Music Videos
Here are some music videos, or AMVs made by Mimitchi and other fans! Click on the title of your choice, then choose to download or watch online.

By Mimitchi
Hamtaro and Bijou - Memory for you
Laura and Travis - I'll Remember You
Oxnard and Pepper - MOTHER SYMPHONY
Sparkle and Glitter - Sharada
Boss and Bijou - Just So You Know
Sandy and Maxwell - I'm Only Me When I'm With You

By André
All Hams - Northern Lights
All Hams - Southern Cross
All Hams - Finish Line
Boss and Shiron - Dango Daikazoku
All Hams - Breathing
Hamtaro and Ayayamu - My Immortal
Hamtaro - If I were a Bird
Boss, Oshare, Bijou and Shiron - The End
All Hams - True My Heart
Hamtaro, Bijou - Hands sealed with a Kiss
Hamtaro, Bijou, Princess Shera - Paper Moon
Pashmina - True Feelings
Broski and Shake - Sea of Love

By Kristopher
Stucky - Stuck on You
Nin-Ham and the Ham-Hams - Kung Fu Fighting
Hamtaro, Princess Shera, and the Ham-Hams - Lights

By other fans
All Hams - Rich and Famous ~ By Lydia
Bijou - I am ~ By Savannah
Sparkle - Too Cool ~ By Emmaham
Hamtaro and Kingdom Hearts - Give It All ~ By Jaime
Hamtaro - Stand My Ground ~ By Maru
All Hams - A Lunar Eclipse ~ By Ava-Ham
Hamtaro and Bijou - Leave Out All The Rest ~ By Gasyhen
Maxwell and Sandy - When you look me in the eyes ~ By Beasty
Hamtaro and Bijou - Hands sealed with a Kiss ~ By Gasyhen
All Hams and Ayayamu - Let My People Go ~ By Bella-Ham
All Hams - So What ~ By Bella-Ham
Boss and Shiron - Hide and Seek ~ By Bella-Ham
Potato - Dear Prudence ~ By Dice395
All Hams - Fireflies ~ By Dice395
Sandy - Can you feel the love tonight? ~ By Dice395
Ham-Ham Couples: Shape Of My Heart ~ By Hamstar and various Youtubers