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Paradise Hamsubs is the official fansub group created for Ham Ham Paradise. Our purpose is to translate and subtitle all the Hamtaro episodes and movies.

A fansub is a group of friends that join in order to sub something that they like, in this case Hamtaro. The name for this fansub is a "mix" between the site name -Ham Ham Paradise- and the word fansub, changing the "fan" for "ham", to make a pun.

The fansub staff includes:

-Mimitchi, who is the owner of Ham Ham Paradise.
-Andre, who subs the episodes and adds karaoke lyrics and effects.
-Kristopher, who fixes grammar and spelling errors in the subs, and also times many episodes.

Members that have moved out of Paradise Hamsubs staff are next; we're very happy about how they helped when they were active and we hope the best for them:

-Setsuro Menurike fixed grammar and spelling errors in Andr�'s subs.
-Kurt helped translate songs to Romaji and English.
-Point also fixed grammar and spelling errors.
-Bluesoul timed the scripts so the translators could focus on translation.
-Zach fixed grammar and spelling errors in Andr�'s subs.
NOTE: Right now we're recruiting people who want to time episodes, please contact us at .

So yeah... Paradise Hamsubs is open! For now, only a single page is dedicated to it, but we hope to one day have an entire site, so we can sub animes other than Hamtaro.
If you want to help by donating episodes, video clips or lyrics for songs, you're welcome to do so.

Here are the completed projects.

Movies and OVAs

Hamtaro Movie 1 - Ham-Ham Land: Big Adventure **
Hamtaro Movie 2 - Hamtaro: The Captive Princess **
Hamtaro Movie 3 - Ham-Ham Grand Prix: The Miracle of Aurora Village
Hamtaro Movie 4 - Hamtaro: The Mysterious Ogre's Picture Book Tower
Hamtaro OVA 1 - Hamtaro's Birthday! 3000 Steps looking for Mom! **
Hamtaro OVA 2 - Ham-Hams and the Treasure Hunt! **
Hamtaro OVA 3 - Hamtaro and the Prince of Rainbow Land **
Hamtaro OVA 4 - Ham-Ham Goal: Go For the Gold!
Hamtaro the anime!~dechu - 1999 Hamtaro OVA
** Revamped Version available

Let's Sing With Hamtaro!

Song of Trotting
A Lot of Mufflers
Love Love Attack Plan!
Song of the Wind
Lovely Summer Present ~Always, Ham-Ham Holiday~
Happy Ham-Ham Birthday
Our Hands Held

* These were donated by Kurt!

Mini Hamuzu

Ai No Uta
Kekkon Song
Pi~hyara Kouta


Hamtaro Shape Song


Episode 83: The Kindergarten Ogres!
Episode 106: Stucky Falls In Love! **
Episode 107: The Rolling Giant Egg
Episode 108: The Seaside Rest House
Episode 109: Go For It, Super Hamster Robo-Joe
Episode 110: Stepping Ham-Hams
Episode 111: Spooky Night at School!
Episode 112: The Tightrope of Love!
Episode 113: Sparkle's Vacation **
Episode 114: Hamtaro, the Knight
Episode 115: Fly Away! Super Hamster Robo-Joe
Episode 116: Return of the Rooster Trio
Episode 117: Dreamwatcher! Penelope
Episode 118: This is the Ham-Ham Castle!
Episode 119: Oxnard's Pure Heart
Episode 120: Where Are You, Cappy!
Episode 121: Boss's Showdown
Episode 122: Watch out for a Wolf
Episode 123: Doomed Ham-Ham Clubhouse
Episode 124: Mother's Home-Style Cooking
Episode 125: Trouble-making Nin-Ham
Episode 126: Sweet Little Flora **
Episode 127: Brandy the Rescue Squad
Episode 128: Sparkle in Love **
Episode 129: Mimi's Christmas **
Episode 130: Harmony's Love Magic **
Episode 131: Ham-Hams' Joyful Day
Episode 132: Maria's Memorable Book
Episode 133: Knitting Barrette **
Episode 134: Smile, Hillary!
Episode 135: Hamtaro Gets Cold **
Episode 136: Come on, Stan!
Episode 137: Vanished Hamtaro
Episode 138: Pepper in Girl's Day
Episode 139: Yume, the Story-teller
Episode 140: Thrilled Ook-Ook
Episode 141: I Love You, Hamtaro **
Episode 142: Make a Wish to Cherry Blossom!
Episode 143: Triplets! Hambini
Episode 144: Duel at the Flower Ranch
Episode 145: Boss's New Rest House
Episode 146: Two's Memory
Episode 147: Count on Us! Nurse Troop
Episode 148: Mother Viv
Episode 149: Sparkle's Scandal **
Episode 150: A Big Change, Robo-Joe!
Episode 151: Snoozer and Turtly
Episode 152: Finding the Flower in the Rain
Episode 153: Taking Care of Our Greeny
Episode 154: A Trip of Hunger
Episode 155: Young Girl Thieves of Justice!
Episode 156: A Little Love Story **
Episode 157: Danger! Chicken Trio
Episode 158: Sparkle is a Star!
Episode 159: Potato's Warm Love
Episode 160: Lost at the Amusement Park
Episode 161: Let's Swim, Seamore!
Episode 162: Summer, Ghost Stories!
Episode 163: Summer Color, Solara!
Episode 164: Nin-Ham and the Iga-Iga Village
Episode 165: Tomy-T and Eggy-P
Episode 166: Pi-hyoro, Ham-Hams!
Episode 167: The Baby's Big Adventure
Episode 168: I Want To See You, Bijou! **
Episode 169: You're Arrested, Robo-Joe!
Episode 170: Mimi's Fun Sports Day!
Episode 171: Seamore and the Dolphin
Episode 172: Marron's Autumn Festival
Episode 173: Ham-Ham Halloween **
Episode 174: An Epic Adventure, Ham-Ham Explorers!
Episode 175: Where Did You Go, Brandy?
Episode 176: Pipo! Ham-Ham Nurse Team
Episode 177: Shiny, Shooting Star!
Episode 178: Where Is He? Dad's Great Chase!
Episode 179: Run, Pepper!
Episode 180: The Mysterious Gift
Episode 181: Bo and the Mammoth
Episode 182: Happy Ook-Ook!
Episode 183: Marron's Winter Festival
Episode 184: I'm Dad, Hambini!
Episode 185: Baby, Scatter the Ogres!
Episode 186: The Knitting Girl and Seamore!
Episode 187: Mystery of the Valentine Chocolate!
Episode 188: Pashmina's Transformation!
Episode 189: I'm Worried About Sis! **
Episode 190: Bonjour, Oshare!
Episode 191: Marron's Little Secret
Episode 192: Sparkle in Hollywood **
Episode 193: I'm Parting, Clubhouse!
Episode 194: Lapis and Lazuli!
Episode 195: Sweet Paradise
Episode 196: A Mysterious Seed Experiment!
Episode 197: Bijou's Love Rival!
Episode 198: Zuzuzu, Inside the Dream!
Episode 199: It's Your Turn, Hero-Ham!
Episode 200: Bear in Trouble!
Episode 201: Talk, Magic Flower!
Episode 202: It's Art, Otome's Crew!
Episode 203: A Mischievous Unicorn!
Episode 204: Appearance! Muha-Muha Alien
Episode 205: A Sweet Worm Surprise
Episode 206: Here I Am, Clubhouse! **
Episode 207: The Sweet Milky Way!
Episode 208: Cupid Sparkle! **
Episode 209: We're upset! Lapis and Lazuli
Episode 210: Our Trip to the Sunflowers
Episode 211: Here Come the Djungarians! **
Episode 212: Summertime, Searching for the Treasure! **
Episode 213: Swimming in the Jungle! **
Episode 214: Become the King of the Jungle! **
Episode 215: Let's Do It, Otome! **
Episode 216: The Changing Mirror **
Episode 217: I want to meet you, Wan-chan!
Episode 218: Sparkly and Fashionable!
Episode 219: Dashing Robin-Ham!
Episode 220: Big Penelope!
Episode 221: The Little Cheering Team!
Episode 222: I'm Going, Ham-Hams! **
Episode 223: Eternal Hero
Episode 224: Djungarian's Halloween **
Episode 225: Troublesome Magical Seeds
Episode 226: Flora's Wedding!
Episode 227: Talk, Bow-Wow Cookies!
Episode 228: Being a Dad Can Be Painful! **
Episode 229: Sparkle's Art! **
Episode 230: Lucky, Sweet Fortunetelling!
Episode 231: Arriving to Your Smile!
Episode 232: It's Santa, Merry Christmas! **
Episode 233: Auspicious Angels!
Episode 234: See You Again, Snowman!
Episode 235: Non Non, Oshare!
Episode 236: Ogre Ham-Hams
Episode 237: Hot-Blooded Rainbow Girls! **
Episode 238: Love Love, Valentine! **
Episode 239: Sweet Paradise Disappears!
Episode 240: You're Late, Prince!
Episode 241: Hyper Robo-Joe!
Episode 242: Nice To See You, Pepper!
Episode 243: Let's Travel, Ham-Ham Train!
Episode 244: Pfpth, A Big Panic!
Episode 245: Snoozer Disappears!
Episode 246: Laura's Date
Episode 247: Elder-Ham Views the Cherry Blossoms!
Episode 248: We Are The Best of Friends! **
Episode 249: The First Love Letter
Episode 250: It's Useless! Zack and his Mom
Episode 251: Oh No, Hamtaro!
Episode 252: Fluffy Gelato **
Episode 253: A Piping Hot Battle!
Episode 254: Can You Trade It?
Episode 255: Marron is Upset!
Episode 256: The Dropped Smile!
Episode 257: Space Ham-Hams
Episode 258: Go Go, Ham-Hams!
Episode 259: Start, Ham-Hams!
Episode 260: Crossing The Sky, Skyham!
Episode 261: Okini, the Seedgatherer
Episode 262: Fortune Telling, Atarinchu
Episode 263: Pitter-patter, Hamha Tree
Episode 264: Let's Dance, Ham-Ham Ondo
Episode 265: Smile! Sunflower Field
Episode 266: Summer, Broski!
Episode 267: Hesitation! Don't Give Up!
Episode 268: Ice and Lolly
Episode 269: Satisfied Bijou
Episode 270: Dig, Dig, Mole!
Episode 271: Hamha-Man the Justice Hero **
Episode 272: Fired up, Sports Day!
Episode 273: It's Art, Sandy! **
Episode 274: Why Nande
Episode 275: Showtime, Okini!
Episode 276: So Popular! Being a man is hard
Episode 277: I'm a Lady! Lapis!
Episode 278: Once Again! Why is that?
Episode 279: A Miracle, Magical!
Episode 280: Peron! Chestnut Alien **
Episode 281: Tux and Salia!
Episode 282: Shaking, the Monster of Winter!
Episode 283: A Christmas Ride!
Episode 284: Happy Dream, Ham-Ham Train! **
Episode 285: Oxnard and Pepper
Episode 286: A Strange Love! Skyham **
Episode 287: Caw! Caw! A Crow Problem
Episode 288: Okini is a Mom!
Episode 289: A Valentine Battle! **
Episode 290: Skyham the Hero!
Episode 291: Super Digger Robo-Joe!
Episode 292: Second Graduation!
Episode 293: Setting Off, Spring's Wind!
Episode 294: A Picnic Date!
Episode 295: I Love You, Brandy!
Episode 296: Happy Ham-Ham Wedding **

** Revamped Version available

Haai! Episodes

Episode 1: I'm Hamtaro!
Episode 2: Let's play, Bijou!
Episode 3: Boss and the Contest
Episode 4: Howdy and Dexter
Episode 5: Pashmina and Penelope
Episode 6: Maxwell really likes books
Episode 21: Hot and Cold
Episode 30: Snoozer's Trip
Episode 50: Playing on a Swing
Episode 51: Searching for Spring!
Episode 52: Searching for the Rainbow
Episode 59: Sparkle's date!
Episode Aired 06/08/2007: Hamtaro's Birthday Special!
* Numbered episodes, except 30 and 59, have bad quality - sorry about that.

Special projects

Cinnamon the Movie
Cinnamoangels - Intro Song
Cinnamoangels - Chu chu chu

Jewel Pet Sunshine

You can download a torrent file with the full season here.
Episode 29
Episode 30
Episode 31
Episode 32
Episode 33
Episode 34
Episode 35
Episode 36
Episode 37
Episode 38
Episode 39
Episode 40
Episode 41
Episode 42
Episode 43
Episode 44
Episode 45
Episode 46
Episode 47
Episode 48
Episode 49
Episode 50
Episode 51
Episode 52
* Credits to Whippu for helping subbing this series!


Episodes 01-04
Episodes 05-09
Episodes 10-13
Episodes 14-18
Episodes 19-22
Episodes 23-27

Sugarbunnies Chocolat

Episodes 01-04
Episodes 05-08
Episodes 09-12
Episodes 13-16
Episodes 17-20
Episodes 21-24
Episodes 25-27

Pururun! Shizuku-Chan

Episode 01
Episode 02
Episode 03
Episode 04


1992 series episode 52 - Director Valeriano (subbed from Spanish dub by Andre) [Unavailable]


Pimpa on a Trip (subbed from Italian by Kristopher) [Unavailable]

Special subs

Opening 1 subbed by Kristopher
Opening 2 subbed by Kristopher
Opening 3 subbed by Kristopher
Ending 3 subbed by Kristopher (translation by Shiro-kun)
Ending 4 subbed by Kristopher (translation by Shiro-kun)
Ending 5 subbed by Kristopher (translation by Shiro-kun)
Episode 24 subbed by Radekiman

External Subtitles - EXTREMELY OLD

These are .ssa subtitle files that are made for the .WMV versions of the movies. You can download these if you've already got the .WMV version and don't want to download the huge .AVI subtitled. We're keeping this as an archive from the past.

Hamtaro: The Captive Princess | Subtitles (Unavailable)
Hamtaro: The Mysterious Ogre's Picture Book Tower | Subtitles

How to watch the movie with external subs:

-Download the subs file in the movie/episode page.

-Rename it with the name of the movie (if you don't change the name of the original movie you don't need to do this)

-Make sure that the subs and the movie are in the same folder.

-Open the movie with BS Player.

-Right Click in the program, then search for Subtitles and enable "Show subtitles".

If everything is OK, you must see the subs.

Early Projects

These are old subtitles that were made before Paradise Hamsubs was formed. These subs can be hard to read, since the font is incredibly small, and aren't always grammatically correct. Andr� is planning on re-making these to match the style of the new subs.

Episode 159: A Taste of Happiness!
Episode 190: A Little Misunderstanding (1st part missing)

Episode 206: Here I am, Clubhouse!
Episode 208: Cupid Sparkle! Nano!
Episode 226: Flora's Wedding!
Episode 228: Being a dad can be painful!