About this Layout
This layout all started with a long chat between the staff members on Skype. I had been partially ignoring the community, and according to André, people were complaining that I never replied to their e-mails. I guess I was taking one of my infamous "breaks" where I never show up for months.
Govadina mentioned that the site was badly organised, so I offered to do a complete revamp. It wasn't easy, probably one of the most time consuming revamps I've ever done. First I tackled the layout, which I decided from the beginning would be drawn by me. The crowned Ham-Ham sitting on a sunflower is my Ham-form, Mimitchi, and the two on the right are André's Ham-form and Bijou.
I did my best to make this layout bright and bold and filled with cute pictures, to contrast with the slight formality of the previous layout. Another important change was abandonning the 800x600 resolution and making it wider, a growing trend among sites.

Over a month later, in September, after I had opened up the site, I started to dislike that blank space in the middle of the banner. So I got the brilliant idea of drawing human versions of Mimitchi and Andre and sticking them in. <3
Bigger images of humans: Mimitchi and Andre

I gotta say I've been inspired to draw my own images lately.. That inspiration comes from HHK, where Haru seems to be drawing everything. xD

Brushes/textures: Celestial Star