History of HHP
Note: This page was written over several years. The first paragraphs are the 11 year old Mimitchi, while later ones have a more mature outlook... I plan to rewrite this entire section.

You see, I, Mimitchi, really wanted a Hamtaro site. So I went to sites that teach HTML and learned my way through all those HTML lessons.After that, I managed to make a stupid little site. But I was a newbie to webmastering, and was using Geocities. Later, I decided my site was so dumb, I should make a layout. Back then, I had no idea how to make one, so I used a template from The Cave of Dragonflies. When I finished editing the layout, the site looked like this, and was called Jirachi's Tottoko Hamutaro. It stayed like that until september, and I made a new baner. Until October 18th, it looked like : this.
I was just surfin' the web, I found a super cool site called, The Ham-Ham Village. The webmistress is really cool. We call her Sandtaro. She recomends Bravenet for website hosting. After alot of thought, I decided it was time to move. I made a much better layout for the occaision. It was called Rainbow Sky, and the top banner image was a really badly edited Rainbow Rescue image. That's back when I used Paint. X_X; It was pretty, excluding the horrible banner. xD

Then, at about November 30th 2005 or so, I changed the skin of the site to a Xmasy one. It was still sucky, and wasn't half as bad as the last one.
Then, on November 15th 2005, I loked at the coding for HHK's purple layout. Then, I learned that I need a special kind of background to make a layout like Haru's. So I quickly made a new layout, that was better than ever! It was called "Knowing that we will be together forever", or simple, "together forever", and featured Saro-Shina and Haoji from the second hamutaro movie. It was all pink and purpleish.

By the end of December, I put the site on a LONG hiatus, that lasted about 2 weeks. Because I was tired of free hosting, and bravenet might have all the tools you need. But they give you WAY too many ads. X_X So I asked my dad if he could buy me a paid host. He agreed, and I got a new account on Godaddy.com. ^^ So I made a new layout for it, and a week later, the Ham-Ham Paradise was re-opened, featuring this adorable Chibi-Maru layout!

2 months later, I decided to change the layout. I was also planning to make a HUGE update, and reprogram the site's PHP. To do this, I put it on hiatus AGAIN. xD During spring break, I worked really hard on the huge update, and made tons of new things, such as coloring pages, stationary.. It was quite fun! Then, on sunday march 19 2006 (the last day of spring break lol), I reopened the site, with tons of new things to provide!

A week later, I got TIRED of my updating system. I wanted to use cutenews. SO... I installed cutenews, and pretty soon, it worked! Now, you can comment on my updates! WH00T!

A few months passed... It was now September 2006. HHP had its first table layout, and it had been dead for weeks. I thought hard about the fate of the site. I had no will to close it. HHP was one of the few alive Hamtaro sites of this time, like HHK and AHHG, and closing it would sadden lots of fans.
I then looked in my FTP folders, and found that it was a big mess. There might have been folders, but they were very badly organized. It was like a bedroom that hadn't been picked up in a very long time. So I finally decided to put the site on hiatus. It had gone through many hiatuses, I know, but I felt that this was necessary, so I could give it a revamp.
When the revamp was done, I made a beautiful Christmas layout...

This xmas layout stayed for a while, untill february in fact! It was then that I started neglecting HHP again. *sigh* But this time, it was because I was busy as a staff member on Sanrio Dream Village, so at least I wasn't being lazy. XD So for over two months, there were no real updates, except for new affiliates and announcements and such. One day, I looked at HHP. It was rediculous, having a holiday theme for that long. I wanted to revive my site with a fresh new look. I thought of the gingerbread cookies I was going to bake on Sunday. (for valentine's day <3) That made me think of cheese cake, and it motivated me to concoct a pastery themed layout!
Sadly, I knew that it wouldn't be easy, no less impossible to find GOOD Hamtaro images with that theme. Of course, I could take screenshots, but there are basically NO episodes left on the net, and I had no time to rip eps from my tapes. So I took out good old openCanvas and started drawing my own image....

After many months of being dead as driftwood, HHP closed down around May 2007. I had lost interest after almost 2 years of working on it, and had no motivation to continue the site. I stopped updating, but kept it open for the many fans that were saddened. I would occaisionally post something, but it was just outside news...

But... All was not lost for the Paradise. In December 2007, I wanted to transfer ALL my Hamtaro episodes from VHS to DVD to share with everybody. I had shut down my AMV site, since I got sick of only making Hamtaro amvs. I couldn't think of where to put the videos, so after much hesitation, I decided to put them on HHP as a miracle update. But this wasn't enough, I thought. I really didn't want to make a new site to put all the episodes, I wanted to put them on HHP as well. So I finally said to myself.... "That's IT! I'm sick of all this, Ham-Ham Paradise is making a come back!" And that's what I did, which brings us to the present.