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I started this AMV a long time ago, but I wasn't available to finish it do I don't know how to continue it and I don't wanted to repeat scenes. But yesterday I was bored and I thinked "Ey! Gonna finish that AMV" and here we are xD Some parts of the song didn't have any sense, but I did them accuracy as I can to the translation of the lyrics. This was supposed to be a Snow Princess Ribbon-sama AMV, but then Hamtaro cuts on lol And I did about the two -not as a couple >:D-. The only remarcable thing is the first 20 seconds, the rest is not worst of being commented. Enjoy!

Song: Tsunaida Te ni Kiss Wo (Hands sealed with a kiss)
Artist: Sanae Kobayashi (D.Gray-Man)
Featuring: Hamtaro, Bijou
Creator: André
Date: March 26, 2009

Megavideo has problems with synchronization... but there's no other choice u.u