The List of Dreams
What in the world is this? It's a list of things I and other staffers dream of having on The Ham-Ham Paradise. It's our vision of the perfect, ideal, utopian HHP. We hope that someday in the future, all of the below will have been accomplished.


- Detailed summaries for every episode, movie, OVA + screenshots from the galleries
- Profiles for every character, animal+human, that appears and has a name. NO EXCEPTIONS.
- Every single detail on the video games + complete walkthroughs
- Detailed relationship analysis
- Episode scripts for all English episodes
- Guide: Where to buy
- Lyrics for every song in English and Japanese+Translation


Every official image that exists
- Separated by character and groups
- Scans of DVDs, books, CD cases, etc

Screenshots for every episode, movie, OVA, music video (Mini Hamuzu!)
Extensive collection of game sprites


- Every single episode/movie/ova in Japanese, Raw and Subtitled TO PERFECTION
- Every single episode in English, no malaysian subtitles
- Extremely organised portal for all Foreign episodes
- Every single song/OST released for MP3 download, individually and by album
- All the manga, scanned and translated


-Making english script archives to allow fans or staff to translate to any foreign language of choice, to allow international outreach of hamtaro.

- Subtitle ripping possibilities on future dvds bought through media gathering project.(text to speech, speech to text, good ole online translators should we get hard copies ripped from the subtitles).

- Revamping the site to allow it to be viewed in multiple languages (kind of like how youtube is designed to appeal internationally)

- allowing the choice for donations to be made to wither the media gathering project or for charity purposes. (this promotes philanthropy and can send a powerful message about HHPs character).

- "Passing of the torch" theory. Anybody who remembers HHK knows that it was once THE biggest Hamtaro site ever. Today, HHP has taken over as biggest site. Haru herself told me (Mimitchi) that she was "passing the torch" to me. This means that when one website dies, another takes over, so the fandom itself doesn't die. This actually happens all the time. Whenever Mimitchi doesn't update, Andr does! xD