him to lose Pepper's heart! Have Pepper's special feelings for Oxnard changed, but maybe more importantly, will the baby goat survive?

Episode 071 - The Animal Hospital

Bijou has a rare case of Hamster flu! Worried, Maria, Laura, and Kana take Bijou to the animal hospital. But Boss is even more worried about Bijou! He has heard that in hospitals, doctors pierce patients with enormous needles. He thinks that the doctors want to hurt Bijou, so he “rescues” her from the hospital and disappears! According to the eccentric animal doctor, all Bijou needs to do is take some medicine and she will get well. However, Bijou is nowhere to be found! It’s up to the other Ham Hams to find and convince Boss to bring Bijou back to the animal hospital, before it is too late!

Episode 072 - The Knitting Craze!

The weather is getting cold, and Laura decides that she is going to learn how to knit. Her first project: a hand-knit scarf for Travis! Meanwhile, in the clubhouse, Pashmina is teaching the Ham-Hams how to knit, too. Boss and some of the guy hamsters think that knitting is for “girls”, preferring to play outside, but Hamtaro wants to learn to knit so that he can make a warm scarf for Brandy. For Brandy’s sake, Boss and the other “guys” finally make up their minds to pitch in and help in the making of the huge, green scarf for Brandy! Laura has finished her scarf by now, but a huge misunderstanding ensues. Laura’s dad thinks that the scarf Laura made is for him! Laura has to put on a good act so that her Dad won’t know that she made the scarf for Travis…

Episode 073 - A Breath of Autumn!

It’s Labor Day, and Laura and her Dad want to give Mrs. Haruna a special break from all her household chores. Hamtaro observes as Laura’s Mom, having a moment to relax at last, looks out the window and remembers fondly the last time she had free time to go out and enjoy the pretty autumn leaves. That gives the resourceful Hamtaro an idea for a Labor Day gift for Mrs. Haruna. On his way out, Hamtaro runs into Bijou and the other Ham-Hams and together, they set off for the mountains to gather nuts and colorful leaves to bring back “Autumn” for Mrs. Haruna. But Hamtaro, reaching for the perfect maple leaf, slips and finds himself dangling treacherously over a steep cliff. Meanwhile, a storm is brewing and rain threatens to wash away our furry friends!

Episode 074 - Welcome Home Penelope!

Penelope is wandering around by herself, when all of a sudden she falls into a deep ditch! Luckily, Jingle and his faithful wanderer companion, Herbert the pig, happen to be in town. Herbert, by chance, finds little Penelope and rescues her from the perilous hole. From that moment on, Penelope is absolutely taken with Herbert. But Herbert and Jingle are in the midst of their travels, and the time to say goodbye comes all too soon. Penelope, crushed to see her new friend go, runs away and has her mind set to follow Herbert wherever he goes. How can the other Ham-Hams persuade Penelope to come back home?

Episode 075 - The Abominable Snow Woman

It’s wintertime, and Laura and Kana bump into their teacher, Mr. Yoshi, while ice-skating in the mountains. Mr. Yoshi invites them back to his mother’s house. His mother, the gifted ghost-story teller who gave Laura and Kana shivers in the summertime with her story of hamster-hunting ghosts, has more tales to entertain our friends. This time, Laura, Kana, and the Ham-Hams tremble as Mr. Yoshi’s mother tells them about a mysterious snow woman who haunts the mountain. On the way home, Laura, Kana, the Ham-Hams, and Mr. Yoshi all get separated in the woods. As they search for the right path and for each other, however, strange snow-covered figures begin lurking about in the shadows… When a snowstorm makes the situation even worse, the Ham-Hams team up to challenge the snow woman and protect Laura and Kana!

Episode 076 - Laura and the Seven Hamsters

Laura and Hamtaro are curled up on the couch one night watching television when Glitter and Sparkle come on the air for press conference! Laura and Hamtaro soon grow sleepy, though, and they drift off into a dream where they, too become the stars of a show… In their dream, Laura and the Ham-Hams are going to be in a movie called “Laura and the Seven Hamsters”, directed by none-other than the suspiciously quick-to-snooze Elder Ham. But acting isn’t all glitter and gold, our friends find out all too soon. The dream quickly takes a twist as our amateur actors struggle to stand still, work together, and remember their lines. Cut after cut, it’s up to Hamtaro to somehow keep everyone from getting discouraged!

Episode 077 - A Wonderful Santa Claus

Not long before the holidays, Elder Ham summons Hamtaro to ask him to do a job for him. Actually, the job is a favor for Elder Ham’s good friend Santa Claus! Santa needs a break this year, and all that Hamtaro has to do is simply…fill in for the old man this year!!! Elder Ham sneakily gets Hamtaro to agree to the enormous task. Hamtaro, however, is unsure whether he can really fill Santa’s shoes. After all, presents have to not only be personally chosen and made, but also delivered…with the secret magic of the real bearded man! Luckily, Hamtaro has Bijou to count on. With her expert advice, even Laura will believe that Hamtaro is the real Santa Claus!

Episode 078 - The Little Bandits

One day at the library, Laura picks an enormous literature volume for her class book report assignment. Tackling the difficult sentences and small type, her eyes soon get heavy and she falls into a deep sleep. Her dreams take her to medieval Europe, where she meets the medieval Ham Hams… In the land of her dreams, Laura is a beautiful princess named Lauralina and Howdy is an evil French Ham Ham count named Comte Jokester.

Comte Jokester is always telling bad jokes that no one wants to listen to, so one day he sends Princess Lauralina a precious jewel called Sunflower Star and orders her to come to his court and eternally sit through and appreciate his bad jokes. But a sneaky band of masked girl Ham-Hams, the Little Bandits, steals the Sunflower Star! Luckily, Super Detective Hamtaro is on the scene, not only to attempt to daringly recapture the Sunflower Star but also to rescue princess Lauralina from Comte Jokester!

Episode 079 - Kite-Flying for the New Year!

The weather is beautiful on New Year’s and for the occasion, many people in Laura’s town have taken to flying kites. As we might expect, the Ham-Hams want a part in the fun, too! So Panda teaches each of the other Ham-Hams how to make their own kites! But when the Ham-Hams go out to fly them, Boss gets jealous that Hamtaro’s kite is flying next to Bijou’s. Boss’ temper gets the best of him and soon all the kite strings tangle into a big knot and fly away! Without even apologizing, Boss stomps away. The other Ham-Hams decide to build a new kite, but the kite is so big and the wind is so strong that it sweeps Penelope away! If only Boss weren’t in such a grouchy mood…the other Ham-Hams could sure use his strength to hold the kite down and rescue Penelope!

Episode 080 - Sunset Proposal

Mr. Yoshi is finally going to propose to Charlotte! And what could be better than a sunset proposal by the sea? However, it seems that everything is against Mr. Yoshi. Boss’ nose tells him that a storm is coming to spoil the perfect proposal setting! On top of that, Charlotte’s father sends his meanest chickens out to get in the way of any advances Mr. Yoshi makes on Charlotte. Up against the worst, Mr. Yoshi is ready to give up. The Ham-Hams, however, are ready to do the impossible…even blow away the clouds…to save the proposal! In the end, though, it is Mr. Yoshi’s very own heart of gold that saves the day!

Episode 081 - Stucky's Tunnel

One day, the Ham-Hams are in the forest playing hide-and-seek and as always, Cappy is the last one left hiding. To the other Ham-Hams’ great bewilderment, however, there seem to be two Cappies calling “I’m ready!”. All of a sudden, out from under a bush, pops a young little hamster that the Ham-Hams have never seen before! It’s Stucky, the hide-and-seek genius hamster who, stuck in his tunnel, rolls himself around. The other Ham-Hams soon learn that Stucky is a runaway. Meanwhile, an old friend of Laura’s suddenly turns up. It turns out that she has run away from home too! Don’t these runaways know how much their families miss them? Hide-and-seek is all fun and games until it starts to cause worry…

Episode 082 - Ham-Romance

Laura has been feeling a little down lately, so Kana decides to tell her romance fortune. Her fortune says that a pet of hers will be her cupid! Who could her winged messenger be? None other than Hamtaro! At least that’s what Hamtaro leads himself to believe. All nervous about his new role, Hamtaro makes a few goofs…in his first set-up plan Laura ends up doing a face plant right in front of Travis! How embarrassing. So Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams, ever ready to rectify a situation, borrow Laura’s handkerchief and devise a strategy to drop it in front of Travis. That way, Travis will have to talk with Laura in order to return the handkerchief to her! But as it turns out, someone else picks up Laura’s handkerchief…

Episode 083 - Laura's Valentine

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. This year, Laura has made chocolates for Travis and candy to give to her dad. Each present has a special little note inside. But this morning, Laura is late for school, and on her way out the door, she accidentally snatches the candy for her dad rather than the chocolates for Travis! Hamtaro, realizing Laura’s mistake, decides to deliver the right present for Travis.

Meanwhile, the guy Ham-Hams are trying to show the girls what nice guys they are…as it seems they are afraid that they might not have earned any Valentine’s presents! What would be the perfect way to show their chivalry? How about helping Laura too!? But on the way to deliver Travis’ chocolates, a big black crow snatches the package away from the Ham-Hams. Oh no! Laura’s present for Travis! What are the Ham-Hams going to do now?

Episode 084 - Roberto's Ally

Roberto, who is on Travis’ soccer team, is really good at soccer but he won’t cooperate with the rest of the team. Towards the end of practice one day, he gets into an argument with his teammates and quits, despite the fact that the regional championships are coming up soon! The Ham-Hams, who know that Roberto is a kind person who truly loves soccer, and that without Roberto Travis’ soccer team won’t have a good chance in the championships, decide to try to patch things up. On the day of the championships, Travis’ soccer team is losing the game. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams lead Roberto’s soccer ball and bring Roberto to the field. But Roberto just sits in the stands and refuses to play. It takes a special ally to change Roberto’s mind…

Episode 085 - Super Hamster Robo-Joe

Laura’s grandpa, who loves to invent things, shows up at the doorstep on mile-high stilts. And what other wonderful creation has he brought with him? Nothing less than an ingenious little hamster robot, named “Super Hamster Robo-Joe”! Grandpa Woody has programmed Super Hamster Robo-Joe to imitate things that he hears and add them to his vocabulary. Laura and Hamtaro are both bedazzled by their new metal companion. But while playing with Super Hamster Robo-Joe, Hamtaro finds how difficult it is to control him. Soon Grandpa’s new invention gets out of the house and the further he goes, the more trouble he gets into! Even the Ham-Hams who rush to keep Super Hamster Robo-Joe out of trouble are surprised at what a little hamster robot can do!

Episode 086 - Maria's Birthday Party

Maria has invited all her friends over to her family mansion for her birthday. Even the Ham-Hams, including Boss who is all dressed up for the occasion, are coming over so that they can visit Bijou. When Laura, Kana, Kylie, and June arrive, Maria’s mother wants to show them Maria’s birthday present: a new doll to add to her elaborate Japanese doll collection. After touring the house, all the guests sit down to listen to Maria play the piano for them.

Meanwhile, Bijou gives the Ham-Hams a tour of the house, too. But Maria has a little dog, Princess, who gives Boss quite a chase! Escaping to the room where the doll collection is displayed, Boss, tugs a bit of material to wipe his sweaty brow. But the precious dolls are resting on that very same material! All the Ham-Hams watch aghast as Boss’ little tug sends every single one of Mari’s dolls tumbling down! Oh no…

Episode 087 - Nin-Ham the Ninja

Laura gets a bad score on the math test. Afraid she won’t be able to go out with Kana, Laura lies to her Mom and says that she got a perfect score on her test. In the meantime, the Ham-Hams encounter a strange new hamster…Nin-Ham, the ninja hamster from IgaIga Valley. In anticipation of having Nin-Ham teach them some ninja moves, the Ham-Hams prepare Nin-Ham a huge feast! Nin-Ham doesn’t want to admit that his grades were so poor that he didn’t actually pass ninja school, so he shows the Ham-Hams some pretend ninja tricks.

It isn’t long before the Ham-Hams figure out, thanks to Elder Ham, that Nin-Ham is fibbing. But the Ham-Hams send Nin-Ham on a real ninja mission to prove his worth. At the same time, the Ham-Ham’s give Laura a test of her honesty, too!

Episode 088 - The search for Spring

Winter is at its end but the days still continue to be cold. Laura’s Dad has heard, however, that flowers are starting to bloom around Shimmer Lake! So the family…and the Ham-Hams of course…all hop in the car for a weekend trip to hunt for springtime! But on the way, Laura’s dad take a wrong turn and the whole gang ends up in a cold, gloomy place rather than at Shimmer Lake.

Laura and Kana go off for a walk but before long they run into a little girl, Jasmin, who is searching frantically for her lost dog named Spring. Spring is gone! The Ham-Hams get a little confused and think that Spring, the season, has been lost! Will it be cold all year? Will there be no flowers, and no love? The Ham-Hams, in a panic, start searching for Spring with all their might. could Spring really be lost forever?

Episode 089 - Hamtaro and the Space Ship!

After something Laura says, Hamtaro begins to wonder if he might come from another planet. Meanwhile, Laura, Kana, their families, and the Ham-Hams all take a trip to the Space Center. One space ride is about aliens, and all the Ham-Hams start to believe that aliens really do exist! Even Oxnard thinks he recognizes the aliens from somewhere. Could Oxnard be from outer space, too? That night, Hamtaro dreams that the aliens come to take Oxnard back to outer space.

Worried for Oxnard, and afraid that he too might be taken away, Hamtaro tries to find a place to hide from the aliens. But Hamtaro can’t seem to escape. Finally, giving in, Hamtaro says his goodbyes to Laura and the Ham-Hams, and sadly resigns himself to his new life in outer space. As a space ship appears in the sky, seemingly ready to take Hamtaro away, the other Ham-Hams plead with Hamtaro not to go. Just then, someone unexpected pops out of the spaceship…

Episode 090 - Boss Runs Away

Boss adores Bijou, but every time he tries to talk to her he gets all nervous and tongue-tied. One day, seeing Hamtaro laughing and carrying on with Bijou, Boss falls into a deep depression. Sabu, who is visiting, sits down and has a little Ham-to-Ham talk with Boss. Boss, with growing admiration for the courageous Sabu, resolves to follow Sabu in his journeys until he becomes a man among men. The only warning of his departure is a letter he leaves on the table in the clubhouse for the other Ham-Hams.

The Ham-Hams, reading the letter, are extremely worried that Boss might never come back! So they set out together to find him. Meanwhile, Boss finds out that journeying about in the wild is harder than he expected. But he is unwilling to back down from what he set out to do. It’s up to the wise Sabu to teach Boss that what really makes a man is dedication to his friends.

Episode 091 - Auntie Viv and Elder Ham

Laura and her family have planned to go on a picnic together under the cherry blossoms. But like almost every year, her Dad is unable to come because of work. The Ham-Hams want to see the cherry blossoms too. On the way, they run into Auntie Viv, who is just back from her world travels.

She has a special treat of imported sunflower seeds for all the younger Ham-Hams, lying somewhere in the bushes…but when the Ham-Hams get to the spot, all they find is a very full-bellied Elder Ham! It seems he has eaten ALL of Auntie Viv’s present! Auntie Viv is furious with Elder Ham, and the two stubborn elders have a huge quarrel. The Ham-Hams are so worried about Auntie Viv and Elder Ham’s relationship that they can no longer enjoy the cherry blossoms. Meanwhile, because her dad isn’t there, Laura is also having a hard time enjoying the fine day. Some last minute surprises, however, give Auntie Viv a chance to cool off and allow Laura to enjoy the cherry blossoms.

Episode 092 - Hannah is in Love!

Howdy’s childhood friend, Hannah, is over for a visit! During her stay, she develops a bit of a crush on Dexter. Confiding in Howdy, Hannah asks him to find out how Dexter feels about her. But when Howdy tries to talk to Dexter about it, Dexter thinks that Howdy is about to tell another bad joke and the two friends start arguing instead. And even worse, Howdy doesn’t have a chance to ask about Dexter’s feelings for Hannah.

To cover up, Howdy makes up a story and tells Hannah that Dexter likes her! She is so ecstatic that she spills the beans to all the other Ham-Hams. Only Dexter is oblivious. So the other Ham-Hams, thinking that Dexter likes Hannah, set the two up on a date at the Ham-Ham Fun Park! Meanwhile, Howdy is squirming, realizing his lie is about to stick out like a sore thumb. Dexter is surely going to say that he never told Howdy anything! Luckily, however, Howdy confesses and with the help of the Ham-Hams, Hannah has a lovely time and Dexter’s final reaction is a happy surprise for all.

Episode 093 - Doctor Lion

Doctor Lion of the animal clinic on wheels is a great, kind doctor who understands the feelings and thoughts of the animals he treats. While he’s in town, the Ham-Hams take a special liking to the hard-working Doctor Lion. They decide to help him out by cleaning up the clinic for him. But woe are the Ham-Hams, when at the end of the night, due to a foul occurrence, the clinic is even dirtier than when they began! Now Doctor Lion has to do even more work!

At about this time, an exhausted and ragged-looking dog makes its way to the clinic. Doctor Lion takes it upon himself to find the poor puppy’s lost owner. To make up for their late-night cleaning catastrophe, the Ham-Hams double their efforts to help Doctor Lion find the dog’s owner. The Ham-Hams are about to become masters of the printing press!

Episode 094 - Dance, Chef-Ham

One evening, Laura’s dad is suddenly inspired by a cooking show on television. While he chaotically experiments in the kitchen, Laura and her mom stand by in apprehension of what dinner might end up tasting like. Meanwhile, the Ham-Hams meet a jovial hamster named Chef Ham. All the Ham-Hams are impressed by Chef Ham’s cooking skills. Oxnard, in particular, is excited by the wealth of mouth-watering salads and entrees that Chef Ham can prepare using just sunflower seeds! But Chef Ham confides that when it comes to cooking for his own children, he is afraid that he won’t live up to what he promised them: to become the greatest hamster chef in the world! Though Chef Ham is nervous, the Ham-Hams suggest that he should invite his kids over for a dinner party at the clubhouse. It’s a great day of feasting!

Episode 095 - The Flying Carp

Walking around her neighborhood, Laura sees that many houses have wind-socks in the form of flying carp that flow gracefully from their rafters. She runs home and asks her mom if she can put one up at their house, too! But her mom won’t let her. That day, however, Grandpa Woody comes over. He tells Laura that when he was younger, he dreamed of riding on the back of a flying fish, soaring through the sky. All excited, Laura embarks with Grandpa Woody on an invention escapade: to create a mechanical flying carp! Unfortunately, their attempts don’t go too smoothly.

That’s when the Ham-Hams step in! Try after try, however, they too are unable to show Laura a flying fish, until one day when they run into Sabu. Thanks to the Ham-Hams, and with the help of Sabu and Francoise, the discouraged Laura just may get to have her flying fish after all!

Episode 096 - The Ham-Ham Express

Laura and her class are going hiking on a field trip to the mountains! The Ham-Hams would like to tag along too, but having missed the bus, they figure it would take them about 3 days of ticky-tickying to get up the mountain. However, Panda introduces his brand new hand-made solution: a Ham-Ham locomotive! All board the new train excitedly. The journey however, is full of difficulties. Not only is the little Penelope, who can’t even reach the pedals, the driver, but also the road ahead is strenuous, confusing, and dangerous.

When they finally reach Laura and her class a the top of the mountain, the Ham-Hams are ready to stretch out on the sunny grass and fill their overworked, starving stomachs. But Mr. Yoshi is in trouble! His memory-filled video camera is lost somewhere on the mountainside! Then, when the Ham-Hams join in the search, Penelope falls into a deep hole! Just when it seems like the whole day is about to spiral into one big catastrophe, the Ham-Ham Express comes to the rescue!

Episode 097 - Who Stole My Shoe?

At Laura’s school, something strange is happening. Everyone’s shoes are disappearing! So Hamtaro becomes a private investiham, and with his magnifying glass, goes on a hunt for the culprit. But Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams run into trouble when an escaped monkey begins to chase after them! Trapped into a corner by the monkey, there seems to be no way out for our friends! But a brave four-legged helper comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, Roberto is looking for something too…but not shoes! He’s lost his new puppy. Laura and Kana help Roberto look for the mischievous little pup. And when they find the little guy, something else turns up too!

Episode 098 - Keeping Promises

Kana is very, very mad at Laura! She thinks that Laura leaked a secret that she promised to keep! It’s all a big misunderstanding, but now the two best friends aren’t even speaking to each other. Hamtaro and Oxnard are so worried that Laura and Kana’s friendship is over forever. So worried, in fact, that Hamtaro forgets to fulfill an important promise he made to Boss to help Bijou clip the leaves outside her window. Soon, Boss is so angry that he leads Hamtaro to believe that Bijou fell from the tree and hurt herself because Hamtaro wasn’t there.

What a mess! But when Kana and Boss learn that their friends Laura and Hamtaro really are true friends that fulfill their promises, it’s time to let grudges begone and welcome their friends back into their hearts.

Episode 099 - The Very Best Present

Mimi’s father’s birthday is coming up very soon, but Mimi has no idea what to give him as a present. She really wants to do something special for him, so when she sees one day how emotional he gets when he hears Maria playing the piano, Mimi decides that she is going to learn to play something for him.

Up in the attic is an old, out of tune toy piano that Mimi’s dad gave her when she was just a baby. With Panda’s expert carpentry skills and the help of the whole Ham-Ham gang, the little piano is spic and span and ready to play in tune in no time! Mimi practices and practices the song for her dad, but on his birthday she is very nervous to play for him. Uh-oh! Luckily, Panda and the other Ham-Hams are right behind her to lend her support. With Panda directing the Ham-Ham rhythm group, Mimi gets into the rhythm and is able to play the piano beautifully for her dad!

Episode 100 - The Ham-Ham Wedding Rescue!

The big wedding day has finally arrived! Charlotte and Mr. Yoshi are going to get married! But why is Mr. Yoshi pacing up and down the aisle by himself? Where is Charlotte? It turns out that she has locked herself up in the big barn on the Rooster family property. She refuses to leave if her father won’t attend the wedding. But we all know that the last thing Chairman Rooster will consent to is having his daughter marry Mr. Yoshi!

The Ham-Hams are already at Charlotte’s place, checking out the situation. They find Charlotte locked up, writing a letter to Philip to tell him that she won’t come to the wedding without her father’s good wishes. Hamtaro helps deliver the precious message to Mr. Yoshi, who is sick with worry. Hearing the news, Mr. Yoshi rushes to the Rooster home to get Charlotte. Chairman Rooster gives Mr. Yoshi a cold welcome, pointing a big cannon at Mr. Yoshi and threatening him to get away from Charlotte once and for all or else! But thanks to Hamtaro, something unexpected changes Chairman Rooster’s mind…

Episode 102 - Clubhouse Intruders/Ham-Hams Rescue Stan

Hamtaro hears that Laura and her classmates are having an evacuation drill at school. When he tells the other Ham-Hams, they decide that it would be a great idea to practice evacuating from the Clubhouse, in case of an emergency! And what luck! Panda happens to be in the process of digging a series of escape tunnels in preparation for floods. So the Ham-Hams go exploring in Panda’s new tunnels, mapping their emergency exits out of the clubhouse.

Stan is too lazy to go along, so he stays in the clubhouse to take a nap. But when the Ham-Hams return, they have unwanted visitors! Panda forgot to fill in the hole that leads to Charlotte’s gardens, and the Chicky-Chickies have come in and invaded the Clubhouse. And oh no! Stan’s still in there! Luckily, the Ham-Hams are there to rescue him, and the carefree Stan is about to learn that he needs to be serious every once in a while!

Episode 103 - The Tale of Princess Bijou

One sleepy rainy evening, Laura and Hamtaro fall asleep while reading a book full of fairytales…and dream of a land full of castles and princesses. Bijou is a tough-girl princess who, tired of being cooped up in her castle all day, disappears disguised into the streets of her fiefdom. But she runs into troubles when an evil Sparkle orders her ninja team to get rid of Princess Bijou.

Not used to being out and about all day, though, Bijou almost faints from exhaustion. Luckily, Howdy and the other friendly villager Ham-Hams take her into their care, unaware of the beautiful Bijou’s true royal identity. And when Sparkle’s ninja team, headed by Boss, arrives ready to cause a scene, Bijou has new friends ready to help protect her! But the real hero of the day is Sheriff Sunflower, who stops the brawl and brings back law and order. When all the Ham-Hams find out that Sparkle had been spreading lies about Bijou, the rest of the Ham-Hams vow to protect and help Bijou from then on. Little do they know that for their good will, Bijou is about to give them a royal reward!

Episode 104 - The Milky way

Laura and her class are studying the star constellations at school, and have a field trip planned to study the Milky Way under the real night sky! So Laura and Kana are all excited because they will have plenty of stars to wish on. Kana says jokingly to Laura that if you wish on a star at the same time as someone else, the two of you will fall in love! Laura, half believing, sets her mind on standing by Travis when her class goes to see the stars so that they can make a wish on a star together!

But Hamtaro, confused about this Milky stuff in the sky, reports to the Ham-Hams that Laura is about to go way far away to make a wish ON a star with Travis! Heavens no! At all costs, the Ham-Hams set out to keep Travis away from Laura so that she cannot go with him to wish ON a star. But to Laura’s eyes, it looks like Roberto is trying to keep her from being with Travis. Luckily, the good-natured Roberto is up for proving his good intentions to Laura, and on the night of the field trip, the sky is alive with starry lights, so beautiful that Laura forgets all about her wish and she, her class, and the Ham-Hams just have a wonderful time being exactly where they are.