Staff Members: Kurt
Usernames: Kurt
Age: Old
Birthday:Feb. 26th, 1989
Gender: Boy
Position: Grammar fixer
Fav Shows: That 70ís Show, The Office, Family Guy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Dragonball Z, Degrassi, Tim and Eric Show Great Job!, ATHF, Gundam Wing....Hamtaro I guess. Lol.
Instrument: Bb Trumpet and Eb Cornet
Fav Colors: Scarlet and Grey. Ask, if you are wondering why.
Fav Sport: Tennis, Football, Basketball, and mostly Ping-Pong. Typically Iím up for anything.
Country: USA
Hobbies: Traveling, partying, marching band, learning Japanese occasionally, being completely random.
Fav. Food: I donít get to experience much of my momís home-cooking anymore, but she makes a MEAN meatloaf and mashed potato dinner. I also enjoy a well-done Filet Mignon.


I am typically a pretty difficult person to figure out. Not to say that I am hard to relate or talk to, however, I work in mysterious ways. I rarely plan ahead further than a day; I just like to experience each new day not knowing what could happen next. Contrary to belief, I like to help people out. Even if the task seems to be beyond my abilities, Iím still willing to try and do what I can.

Iíll try not to go into too much detail on myself because: one, it just feels like bragging; and two, I donít want to bore even those who bothered to get this far along in my mini autobiography. Well, Iím rather old compared to other members of this site, but here I am anyways. I attend collegeÖjust finished up my microbiology major and headed onto medical school. So that kinda goes along with my philosophy of helping people since it will become part of my profession. I hope to become a surgeon someday.

How I got into liking Hamtaro is interesting. Iíd guess I can thank Toonami for even throwing me into the realm of anime. And whatís more, the fact that Toonami was brave enough to add Hamtaro into the weekday line-up, stacked up against what usually consisted of heavy fighting and action. To be honest, I wish I could go back in time and see a picture of my initial reaction to seeing the show for the very first time. But like many others have found, the lovable characters grew on me. Looking at the big picture, I have great interest in Japanese culture and of course, for one to ever understand anotherís culture, you must get past the language barrier. So learning Japanese has been a work in progress, however, med school will greatly hinder the amount of time available to study for it.

So here I am, doing what I can. Itís kinda nice because itís almost like being part on an unpaid-internship to learn a language. For those who know of Nick Jr., you can probably appreciate how the program teaches very little children basic conversational English and American culture. Well I feel like Hamtaro is like the Japanese version of Nick Jr. Since my competency level of Japanese is probably lower than a small native child, I feel like Hamtaro can bring me back and make me feel like a little kid learning a native language all over again. Alright, I contradicted myself and wrote too much already.

Why are you helping Mimitchi with this?
... Why do I need a reason to help somebody? I just feel like it, and that's a good enough reason for me... I used to speak to Mimtchi-chan (Now known as Mimichee), and discovered her website... I took it upon myself to help out, and this is why you see me today.

What are your favorite Ham-Hams?
I pretty much like every ham-ham for their own unique characteristics. But if I had to choose it would be Hamtaro (go figure), Bijou, and Jingle. Well how original, eh? But honestly, who doesnít think Bijou is sweeeeet?

Favorite Hamtaro movie?
Toss up between the Third and Second. Thereís something more amusing about watching Hamtaro getting confused about love though.

Video games?
Super Smash Brothers (any of them), used to really be into Halo. You canít beat the classics though from super Nintendo and sega, etc.

Any current obsessions?
Synthesizer music and Yokosuka, Japan. Ask me why if curious?

How about animes?
Besides Hamtaro, DBZ, Junguru Taitei (aka Kimba White Lion).

Any weird things about yourself?
I once ran to another county just out of boredom at 2:30 at night. I went from my house to a gas station 15 miles away just to visit my friend while he was working at a gas station.

Hamtaro fans might not find this weird, but most people would think that me liking Japanese anime music might be a bit eccentric. Well Too bad. It gets me in the mood to use Rosetta Stone.

I want to be stationed in Japan for the Navy to be a doctor for both military members and the natives. Not many people want to be stationed overseas on the other side of the earth just to be a part of another societyís culture.