Music Videos
This was my first AMV xD I really love it because it's the first one, but the quality is very low x_x I guess I will re-doit with a better quality movie someday... After hearing songs from Yellowcard thanks to Haru Megami and her AMV "Only One", I decided to try to do this one. It simbolizes the race between Hamtaro and Hook-ham in the third movie, but also have a few references to Bijou xD And the first moments are from an episode I obtained a few days before starting the AMV, in where Boss return to the Ham-Ham Club because Hamtaro noticed that he is Hero-ham.

Song: Finish Line
Artist: Yellowcard
Featuring: All Hamhams
Creator: André
Date: Lol dunno, a lot of time ago xD

Photobucket don't accept it, so I post it in Megavideo format xD