How to make subtitles -By Andre
In this tutorial I'll tell you how to sub in it basic way. That means... I won't change the font, neither code or add effects.

To subtitle any episode (Hamtaro or not related) you'll need first to learn some words that will be used in the tutorial. Let's do a quick glossary:

-Sub: It's the work I use for 'subtitle'. It's cooler :3 Subtitling is, basically, add the words the characters say.

-Time: Simple, it's the action of timing the episode.

-Effects: It's the action of adding effects -and fonts- to the timed subs.

-Coding: It's the action of coding the episode to be able to watch it with the subs incrustated.

'Key, if I think on some words I'll post them later xD

Step One: Getting materials

For basic subbing we just need one program, how is the one I use the most of the time and how was the first program I used when doing the subs before starting with Paradise Hamsubs.

You will need this program:

-DivxLand Media Subtitler (go to this page in order to download it).

It's in english, so don't worry.

Ok, then let's start with the work. Open the 'Media Subtitler' program. You will get a screen like this one: Click!

Step Two: Let's get started

First of all, you need to create the sub file. Let's go File, and click New Subtitle. Ok, subtitle is created. Now choose the video you want to sub (in this example, Hamtaro Episode 286), and add it too. You'll have something like this: Click!

NOTE: Don't worry about the dark line, I dunno what happens to my PC but it won't show at the end xD

So, we have 'loaded' our subtitle and video. Of course, if you have an on-going subtitle, just choose it at Open Subtitle. I think that's pretty obvious [/shot]

Step Three: Subtitling

So... let's start with the work, ok? See the white box at the bottom left? Type in there what the characters in the video are saying. Of course, just one sentence, and don't made it too huge.

When you're done with one line, you can do two things: click ctrl+a to put another line inmediately after the one you just writed (a window will pop-up, write in there... is faster), or if you want to -I usually do this- click ctrl+l to add one that will automatically go to the bottom of the sub.

You can always re-do a line by left-clicking on it at the upper left box where they all appear and then change whatever you want in the bottom left box. If you right-click the line, you can delete it too.

Ok, let's see how it works after a few sentences translated: Click!

As you can see, there's a lot of sentences, yay! At the beggining I also added the 'Paradise Hamsubs presents' ones, it's better to add everything -titles, notes, background words if used- in the same subtitle archive, to prevent coding over and over, dropping the quality. But that doesn't really matter now.

Ok. So we are done with the subtitles :D Now let's time it.

Step Four: Timing

Ok, this is probably the hardest part. That's because you MUST do it in one-time -to prevent problems... the program use to change the lenght of the subs if it found they superimpose each other or if they're too long-, without closing the program -you can save it and continue after a while xD-.

And you must re-do some sentences in order to match them to the lips of the one talking. At least if you're a perfectionist, like me :D

So, how to time the subs? First you select the first sub at the top of the upper left box. You'll notice at the bottom a button called 'Apply'. If you click the Play button in the video, that button will be able to pulse. Once you push it, hold it as long as you want your sentence to last in screen. If you're not happy with the result, just double-click on the sentence meanwhile the video is still going and it will turn to the start when the button was pulsed. I highly recommend to use one or two sentences before the one you're interesed -of course, selecting the one you're interested meanwhile the video runs- because you won't be able to change the start of the sentence if you select it, duh xD

I know it's a bit hard at the beggining, but you'll improve with practice. Then, you must do this with every sentence. Don't worry about the other buttons or options (Manual Mode or Preview), they're junk :D

Let's see how it goes: Click!

See all the numbers? They're the frames, there's no need to worry about them, really. As you can see, I don't give a time to the episode name. That's because I will change it later to match the 'Paradise Hamsubs presents' time, but that will go in another tutorial.

Well, that's all about the timing :D

Step Five: Saving everything

Ok, then suppose that we have done all in a row without saving o.o Then, we must do it now, right?

Here is how to save our subtitles.

Go to File, and Save. If it's the first time, it will show a window with SRT style. You need to change it to SSA (SubStation Alpha). If you want to change the ugly, yellow default font, you can by clicking on 'Configurate Format...' and then just play with the options. Click OK and give it a name -I recommend the same at the video, or if you're going to edit it after this -next tutorial, duh- then put a '[SSA]' keyword at the end, for future identification-.

We're done :D Your subtitles are done!