Laura's Wardrobe
With all her appearances in this long series, Laura has quite the wardrobe to show off! Here's a gallery of everything she wears, complete with descriptions and when they first appear. Click the images for a bigger view.
NOTE: Screenshots are not always taken from the episode in which the outfit first appears.

First Seen: 01 - Hamtaro

This is the standard outfit that Laura wears in most of the episodes. A small red sweater with a white shirt underneath, and blue shorts. Yellow barettes hold her pigtails.

First Seen: 01 - Hamtaro

Seen usually at the end of an episode, Laura wears pink pyjamas with darker polka dots. The pants are a solid color though.

First Seen: 04 - Come Out, Bijou!

A light green t-shirt with a darker top and white strings hanging from the collar, along with a red skirt and thin caramel ribbons in her hair.

First Seen: 06 - First Time at the Beach

A straw hat with a pink ribbon around it. Light green-blue top with yellow and pink spots (diamonds of sugar?), and white puffed sleeves. Darker blue skirt.

First Seen: 06 - First Time at the Beach

Pink bikini with lighter pink zigzag patterns and white borders.

First Seen: 07 - A Summer Festival Adventure

Dark blue kimono tied with a red and yellow sash. She wears pink flowers in her hair, to match the ones that adorn her kimono.

First Seen: 08 - The Sunflower Field

White t-shirt with light green sleeves and a green zipper. Really short red shorts, and pink sandals. She also wears a white hat.

First Seen: 12 - Bijou's in Danger

This is what her standard outfit looks like without the red sweater.

First Seen: 14 - The Search for Sandy's Brother

Variant of the standard outfit, this time with longer sleeves, and the white shirt is barely visible.

First Seen: 15 - Bijou's Favorite Ribbon

Laura wore pink ribbons in an attempt to get Travis to notice them. (He did!)

First Seen: 16 - Get Well, Laura

School gym uniform. White t-shirt with red collars and navy shorts.

First Seen: 18 - The Slipper Chase

Laura's ball gown used in her school play, Cinderella. A golden crown with jewels sits on her head, with pink beads on her pigtails. The gown is pink with puffed sleeves, long white gloves on her arms and glass slippers on her feet. (I bet they're actually plastic! xD)

First Seen: 18 - The Slipper Chase

Also part of the Cinderella production, this ragged costume is worn just before the fairy godmother (Kana) transforms Laura.

First Seen: 19 - Panda's Ham-Ham Funpark

Dark beige hoodie with a red sweater on top, navy skirt and long knee length socks.

First Seen: 24 - Hamtaro, Please Come Home

A HUGE red ribbon placed on the back of Laura's head. Hamtaro also wears a red ribbon to match!

First Seen: 25 - Merry Christmas!

A beige winter coat with caramel straps and a light brown skirt to match.

First Seen: 25 - Merry Christmas!

Worn underneath the beige coat, a sand colored top without sleeves and a striped pink sweater.

First Seen: 26 - The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro

Princess Laura of the Ham-Ham Kingdom in her pink gown. A white cape lies on her shoulders, tied with a red jewel, like the one on her golden crown. A silver necklace of pearls is seen under the cape.

First Seen: 28 - The Amazing Auntie Viv!

What Laura wears while she trains for the school marathon. Blue sweater and pants, with a yellow stripe on either side.

First Seen: 29 - The Search for Dad's Glasses

A red coat in the exact same style as the beige one worn in episode 25. She also has the same outfit from that episode underneath.