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Paradise Hamsubs is the official Fansub created for Ham Ham Paradise. His propose is to translate and sub all the Hamtaro episodes in this site and other -if they want-.

A fansub is a group of friends that join in order to sub something that they like (that's because they're fans lol), in that case Hamtaro. The name for this fansub is a "mix" between the site name -Ham Ham Paradise- and the word fansub, changing the "fan" for "ham", to make a joke.

The staff of this fansub is compossed by:

-Mimitchi, the owner of Ham Ham Paradise. She provide episodes and the host. Also she is so sweet <3
-André, who start with all that crazy story lol He will search for new episodes and sub the ones that exist in the site. He is the one that will made the subs and all that boring stuff.
-Kurt, who will help translating to romanji and to english the songs :D
-Setsuro Menurike, who will help fixing the grammar and spelling of the traductions of André.
-Bluesoul, who will time the scripts allowing the translators to focus on translation.
-Point, who will help fixing the grammar and spelling of the traductions of André.
-You, who will see the ep and enjoy it :D

NOTE: Right now we're recruiting people how knows Cantonese. If you're interested, mail André at the mail below.

So yeah... Paradise Hamsubs is opened! By the time, it will have only a little section in the site, but hope someday we can have a whole page for that purpose :3 And also add another animes to the list of subbing, not only Hamtaro.
If you want to help by donating episodes, videoclips or lyrics for songs, you're welcome. If you want to sub with André... well, send him a MP in the forum or contact him at .

Now we will track the subs done... Maybe someday I will change this to a "better looking" style xD

Openings and Endings:
First Hamtaro Opening | See online (Livevideo)

Movies and OVAs:
Hamtaro: The Captive Princess **
Ham-Ham Grand Prix: The Miracle of Aurora Village **
Third Movie "Pray Scene"
Hamtaro: The Mysterious Ogre's Picture Book Tower **
Ham-Hams and the Treasure Hunt! **
Hamtaro and the Prince of Rainbow Land **
Ham-Ham Goal - Go! For the gold **

Let's sing with Hamtaro!:
Song of Trotting
Lot of Mufflers
Love Love Attack Plan!
Song of the Wind
Lovely Summer Present ~Always, Ham-Ham Holiday~
Happy Ham-Ham Birthday
Our Hands Held

*Absolutely many thanks to Kurt for donating it AND help translating the songs

Ai No Uta
Pi'hyara Kouta
Episode 130: Rin Rin! Harmony! *
Episode 141: I love you, Hamtaro!
Episode 168: I want to see you, Bijou!
Episode 222: I'm going, Ham-Hams!
Episode 229: Sparkle! Art!
Episode 232: Santa! Merry Christmas! *
Episode 238: Love, love, valentine!
Episode 239: Dissapear! Sweet Paradise!
Episode 240: You're late, Prince!
Episode 244: Devil! Panic! *
Episode 248: We are the best friends! **
Episode 252: Fluffy Gelatto **
Episode 253: Very hot battle!
Episode 254: Could you trade it? **
Episode 258: Go go! Ham-Hams!
Episode 259: Start! Ham-Hams!
Episode 260: Crossing the sky, Skyham!
Episode 266: Summer! Broski!
Episode 269: Satisfied Bijou! **
Episode 271: Justice Hero! Ham-man!
Episode 273: Art, Sandy!
Episode 275: Okini, show time!
Episode 277: Lady Lapis
Episode 278: A visit from Nande
Episode 279: Miracle! Magical!
Episode 286: Skyham in love **
Episode 289: Battle of Valentine!
Episode 294: Picnic's date!
Episode 296: Happy Ham-Ham Wedding! **

* Donated to Spat & Harmony Heartbreak website :D
** Fixed Version available

Haai Episodes:
Episode Aired 02/07/2007: Sparkle's date!
Episode Aired 09/07/2007: Snoozer's Trip
Episode Aired 06/08/2007: Hamtaro's Birthday Special!

External subtitles
These are .ssa subtitle files that are made for the .WMV versions of the movies. You can download these if you've already got the .WMV version and don't want to download the huge .AVI subtitled.

Hamtaro: The Captive Princess | Subtitles
Hamtaro: The Mysterious Ogre's Picture Book Tower | Subtitles

How to see the movie with external subs:

-Download the subs archive in the movie/episode page.

-Rename it with the name of the movie (if you don't change the name of the original movie you don't need to do this)

-Make sure that the subs and the movie are in the same folder.

-Open the movie with BS Player.

-Right Click in the program, then search for Subtitles and enable "Show subtitles".

If all is OK, you must see the subs.

Early Projects
These are old subtitles that were made before Paradise Hamsubs was formed. These subs can be hard to read, since the font is incredibly small, and aren't always grammatically correct. xD André's planning on re-making these to match the style of the new subs.

Episode 212: A Taste of Happiness!
Episode 234: A Little Misunderstanding (1st part missing)

Episode 206: I return home, Ham-Hams!
Episode 208: Curpid Sparkle! Nano!
Episode 226: Nurse-chan Wedding!
Episode 228: Boss and Shiron-chan