FAQ and Rumors
This is where I make up questions and stuff and state my opinion on them. There are also many rumors that are debunked here. This page can get really random. And choppy sentenced.

Why did the dubbing of Hamtaro stop at episode 104?

It's really stupid, but it is true. Actually, the company from Japan that makes Hamtaro offered the new episodes to Shopro Entertainment, but they refused to dub them, because of the "insane plots". This is probably because they thought it was weird for the Ham-Hams to be in a candy world and use magic.
Another more reasonable explanation is that Hamtaro just wasn't making enough money. This might sound selfish from a fan's point of view, but seriously... when you're a company, you need to make a profit.

Where can I download/watch Hamtaro episodes?

You really shouldn't be asking this, for obvious reasons. There's only one other site with episodes that's still around.
The Amazing Ham-Ham Gang. While no longer updated, Alice has collected a good number of Cantonese episodes.

What are the Hamtaro movies and where can I get them?

Ohhh the memories! Back in the day, these movies were like the Holy Grail for Hamtaro fans. Any mention of them, and fans went ecstatic. "I really, really wish they were in English!" was probably the most common statement regarding the movies.

I remember how every single fansite had the same description for the first two movies. No idea where those texts came from.
First movie:"Hamtaro wishes nothing more than for his dear friend Laura to understand what he says, so he can tell her how much he cares for her. He soon learns about a magic seed that gives any ham who eats it one wish. Hamtaro gets his friends to go to Ham-Ham Land, a dreamland park inhabited by hams. But little does Hamtaro know, there's another ham looking for the same seed, a very evil ham. Will Hamtaro find this magical seed that can grant a wish?"
Second movie:"Hamtaro has an unusual dream of a foreign land. . . in the 8686 year of ham calendars, a peaceful kingdom is under seige. A Ham-Ham princess known as Ha Oji sends out a cryptic message: "Helping... the request... it is quick to here..." Suddenly, Hamtaro and his friends are whisked off to the land from their dreams, to protect thousands of hamsters in danger. Will the Ham-Hams be able to rescue the princess? Can they protect the home of the hamster? A courageous venture of love and hope begins...."

Hahahaha, anyway, you can watch all the movies on HHP, in the media section. But if you wanted to buy them, I'd recommend Yesasia.com and Playasia.com.

How many episodes are there in the series?

In the English version, there are 104, and in Japan, there are 296.

Are there video games of Hamtaro?

7 have been released in Japan, and 5 in English. For more information on the games, look for the "Games" section on my site.

In the 3rd movie, Hamtaro tells Bijou that he loves her

Sorry H+B fans, this never happens. I'm guessing that most people who saw it don't understand Japanese. So when they saw Bijou run up to hug Hamtaro, crying, they thought "Oh! Must be a love confession!" The real reason she does this is because she doesn't think she's the Snow White Princess, and just wants to go home.
Yeah, Hamtaro competes against Hamstern to get Bijou back. But it's not because he's in love with her. He just wants her back with the gang, like everybody else. And the reason Hamstern captured Bijou was because he didn't want her to pray for the snow. No love triangle, people.

Sparkle and Omar get married

Okay, so a long time ago, there was a screenshot lurking around that showed Omar in a wedding dress. This must have been Photoshoped, since nothing of the sort happens. Anyway, in episode 128, Sparkle wants to marry Omar because she wants to be a princess and travel. So in her fantasy, she marries him. It was all a daydream.

The second movie is called "Princess of Vision", right?

Every time I saw this movie title, I wanted to laugh. Honestly, it sounds like a messed up translation, but it still got accepted as "official" by the North American Hamtaro fanbase. The reason for this is that the Japanese name is "Maroboshi no Purinsesu", which is literally "Princess in the Vision/Dream". But it just doesn't sound as good in English, so...
So what should we call it then? "The Captive Princess" sounds much better, in my opinion. And that's what the French version is called.

What? There are French Hamtaro movies?

Yep. The two first movies have been dubbed in the French language. They're still really hard to find though - you'd have to search A LOT. I'm pretty sure they kept the Mini Hamuzu in there, since each movie lasts approximately 50 minutes, the same length as the Japanese versions.

Then why aren't they dubbed in English? ;__;

This answer is a rumor itself, but it's very plausible. There were probably some controversies about the Mini Hamuzu in the first 3 movies, so ShoPro/Viz decided not to bother.

Is it true that the birthday special was a separate OVA? That's impossible, it was only 10 minutes!

rofl, it was 10 minutes in the ENGLISH VERSION. In the original, Hamtaro goes on a journey in search of his mother, while the others prepare his birthday surprise. You can go watch it subtitled in the media section.
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OMG!!!! Hamtaro and Bijou kiss in episode 208!!!

Heck no. Sparkle was daydreaming, and this happened to be in her FANTASY. Don't ask me why she was dreaming of that. o__O