Episodes Index
Only at Ham-Ham Paradise will you find such a wide variety of episodes. These range from several different dubs, to original Japanese. Some were even subtitled especially for the site and YOU. Since the Media section of the site's navigation was getting huge, things will be broken down here instead.

English Dubbed
Some of these are good quality DVD rips, and some were recorded off television by Mimitchi herself, many years ago. Since hers were taped on VHS, then re-coded to DVD, the quality has suffered. But if you just want to bring back memories and don't care much for quality, this should be your best bet. :)

English Dubbed - Cartoon Network Rips
Same thing as above, only from Cartoon Network. They're all really small files, about 30MB each, so downloading should be very quick. Many episodes are missing, but that can't be helped.

Japanese Episodes
We've all seen the English dub, but not as many have really known the original version, Tottoko Hamutaro. Here, you can download A LOT of episodes in Japanese. Only a few are subtitled, but one day, pretty much everything will be subbed. That's HHP's main goal, so don't worry.

Haai! Episodes
You must have heard of the new Hamutaro series in Norisuta Haai. These are short, five minute stories featuring the main 15 Ham-Hams. You can download a handful of these on this page.

Other Language Episodes
This includes anything that isn't in English or Japanese. Most of these are Italian episodes provided by Airy; some are even subbed. Others were donated or found all over the internet.

Episodes Previews and Commercials
Here you can find a few episode previews from all kind of episodes in all languages. Also you can find commercials and trailers for the Hamtaro series/games.