Visual Novels

So... what exactly is a Visual Novel?

Visual Novels are kind of a "book-game". That's it... you are reading an story, but you can save your progress at any moment, and also you can choose between different options sometime that can take you to different finals.

So... what's the point that made this special from any other RPG? The fact that is a book! You don't fight monsters, you don't need to chat with anyone, you just follow a story and choose between paths. That's how things going :D

In this section, we'll track HHP users Visual Novels (or VNs). André is working on a little tutorial, so wait :D

Right now, there's only a few test VN made by André to show people how a VN works. So let's check it:

Test VN - Download Date Sim Test VN - Download

Right now, André is recruiting people how wants to draw backgrounds and characters -mostly hamsters-. If you are good at graphics, just contact him at runicalche(dot)