Ham-Ham Paradise FAQ
Here are some questions and answers to them about this site. If your question is not answered here, e-mail me at mimitchi@icy-mint.net!

Who is Mimitchi? Isn't Andre the owner of this site?

As I update this page, I must admit that most new visitors have no idea who I am anymore. Take a look at the top banner of this site. See that yellow Ham-Ham with pigtails? That's Mimitchi.
In all seriousness, I, Mimitchi, am the owner and founder of HHP. I started this site when I wasn't even eleven years old, and it has grown into a much beloved ressource and community for Hamtaro fans around the world.
However, after years of devotion, I've moved on to other interests. That's why Andre, and now Kristo-Ham, make the majority of updates here, while I'm more behind the scenes. I still visit the site frequently, and sometimes I'll tweak a page here and there. I have no plans to make a new layout though.

When was this site started?

It was launched somewhere in May 2005. Nobody knew of it of course, because there was no advertising. xD I wasn't serious back then. The OFFICIAL opening date of HHP was October 27th 2005.

Can I use ________ on my site?

Well, yes and no. If you want to use something on the site, you must first ask me. Don't take something, and tell me after "Can I use this?". -___-

If you don't ask for permission, it would be considered stealing. And once I give you permission to use something, give credit to this site. That means, simply put on your site that you got something from here. Its more professional.

If you're not sure if you're allowed to take something, CLICK HERE.

What if I give credit, but don't ask?

I used to require people to ask me no matter what, but after some cases, I find that I don't particularily care. As long as there's visible credit, I'm fine with most things.

How do I make a website?

Read my "Making a website" tutorial HERE!

Are you gonna add more episodes?

Our kind staff is always adding more downloads. If you'd like to help, you can donate to the site's Paypal account so we can buy more episodes. For more information, click here

Will the episodes and movies be subbed? When?

Aside from getting all the media we can possibly get, HHP's other main goal is to get everything subtitled as well. Paradise Hamsubs, our fansub group, is working hard on this. You can find all the subtitled videos on that page.

What programs do I need to watch the movies/episodes?

All english episode downloads and movies are in WMV format, so Windows Media Player is good to have. (Though most Windows computers come with it) For the episode and movie streams, you'll either need Real Player or Adobe Flash Player. If anything is in .AVI format, I strongly recomment using VLC Media Player. This applies to the Mini Hamuzu music videos and some other things here and there.

Can I be a staff member on HHP?

NO NO NO NOOOOOOOO! I've given in twice, and won't do it again, not for a loooooong time. If I ever want another staffer, it'd be for making free graphics, and skilled Photoshop artists are hard to come by. Or for writing information.. The ONLY time you can apply for staff is when I make an announcement on the updates page.

What are your dreams for HHP?

I hope to own the biggest Hamtaro media site ever. In a sense, I think I've already accomplished this. With over 3000 images and hundreds of media downloads, I'm pretty sure it has surpassed even Ham-Ham Kingdom in this field.

I also want to have a huge information section. Unfortunatly, this is a much more difficult commitment than the media section. The info section demands hours of writting, something that isn't easily accomplished by one person alone.
For more information on dreams, click here.