How To Charm a Ham-Babe
Stan: For all you guys sittin' on the side lines, this is how you're supposed to romance a rodent! I offer dance lessons Mondays and Wednesdays. You got it, boys?
Sandy: Just because you're my brother, doesn't mean I'm gonna let you hit on my friends, pal!

Here are complete scripts of Stan's flirtatious moments with his babes, with matching screenshots! I don't believe this has been done before, except maybe on a Stan fansite... But I don't remember, so as far as I know, HHP is the only place with these!

14 - The Search for Sandy's Brother

Bijou: Oh! Am I late for something?
(notices Stan)
Bijou: Sandy... I think you look different.
Stan: (rushes over) Yo sis! Long time no see!
Bijou: I am not your sister!
Stan: No? Then I'm in luck!
Hamtaro: That's not Sandy, that's Bijou.
Stan: Sorry about that, gorgeous. Whaddaya say we get down and groove?
(twirls Bijou)
Bijou: You are very light on your paws.
(they dance as Boss watches angrily)
Bijou: You would not be the brother of Sandy, would you?
Stan: One and the same, call me Stan, beautiful! (twirls Bijou)
Bijou: I am so very glad for you and your long lost sister! Sandy will be so happy to see you!
(Stan is still holding her)
Bijou: Uh....My paw...
Stan: I'd let go, but my paw has a mind of its own!

14 - The Search for Sandy's Brother

Pashmina: Yoohoo! Sorry we're late, we got stuck at home. Did we miss anything?
Penelope: Ookyoo!
Stan: (rushes over) Hey gorgeous, where've you been all my life?

15 - Bijou's Favorite Ribbon

Stan: Hey you lovely Ham-Girls! So what's happenin'?
Pashmina: Oh, hi Stan! It's just Penelope. She found chestnuts, but they're way up there!
Stan: I'm your ham! I'll get'em for ya!
(climbs up the tree)
Stan: Hey girls! Like, watch out below!
(he makes the acorns fall out)
Stan: Look at these nuts, they're excellent- ahhhh! (falls)
Pashmina: Be careful!
Stan: (lands perfectly) Yeah! A perfect skydive!
Pashmina: You're so very cool!
Stan: Hey baby, won't you come eat lunch with me? I'm hungry!

22 - Pashmina's Present

Sandy: She's so cute and she like, totally adores you, Pashmina!
Penelope: Ookyoo!
Stan: I totally adore you. (takes Pashmina's paws) Lady-Ham, you deserve to get mountains of gifts!
Sandy: (Pulls him away with her ribbon) Stan, you are like so out of line!

23 - Maxwell's Big Scoop

Pashmina: So I understand you like music, Stan. Could you describe your favorite type?
Stan: Latin of course, Pashmina girl. (winks) Hey, do you wanna see me shake my maracas?
Pashmina: (nods and blushes)
Stan: And by the way, what kind of Ham-Ham do you go for, girl? A handsome hamster? Tiger striped, perhaps? Nice soft fur? Wait, that sounds just like me! Well whaddaya know! (laughs)
Pashmina: Alright, that's enough! I ask the questions here, I'm the reporter, remember?! Now can we get on with the interview?
Stan: I'm a Ham dancin' for ya, baby!
Pashmina and Penelope: (sigh)

OVA 3 - Ham-Hams and the Prince of Rainbow Land

Stan: Yay! Leave it to me, baby!
Sandy: That voice must be...
Stan: (appears on a rolling cart) Yay! Look at this, it's the most valuable treasure!
Hamtaro: Stan...
Prince Bo: Did you say most valuable treasure? (Takes a closer look) What's this? They're just letters.
Stan: They aren't just letters. It's what's inside them, they're all my baby's love letters! Yay!
Boss: Huh... All of them?
Oxnard: That's amazing.
Bijou: Stan sure is popular!
Sandy: (Walks over to the cart) Let me take a look a that, Bro...
Stan: Hey, wait a sec!
Sandy: Ah! As I suspected! They're all written by my Bro! You did it, right?
Stan: (A million sweat drops) Jeez, as expected from my sister...