Game ROMs
Mimitchi got GBC and GBA ROMs from HHK. Thanks a million! XD These are all in English, for your convenience. ^^
About the DS ones, André downloaded them from diverse ROM sites so it's pointless to give credits. Nazo-Nazo Q! one is in Japanese because they didn't translate it, but you can enjoy Hamtaro: Haai! Ham-Ham Challenge! in English :D

To play Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance ROMs, you need Visual Boy Advance. VBA is a emulator for this video game console. You can play the games on your computer, yay! :D
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To play DS ROMs, you will need another emulator called DeSmuME. DeSmuME is an emulator for NDS.
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Tottoko Hamutarou - Tomodachi Daisakusen Dechu
First Hamtaro game for GBC - it's in Japanese only. In the game you take care of Hamtaro.

Ham-Hams Unite! English
Second Hamtaro game for GBC. The first one was only in Japanese and was about taking care of Hamtaro.
In this game, Hamtaro needs to return all Ham-Hams to the Clubhouse 'cause Boss asked him to. Can Hamtaro return all the Ham-Hams safely to their rooms? Well, that's what you need to do :P

Ham-Ham Heartbreak English
First Hamtaro game for GBA, and also first appearance of Harmony and Spat!
In this game, Hamtaro, with the aid of Bijou, needs to help Harmony to return the love to all the hamsters whose hearts Spat broke! A Hamtaro x Bijou absolute game, for the fans of this couple :P

Rainbow Rescue English (multilingual, also includes Spanish, French, German, and Italian)
Second Hamtaro game for GBA, and also first appearance of Prince Bo.
In this game, Prince Bo falls from the heavens and breaks his rainbow umbrella. The Ham-Hams will help him to recover the colors and make a new one!

Ham-Ham Games English (multilingual, also includes Spanish, French, German, and Italian)
Third Hamtaro game for GBA - in this one most of the Hams appear that appear in the third movie and Go for the Gold! OVA, ncluding Prince Bo and the Rainbow Girls.
In this game, Prince Bo -yeah, again, he isn't a busy prince xD- organizes a Olympic-like tournament, and the Ham-Hams will participate. See how many gold medals you can get!

Hamtaro Nazo-Nazo Q!
First Hamtaro game for NDS - here a lot of new hamsters appear that we don't see in the English series. It's in Japanese.
In this game, well... I don't know exactly what's the story here, but seems like some kind of evil boys kidnapped a princess in a floating castle. She dropped a book that fell on Sorahamu-kun (Sky Ham), who was flying, and he falls to the ground. Then a Ham called "Nande-kun" (Nande means "What" or "who") appears, who will help the Ham-Hams save the princess!

Hamtaro: Haai! Ham-Ham Challenge! English
Second Hamtaro game for NDS, availalble in English :D Here we only see the main 15 Ham-Hams, but in a Haai! style. Haai! is the last "season" of Hamtaro, featuring little short animations of 5 minutes.
In this game you need to play a lot of easy -but still fun- minigames to get postcards :D

Wake Up Snoozer!
Hamtaro game for PC. You need to wake up Snoozer by playing some child-oriented minigames. Thanks to Govadina for donating it.

And that's all about Hamtaro games. If you have a guide for any of these games, send an e-mail to Mimitchi, André, or Kristopher.
We hope you enjoy the games!