Contest: Make an AMV!
Welcome to the contest "Make an AMV!". Check the bases below in order to participate.

Bases of the contest:

-The AMVs must be Hamtaro-related AND use Hamtaro songs. You can get a lot at "Episode MP3s" section.
-You can submit up to two AMVs.
-YOu can use any program to made them.
-You need to upload them in MegaUpload. Made sure they're available for online streaming too (in MegaUpload, they usually are).
-You must send them to or sending a Private Message to André in the forums.
-Time limit to submit AMVs is Febraury, 21th at 00:00 GMT+1 (spanish time).
-The winner will be decided in a poll in HHP forum that will last from Febraury 22th to Febraury 25th, but all the AMVs will be added to this page and AMV page anyways.

Winner prizes:

-First place: A dedicated subbed episode by Paradise Hamsubs and a special rank in the forum.
-Second place: A dedicated subbed episode by Paradise Hamsubs.
-Third place: A cookie. We all love cookies.

NOTE: If the winner is the same person in two or three places, they'll share the prize with the second and third person below him/her.