Mini Hamuzu Downloads
The Mini Moni was a subgroup of a J-Pop girl group called Morning Musume, composed of Ai Kago, Mika Todd, Nozomi Tsuji and Mari Yaguchi. After Mari left the group, Ai Takahashi was called to replace her.
Anyway, the Mini Moni have appeared as Ham-Hams in the first three Tottoko Hamutaro movies, as the Mini Hamuzu. Here, you can download the official music videos, the corresponding music tracks, and view clips from the movies.
Please note that the 3 videos below are in .AVI format. They will probably mess up in Windows Media Player, so I'd recommend you download VLC Media Player.
For the music, RIGHT CLICK + SAVE

Instrumental donated by Ghost Hamu. Thx :D

. . .O F F I C I A L . M U S I C . V I D E O S. . .

Title Length Size Video Music Instrumental
Mini Hamuzu - Ai no Uta 3:28 min 23.3 MB (Unavailable)
Mini Hamuzu No Kekkon 3:51 min 37.2 MB (Unavailable)
Mini Hamuzu - Mirakururun Grand Purin 3:13 min 37.3 MB (Unavailable)

. . . M O V I E . P E R F O R M A N C E S. . .

Title Length Size Video
Ai no Uta - 1st Performance 1:06 min 9.25 MB
Ai no Uta - 2nd Performance 0:40 min 5.75 MB (Unavailable)
M-H No Kekkon - 1st Performance 0:42 min 6.00 MB (Unavailable)
M-H No Kekkon - 2nd Performance 1:06 min 9.31 MB
Mirakururun Grand Purin - 1st Performance 1:08 min 9.54 MB
Mirakururun Grand Purin - 2nd Performance 1:36 min 13.2 MB (Unavailable)

. . .O T H E R . A P P E A R A N C E S. . .

Title Length Size Video
Movie 2 - Introduction 0:41 min 5.83 MB
Movie 2 - 2nd Appearance 0:18 min 2.63 MB
Movie 2 - 3rd Appearance 0:03 min 0.46 MB
Movie 2 - Morning Musume Introduction 0:32 min 4.87 MB (Unavailable)

. . .O T H E R . S O N G S. . .

Title Length Size Music Lyric
Minihamu No Kisha 3:20 min 3.05 MB
Minihamuzu No Takatatta 2:57 min 6.76 MB NOT AVAILABLE