Contest: make the funniest screenshot!
The goal is to make the funniest screenshot from any of the Hamtaro episodes. You must not edit the screenshot in any shape or form, except add an annotation. NO SWEARING. The screenshots must be submitted before October 24 GMT. The winners will be selected by a vote on the forums. The results will be finalized on October 27.

The prizes:

1st place:
2 subbed episodes of your choosing.
3 months of deviantART premium membership or the equivalent amount ($7.95) donated to the site WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.
$6.42400 (5) donated to the site WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.

2nd place:
1 subbed episode of your choosing.

3rd place:
Gets to clean up after the party.

As usual submissions must be sent to You must include your name on the site. The winners will be contacted by email.

Good luck!