Movies and OVAs
Here are the long anticipated movies and specials! Most of these are in Japanese. The movies are ripped from my DVDs, so they're of top quality. These work just like the episode downloads. You can download from MegaUpload, and watch the streams with RealPlayer.

The birthday one isn't of excellent quality, but it's watchable. I might consider buying the DVD and adding my own subtitles, since I'm such a perfectionist. xD Finally, the movie streams aren't of very good quality either, but it's the best I can do!

Ham-Ham Paradise, is, I'm pretty sure, the ONLY place where you can watch these for FREE. Please don't take the files and put them on your site, it would just erase the uniqueness of this page.

Hamtaro Birthday Special! ~ Donated by Tael!
Ham-Ham Treasure Hunt
Ham-Hams and the Prince of Rainbow Land
Go for the Gold! Ham-Ham Games

Happy Birthday Hamtaro! Ham-Hams Ahoy! (English) ~ From AHHG
Ham-Ham Games (English)
Ham-Ham Halloween! (English)

Adventures in Ham-Ham Land
The Captive Princess
Ham-Ham Grand Prix
Hamtaro and the Mysterious Ogre's Picture Book Tower

Other Specials
Hamtaro the anime!~dechu - 1999 Hamtaro OVA
Hamtaro Music Video Special
Hamtaro Hiragana special 1
Hamtaro Hiragana Special 2
Hamtaro Shape Song Clip
Hamtaro Numbers & Shapes Special
Hamtaro Train Special 1
Hamtaro Train Special 2 ~ Thanks to anime-and-norimono on!