Hamtaro is a manga with a huge trajectory. It developed an anime, OSTs and also video games. But, it also created a lot of... merchandising! And this is what this section is, for posting pictures of all the Hamtaro merchandise existing.

It works for anything: pencils, plushes, dolls, sweets, OST and DVD covers, cards...

If you have something you want to share, send photographs to André or Kristopher.

Trading cards, donated by Zuo Ci:



-Hamtaro and Bijou, by SnowBerry
-Hamtaro and Bijou, by ShadowBijou
-McDonald's Plushes, by Zuo Ci
-Hamtaro 1nch, by Zuo Ci
-Hamtaro 1.75inch, by Zuo Ci
-Hamtaro Plush Bank, by Kristopher
-Hamtaro mini plushes (Hamtaro, Bijou, Howdy, Pashmina, Penelope), by Kristopher
-Hamtaro Palm Pet, by Kristopher
-Japanese Talking "Good Friend Bijou" (Nakayoshi Ribbon-chan) plush, by Kristopher

European Figures, donated by Snowberry:

-Hamtaro, Panda, Maxwell, Cappy
-Boss, Jingle, Penelope, Oxnard

American Figures and Playsets, donated by Kristopher:

-Hamtaro and Oxnard
-Cappy and Dexter
-Pashmina and Sandy
-Bijou and Snoozer
-Omar and Pashmina
-Hamtaro's Happy Hangout (with figure)
-Hamtaro's Carrier (outside)
-Hamtaro's Carrier (inside)
-Ham-Ham House Playset (outside)
-Ham-Ham House Playset (inside, with some accessories)

Japanese Figures, donated by Kristopher:

-Boss (Taisho-kun)
-Auntie Viv (Ohamubaa-san)
-Pepper (Jajahamu-chan)
-Stucky (Nukenai-kun)
-Chef-Ham (Cook-san)
-Flora (Nurse-chan)
-Harmony (Angel-chan)
-Spat (Devihamu-kun)
-Seamore (Kamehamu-kun)
-Prince Bo (Nijihamu-kun)
-Hamtaro's Birthday figures - Hamtaro and Postie on Stand

Chinese Figures, donated by Kristopher:

-Hamtaro, Howdy, Dexter, Pashmina, Penelope, Panda
-Hamtaro, Cappy, Pashmina, Howdy, Stan, Snoozer
-Oxnard, Bijou, Boss, Maxwell
-Dexter, Stan, Penelope, Snoozer
-Elder-Ham (x2), Auntie Viv, Sabu, Pepper
-Sparkle, Stucky, Nin-Ham, Hannah, Chef Ham (x2)
-Flora, Spat, Barrette, Seamore, Buster, Ook-Ook (x2)
-Solara, Eggy-P, Tomy-T, Marron, Radar, Championi, Seedric
-Oshare, Lion, Otome, Bear
-Ice, Drizzle, Gelato, Moguru
-Postie, Hamstarr, Dharma Doll, Papa-Ham, Dr. Peanut
-Director, Dentist, Stepp, Shampoo, Ken
-Mini-Hams Yaguti and Tuji, Nin-Hams Team
-Go-Ham and Mo-Hams 1
-Mo-Hams 2
-Teacher, Donoham, and Sushi-Ham

Finger Puppets, by Kristopher:

-Japanese (Hamtaro, Oxnard, Boss, Bijou, Pashmina, Cappy, Howdy, Sandy)
-Chinese (Hamtaro x2, Oxnard, Bijou, Boss x2)
-Chinese (Howdy, Dexter, Pashmina, Penelope, Cappy, Panda, Snoozer)

Burger King Halloween 2003 Ad and Toys:

-Ad (pg1)
-Ad (pg2)
-Ad (pg3)
-Ad (pg4)
-Hamtaro Franken-Ham
-Oxnard Spider-Ham
-Bijou Witch-Ham
-Penelope Ghost-Ham
-Boss Alien-Ham
-Cappy Pumpkin-Ham
-Panda Skeleton-Ham
-Elder Wolf-Ham

Other Figures, by Kristopher:

-Wind-Up Hamtaro
-Official assembled Papercraft Hamtaro;Download your own to make here: Click
-Other Miscellaneous Figures

VHS Covers, donated by Kristopher:

-Tottoko Hamutaro Anime Dechu! VHS Cover (front)
-Tottoko Hamutaro Anime Dechu! VHS Cover (back)
-Tottoko Hamutaro Anime Dechu! VHS Cover (side)
-Tottoko Hamutaro Anime Dechu! VHS Cover (top)
-Tottoko Hamutaro Anime Dechu! VHS Cover (bottom)

-Japanese Season 2 Vol. 8 Cover
-Japanese Season 2 Vol. 12 Cover
-Japanese Season 2 Vol. 17 Cover

DVD Covers, donated by André and Kristopher:

-English Vol. 1 Cover
-English Vol. 2 Cover
-English Vol. 3 Cover
-English Vol. 4 Cover
-English Vol. 5 Cover
-English Vol. 6 Cover (low quality)
-OVA 1 Cover
-Hamu-Hamu Paradichu 3 Cover
-Hamu-Hamu Paradichu 7 Cover
-Dai Paradichu 3 Cover
-Dai Paradichu 4 Cover
-Dai Paradichu 5 Cover
-Dai Paradichu 6 Cover
-Dai Paradichu 8 Cover

Game boxes, donated by Zuo Ci:

-Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak Box

Others, donated by Zuo Ci and Kristopher:

-Hamtaro Beltbag
-Hamtaro Memory Game
-Hamtaro Poster