Adventures in Ham-Ham land - Hamu-Hamu Lando Daibouken
Adventures in Ham-ham Land! In the first movie, its Laura's birthday. Hamtaro wants to show her how much he cares about her, but Laura, too occupied by her party, ignores him. Hamtaro is heart broken, and wishes with all his heart that he could talk to her. He runs to the clubhouse and hears Bijou talking about the legend of Hamu-Hamu Land and the magical sunflower seed. The Magical Sunflower seed can make anybody's wish come true, once they take a bite out of it. The ham-hams start digging, until Boss hits something. The tunnel collapses, revealing a metal door. A fairy hamster, Yosei, flies out and takes the Ham-hams to Hamu-Hamu Land. But another ham-ham, Devil-Hamu wants the seed too, and does everything to destroy the Ham-Hams! Will Hamtaro get the Magical Seed, and make his wish come true?

The Captive Princess - Maroboshi no Purinsesu
Princess Of Vision!(no pic) In the desert land of Hamu Jya, a princess named Cye-Ra and her lover, Ha-Oji, a knight, romanticly chat to eachother. They come across a bottle. It turns out the bottle has a genie cat inside called Sabaku-nya, that was sealed in the bottle by a magical flute in anicent times. He instantly falls in love with Cye-Ra and ask her to free himself. Doing that caused the genie to awaken and transform Ha-Oji into a ram called Meh Meh, to be his new steed. Now, while riding on his steed, the land gets destroyed.
And worse, Cye-Ra is now forced to marry Sabaku-nya!
Soon, Hamtaro gets a dream from Cye-Ra, asking him to help her and her kingdom. Hamtaro awakes, and asks the ham-hams for help. Maxwell grabs his book, and reads it. In order to enter Hamu Jya, they must build a tower out of sand. They go to the sandbox, and do the work, soon they all enter the land of Hamu Jya.
It turns out that the Mini Moni, DJ Ham, Cook Ham and his crew have returned since the first movie. Anyway, the ham-hams soon learn that is happening to Cye-Ra and her kingdom. Can the ham-hams save her and the land?

Ham-Ham Grand Prix
Hamutaro Grand Prix! In Aurora Village in the high frozen peaks of the mountians, it's getting warmer, and the snow is melting. The Ham-Hams that live their believe that Bijou is their Snow White Princess who can pray for the snow to come back. They send Crystal the snow fairy hamster to summon Bijou to their land.

Crystal arrives and takes Bijou back, the ham-hams quickly tag along. Meanwhile, pirate hamsters are sailing above the village in their flying pirate ship. The captain of the ship, Hamstern sees Bijou captures her soon after, because he doesn't want her to pray for the snow. While Bijou is held against her will, she is very calm and nice to them even makes some yummy food for them. Hamtaro and the ham-hams come aboard on the ship, Hamtaro learns what Hamstern did to Bijou. He gets really angry, and will do anything to bring her back home.
Now Hamstern and Hamtaro must compete eachother in the Grand Prix. Where they race in all sorts of ways. Such as racing car. If Hamstern wins, he gets to take Bijou back in his ship. If Hamtaro wins, Bijou can pray for the snow and go back to her friends.