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Well, there's no too much story for this AMV xD I like it, but is not one of my best ones... there's a few scenes I need to depurate -'cause are parts that haven't been to be showed u.u- but I like the job I've done :P Is a Hamtaro x Ayayamu AMV, even that I don't like specially that couple... But oh well, I just hear the song and tell myself "ZOMG it match PERFECT with Ayayamu" xD So here it is :P I really like the final scene, it match perfect with the song -the video and the song vanish at the same time *0*-, and also the "battle" moment.

Song: My Immortal
Artist: Evanescence
Featuring: Hamtaro and Ayayamu
Creator: André
Date: September 25, 2008

I need to post it in Megavideo because Youtube and Photobucket denegate it. And Megavideo dessynchronize the video =.=