Old Layouts
Of course, HHP can't always look the same forever. XD Here's an archive of past designs that have decorated the site...

Version 1: Sunny Beach

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This was the first REAL layout of HHP. It was made in May 2005. At first, I thought I could never get a better one.(it was a template) XD But, I don't really like this layout after all. I DIDN'T know how to put the menu on evey page.lol So I just put the menu on one page, to make it easier. I tried using SSI, but it didn't work. I used to think you HAD to name the pages "shtml", and nothing else. Back then, I used geocities. The content was pretty good. I used to use Paint to make my graphics, and BOY! Were they awful! I even made free graphics, with my horrible style. XD No one ever visited it, since I never advertised it. I was too shy to.

Version 2: Ham-Ham School

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This wasn't really a new layout. I just changed the banner, since I was too lazy to get a new layout. XD So I just made a really bad Back to School banner, made in Paint. There was nothing new at all. X_X

Version 3: Hiatus, testing

These are very old layouts that I was planning to use, but forgot about them. As you can see, the sky blue layout was all messed up, since I had NO IDEA how to use CSS. So I gave up, and tried to make an Xmas layout, and a back to school layout. All these, I made in the summer when I was really bored.

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Version 4: Rainbow Sky

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After a few months of abandoning the site, my site making spirit came back, when I finnaly learned how to use CSS. So I made a totally new look for my site, and changed every single word to make it look not so kiddish. I was still using paint, and it was lauched on October 27th 2005.
If you were on HHK forums, you might recognise this layout. It was called Rainbow Sky. I forgot to take a pic of this one, so I might make a quick remake of the layout. ONE DAY!

Version 4.5: Merry Christmas

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This was my first Xmas layout. It was launched on November 26th 2005, and was supposed to stay like that. But the layout was getting annoying to update. I was TIRED of having to update every menu. So I quickly changed it to....X_X

Version 5: Together Forever

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The second Christmas layout. This one was made in iFrames, which was my only solution for easy navigation updates. This was my first attempt at a simple divs layout with a proper background, and at using Paint Shop Pro. It uses screenshots from the second movie, The Captive Princess.

Version 6: Chibi Star

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This was the first layout I made on my new paid hosting account! It was lauched somewhere around January 14 I believe, and it was a cute new look after 2 long weeks of hiatus. It featured the ever so adorable Chibimaru, with a yellowish theme. ^^ I really loved this layout, and it stayed like this until spring break of 2006. I must say it was the first time I actually kept a layout for over 2 months! o.o;

Version 7s: Spring Notes & Sunflower City

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The first one was supposed to be the new version. But then, I made another layout that pwned it, so there ya go...
One of the best layouts of HHP. (back then) I made it to go with my update after going on hiatus for a while. It stayed only from the middle of march, to July 23rd. Yes, I know that's a very long time, in which I really ditched my site. I dunno what inspired me to continue it.
It used a wallapaper from HHK, with not very many effects added. I went through so many different avatars in this design. XD;

Version 8: Sea Adventure

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This design was my absolute FAVORITE. It was made in August 2006, and was an ocean themed layout. It was just so cute, with various hamtaro images blended together. This marked HHP's first table based layout, with some help from Haru, of HHK. Its a combination of PSP and PS, and only lasted about 3-4 weeks. After that, HHP when on hiatus for a revamp.

Version 9: Merry Christmas

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I really wanted this layout to be special in the history of HHP. I even added a little bit of line art, but not too much, because I'm not really good at it. So yeah, its not really creative lineart, but I didn't want to destroy the design with my awful line art skills. x_x;
But when I was done, I felt like something was missing... The waves.. They just didn't look right, alone like that. So I added some puff ball brushes as a border. XD (also from Lush Brushes)
The main image was one of Hamutaro.com's wallpapers, but they took ALL of their old ones down to put in the Haai ones. So I had to get the image from HHK. It originally had a big Hamutaro waving on it, but I didn't like it, so I pasted on a santa hamu on it. xD (if you look closly, you might see the original hamtaro's ears sticking out LOL)

Version 10: Let's Bake a Cake!

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I was getting tired of the xmas layout, and besides, the holidays are over! These days, I really like peachy tones and colors, so I wanted that to be the coor scheme. That made me think of cheese cake... XD So I decided to make a pastery themed layout, to brighten up things around the site.
Sadly, I could not find any good Hamtaro images for the layout. (I didn't even bother searching) So I took out openCanvas and drew my own image. Then, I made a peachy texture in PSP and saved that just in case I needed that later. I pasted the drawing onto the texture, added a few touch-ups, and voila! A brush free layout! XD Yeap, didn't use any brushes. Just textures and the pen tool.
Saving the texture alone sure came in handy! Because I decided to use it to make a pretty splash page. :D

Version 11: Reminiscence

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Of course, this current layout sparks the re-opening of Ham-Ham Paradise, after it's seemingly permanent closure. During the time it was closed, I had improved a great deal with graphics, and that definately shows in this design.

Since HHP has been around for over 2 years now, I wanted to make a layout having to do with memories. I was inspired from a very old CCS site, Forever Sakura. It's closed now, and most likely gone from the internet, but it was one of my favourites. Their last layout was "Wasurenai: I will not forget..." It had a similar "filmstrip" row of screenshots, and I deemed that idea approriate for HHP. After pasting a few screenshots, I went image hunting for the perfect shot of Hamutaro himself. My first stop, naturally, was Ham-Ham Kingdom. At first I had chosen this image, but it just didn't match at ALL. Then I took a look at Haru's screenshots of the 3rd movie, and settled on the one you see now. ^_^

I don't think HHP has ever had a purple/pink layout since it's life at Bravenet, so it's a nice, fresh change. I hope you don't hate pink too much! xD page. :D

Version 12: Save the Kingdom!

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Ahh... THIS... Well I wasn't planning on making a new layout for HHP, I'll tell ya that. I was just messing around with my beloved CS3. First I created two textures and blended them together. A few brushes were pasted for added effect, then I took screenshots from episode 26, Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro. (I've always thought that Laura looked lovely in that dress ;D)
This layout is exactly the same as the last one if you think about it. Just new colors and theme. I guess you can say I was inspired from that "HHK Classic" layout. If you ever visited the Ham-Ham Kingdom back in 2003, you might remember a "Hamstar, please save the Ham-Ham Kingdom" kind of layout. Well, Haru re-made it a year ago.. (Click here!)

You don't know HOW many screenshots of Princess Laura I have. I was very bored, so I thought "Why not get a bunch of Laura pictures? XD". So expect to see those up on the site very soon. Including a bunch of Hamtaro the Brave. lol

As for credits, I used brushes from the following sites:
Kyuusho.net | Celestial-Star | Reminiscent Designs

Version 13: Just One Wish

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Summer was coming up soon, and at first, I wanted an ocean themed layout. But a theme like that could easily turn into another blue color scheme, and I definately didn't want that. So I skimmed through my screenshots collection, and found some beautiful sunflower images.
The layout is essentially a bunch of screenshots pasted together, in an eye appealing way. Coincidentally, all of them have to do with sunflowers. They're all from episode 8 "The Sunflower field", except for the large Hamtaro pic, and his mother in the sky. Those were from the first OVA, and the scenes happen in a sunflower field. ^^
The words? Well, I had just finished watching the 2006 edition of Kanon, and one of the recurring themes is miracles. Also, many of the episodes start with "A dream...", or something similar. As for credits, I used brushes from the following sites:

Version 14: Over the Rainbow

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After receiving the 3rd OVA, "Ham-Hams and the Prince of Rainbow Land", I felt a need to take screenshots and make a layout. At first, I started with a huge blend of many unecessary images. It wasn't at all the peaceful theme I had envisioned. So I started again, this time creating a texture from scratch, with purple and blue as key colors.
After I was finished with the background, I still thought something was missing. So I quickly looked up the free textures at Aethereality.net and found the perfect match. I pasted it over the texture I had created and blended them together.
The rest was a matter of cutting out pictures from my screenshots and blending them into the background. But this time, I didn't go overboard and decided that "less was more" for this kind of design. Then I just added a couple brushes and final touches..
So yeah... Once I uploaded the layout, people were saying that it looked really peaceful. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! :D

As for credits, I used graphics from the following sites:
Brushes: Celestial-Star
Textures: Aethereality

Version 15: Ham-Ham Christmas

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....There isn't much story to this. Its just that every December, I make a Christmas themed layout, and there was no way I could forget this.
First I created a pink cloud texture, spiced it up a little with some more colors. Then I blended in some xmasy pictures from my calendar scans. :D

That's it. Seriously.

Version 16: Tales of a Seabound Hamster

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This layout came into creation because I died for a couple months. The Christmas layout was getting soooo old after 6 months, so I made this....this summer themed thing. Yes my sentences are very creative. I spent the whole day working on this, so my wrists are sore.
Layout stars Seamore, a hamster that can, obviously, SWIM. :D All the images are from the Italian episode 214, and the middle picture of Hamtaro and Bijou is from the 2nd OVA.

Seamore is so nostalgic, since I first saw him in Ham-Ham Heartbreak. I wish I hadn't lost the game....It makes me feel like beating it for the upteeth time. D:

As for credits, I used graphics from the following sites:
Brushes: Celestial-Star | Reminiscent Designs

Version 17: Welcome to our Castle

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At first, I wanted to do the traditional Christmas themed layout, and started out with a rather ugly green texture. I was planning to have filmstrip style images, but that never worked out, since Photoshop began to freeze. By the time I fixed the problem, I decided to do something completely different for the new layout. I wanted something cleaner, more professional, with a smaller header image.
The process was rather lengthy, since I wasn't used to doing this. I first sketched out the basic structure, then spent hours learning how to reproduce that digitally. I then pasted the castle image inside the header and played around with textures and brushes to make it pretty.

Brushes/textures: Celestial Star | Reminiscent Designs