Music Videos
My third AMV. Just LOVE IT. Is the BETTER AMV I never made >_< Just PERFECT. All the words match with the movie, the movie itself match with the flash (the song is also for a flash animation like Northern Lights, Nightmare City (the first one xD)). The best moments for me are... when the "crusaders of the Southern Cross" appears -they are blue, like the cat in the flash xD And also are crusaders, is just perfect xD-; when Trotty hit his guitar -like the song :P-; when the second "Passion, Joy, Sorrow, Pain and Tears", who match really good with Princess Shera emotions; and the fight between the ogre -the moment with the words... just perfect >_< The pic is from the Hamtaro OVA, at the very end- and the "shocked eyes" of Hamtaro xD Just perfect >_< Sorry, I'm becoming too much talker xD But I really love this AMV >_<

Song: Southern Cross
Artist: 403
Featuring: All Hamhams
Creator: André
Date: Dunno >_<