Terms of Use
Information on Hamtaro is pretty much the same everywhere you go. The only difference is that every site has their own way of typing it up. Your own site should be that way as well. What I mean is, you are NOT ALLOWED to copy/paste the text (that I have worked so hard to write on) to your site. That's plagiarism, and it's ILLEGAL.
If you find information that isn't found anywhere else, then you must credit HHP. As in state that you got the information from this site, and provide a link to http://hhp.icy-mint.net

Any official images were found all over the internet, so I don't mind if you take them. Just don't steal the whole gallery! However, ANY IMAGE that has been personalized for this site MUST STAY HERE.
Most of my Hamtaro galleries consist of screenshots from various episodes. May I kindly ask you NOT to put these screenshots on your website, since it takes forever to make them.
If you want to make graphics, layouts, and whatnot, you CAN use any image you like, EXCEPT: any kind of original art drawn by me or fans. All I ask is that you credit HHP on your site. ^^

You CANNOT take ANY of the episodes to put up on your site. It takes hours to prepare these, from DVD ripping, subtitling, uploading... The huge number of episodes is what makes HHP unique, so please don't rip that off.
However, you CAN use whatever media you want for music videos/AMVs, since I'm sure that there's a lot of good footage here. All I ask is that you credit HHP in the video. :)

For game soundtracks, I recorded many of them myself, and a bunch were given/borrowed from other sites. Please don't take them without my permission or the donor's permission.

Game ROMs are practically in public domain, everybody has them. I don't care if you take the ones from here. :P

As for wallpapers, you can only take the official ones that were originally from Hamutaro.com. The fan-made ones are strictly for your desktop and nothing more.

Fan media
For fan-art/fiction/songs/etc, you must ask permission from the artist/author. First, send me an e-mail at mimitchi@icy-mint.net so I can give you the artist's contact info.
But really, you shouldn't collect fan-stuff from other sites, I find it morally wrong. The whole reason it's called FAN-stuff is because a fan of the SITE sent it. Putting it on your site doesn't make it your SITE'S fan art, because the fan never sent it to your site, so they're not a fan. Sorry, I hope you can make sense out of that. ^^;

Games, print-outs...

The only thing you can do with those is either play with them or print them out.

Graphics, freebies...
These are free, but you can't re-distribute them! If you use a layout, the credits are already in, so don't erase them, please. For other graphics, provide a link on your site/forum signature/whatever to http://hhp.icy-mint.net


NOTE: Okay, I know that Disclaimer sounds extremely childish. I wrote it when I was 12, cut me some slack! xD But it's staying here because it kicks butt.

First of all, I DO NOT own Hamtaro! Ritsuko Kawai is the creator and owner of this adorable series. The site you're at right now is a fan site created by Mimitchi(me) for the main purpose of entertainment and learning about the show. All non-official images were made by Mimitchi, and the fan-art and fan-fictions and other fan-media are made by fans listed on the credits page. I might not have made the info, but the ALL the text you read the site is writen by Mimitchi/others, and is NOT, and I repeat, NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED ANYWHERE ELSE!!! Unless you ask me politely first, and give me credit, you CANNOT use my words! Be original, and make your own content! Same for the images. Please, do not steal anything from the Ham-Ham Paradise. If you use any images with permission, don't direct-link them. It won't work, because I put an anti-direct link script. If you direct-link them from here, you'll see a broken image, instead of the image. (It's supposed to show an evil one. >_<;)
I've said everything now. If you follow all that, then enjoy yourself, and have a nice day!