13 haiku written by FennecFoxy. A haiku is a type of Japanese poem, where the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five again.

Hamtaro is nice.
He is Laura's pet hamster.
Colored orange and white.

Jingle, a ham-ham.
All the ham-hams don't get him.
Sorry. Nor do I.

Bijou, a ham-ham.
Boss is so in love with her.
She is a cutie.

Boss is a ham-ham.
Founder of the ham-ham house.
He works in tunnels.

Dexter, a ham-ham.
OMG he's annoying.
Is there more to say???

Howdy, a ham-ham.
He's wearing a red apron.
He is NOT funny.

Oxnard, a ham-ham.
Loses his sunflower seed.
Is very nervous.

Sandy, a ham-ham.
Always twirling her ribbon.
She looks just like Stan!

Penelope is small.
Yellow cloak over her head.
Hangs with Pashmina.

Pashmina is soft.
Her pink scarf around her neck.
Adorable, no?

Wise Old Elder Ham
Drools when he sleeps.-That's a lot.
Incredibly wise.
Panda, a ham-ham.
He looks just like the real thing!!!
But won't eat bamboo.
Cappy, a ham-ham.
Scared the ham-hams with a hat.
Always wears his cap.