Let's play!
This is a walkthrough for the game Hamtaro Rainbow Rescue. It was made by MikaUtsukushi, how takes long to do it. So please, don't steal it and claim it's yours!

Quick Forward
Hopefully you kids have played Ham-Hams Unite and Ham-Ham Heartbreak before, the Ham-Chats, Ham-Jams and the like. Well abandon all your knowlage for that because Rainbow Rescue is rather different. Ham-Chats and Ham-Jams? You'll never see those here! The clothing stores? Forget them. In this game we introduce a bunch of mini games for each level, you must beat each mini game to pass, you also get a sticker for winning. That's right, a sticker. Our collectables in this wonderful game are stickers, sticker pads and coloring pages. Yeah, not too exciting, they arn't even mandatory for beating the game, so I won't be going over them. All right enough forwarding! Let's get going with the game!

Sunny Peak
It's a fine sunny day at Sunny Peak, a level that has gone under changes! Bijou comes and looks over one of the hills of the peak and say the view is awesome. As we pan to the sky a rainbow appears! Along with a hamster with a blue rain jacket and seems to cross the rainbow. Bijou notices the rainbow and wants to show it to everyone. We get to control Bijou now~ not really much right now since it's the prelude. Anyway walk right. Look who it is! Radar from the last game! Expect to see lots of these extra hammies running around. Anyway walk all the way to the right and you'll see Hamtaro and Oxnard. Apparently Boss is late for their games. HAMTARO SPEAKS FOR ONCE IN HIS SHORT HAMMIE LIFE. Go to Hamtaro and Oxnard and say hi. Since Ham-Chats are abolished there will be no Ham-Chat menu. Bijou will invite Hamtaro and Oxnard to see a rainbow. How cute~ And now we have Hamtaro and Oxnard following us! In this game it's kind of like an RPG game with parties and such, so as they would say, Hamtaro and Oxnard joined our party! So go back to where you were and there will be another cutscene because we love our cutscenes. They say how beautiful the rainbow is. Panning to the sky again with our mysterious hammie with the ladybug shell... Oh no, the rainbow is dissapearing! The hammie's going to fall! Back on the ground, our team of three are dissapointed the rainbow is gone. Oxnard will notice a shadow passing by. Boss appears where we met Hamtaro and Oxnard. Boss says that he is so super late. Oh no... he hears a noise and the mysterious hammie falls on Boss and the log bridge falls onto the other side of the river. Hamtaro will ask what that noise was. So now we have to leave Bijou and go search on ourselves. Walk all the way right passing the log. Notice Boss with a big bump on his head and the mysterious hammie unconcious. We need to get that log back in place. But it's too heavy for just us two. Let's get Bijou and her super French muscles to help us lift it. Press A when you see an exclamtion mark. An elder hammie will ask us if we know our controls. If you want you can look over them. Just do what he says and we will have our log back in place. HAM HAM YEAH! Shake your butts, but watch yourself. Hamtaro and Oxnard will try and wake up the two (looks more like humping [/shot]) Cappy will come up and ask what's wrong. We have to get them back to the Clubhouse.

Hey, the Clubhouse is different... AGAIN. So all the Ham-Hams 'cept for Boss, Snoozer, Jingle and Cappy are gathered around the mysterious hammie. They will begin talking and our mysterious hammie will wake up. We will all say Hamha and he will get scared and jump up to the ceiling and hit his head. He'll start questioning us. Hamtaro will introduce us as the friendly Ham-Hams. Bo will say it is us who we saved. He appologizes for making such a scene. Hamtaro asks who he is and Bo says he's Rainbow Land's biggest star. Bo, apparently at this time he was neither king or prince. Hamtaro asked what Rainbow Land even though the name doesn't give it away. It's a paradise of colors and dreams. He'd love to show you but he realizes it's late and he must leave so he says Adios Hamigos (so... he's Spanish?) Everyone will go outside and witness Bo taking off. Talk to him and they will gather. Bo will tell you that his umbrella has a amazing colorful secret. He can make rainbows! He also can walks on rainbows and they think it's amazing. STAFY AND STAPY CAN SWIM IN THEM! So he'll open up his umbrella and will be off.... but not the umbrella malfunctions! Bo realizes that his umbrella doesn't have the magical 7 colors! He needs 7 special colored ingredients to make a rainbow. So we will help him out!

So now we have to find 7 unique colors to make a rainbow. Where can we find them and what are those colors? Maxwell says that they are... red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Not very special colors, I expect some like Carmine or Chartruse. Also the umbrella is broken but Panda will take care of it. Howdy says he knows where to find a color so he and Dexter go to find it. Sandy and Stan will follow them too. Pashmina and Penelope will go off in a different place and they are off. Boss and Cappy will emerge from Boss' room. What were they doing? Oh what yaoi fangirlism will I ever think. But that probably isn't it. D: Anyway Bo will introduce himself to Boss and Boss will be super mad at Bo and Bijou will try and calm him down. Maxwell will explain everything. Then Oxnard remembers where to get an ingredient. Now he's going to go see Pepper and Cappy will go with him. Boss then knows where to find an ingredient. He says that if the sun sets over Sunny Peak, it will turn into an orange. Of course Maxwell will butt in with logic and stuffs. Anyway he's going off to find one. So we'll go with him... but he goes faster than us. So now we can go somewhere! Oh and the TV just shows Hamstarr's fortune show. Nothing real special. Anyway in our party we have Hamtaro, Bijou and Maxwell. Go out and we go back to Sunny Peak... AGAIN... FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME.

Go right and talk to the green hammie. Apparently he wants to catch frogs. If he can catch a Giroro and Dororo I'd be a so happy. [/craig] Anyway after talking you go all the way right and talk to the elder hammie. He says that there are lots of fish here. But the log we had before is moved. Let's go back to the last screen and talk to the hammie who's fishing. He'll get off the log and we can have it now! Grab it and put it back in place. HAM HAM YEAH! No let's go back up and talk to the hammie next to the carrot. He says that this is a task. When a sunflower mark appears over a Ham-Hams head s/he can do it. Hamtaro's good for this so use him. When you pull the carrot out, it will tanuki itself and turn into a sticker! Climb up the vine after the speech and talk to the group. Apparently oranges do grow here! So go all the way left and see that there is a river but we can't cross it. The group will cross with a vine, we will try to but fail since we don't have enough Ham-Hams. Go back and try to climb the tree. Boss' voice can be heard and you'll see him humping a orange hamster. Anyway after he's done, go up the tree and talk to his butt. He will go right-side-up and will agree to join you to get over the vine. He will fall to the bottom though. Go back down and talk to Boss. Now Boss has joined your party! Anyway go onto the orange paw pad and press A. Now we can cross! HAM HAM YEAH! Go left and go down the vine. Then go left. The group leader from before will explain about Ham Games... not Ham Ham Games, Ham Games in this one is just a mini game. With this game you use Hamtaro. Read the tips and controls on the sign and do the game to cross! When you succeed you get a sticker, and sunflower points. Everyone will cross after the game. Hey... who's the hamster with the acorn cap and backpack and who was in the last game... Seedric! 'Sup dude. Apparently there's another hamster that's around who likes nuts too! Go search for her! Go up the vine and go left. Hey look, an orange! Hamtaro and Bijou will go up the tree and Boss and Maxwell will handle the catching. Once you catch it a cute charcoal drawn picture will pop up with our four with the oranges. Now we will automatically go back to the Clubhouse.

Go up to where Bo and Panda are and present the orange to Bo. We will see the amazing transformation of an ingredient to a color! Ooh.. wow... anyway after we are done we will be back at the living room of the Clubhouse. Postie will come in with a letter for us. It's from Oxnard and Cappy from Flower Ranch. Oxnard says that one day Pepper told him that her sunflowers were the boldest of yellow ever. So a sunflower petal would be perfect! Maxwell also went there. So let's go there! Our party starting out this time is Hamtaro, Bijou and Boss.

Talk to the hammie next to the post. He says that the sunflowers are where you follow the signs. Go into the plant opening, go right and then down and up the fence. Don't worry you'll move the bunny later. Go up the fence and it's awesome mini game time. Use Hamtaro and cross the Butterfly Bridge. After that talk to the pink hammie and she'll move. Go down and enter another leaf bush. Go right and down for a mini game called Slippery Slide Slope with Hamtaro. Once done go right and... oh hey, it's Eggy-P! That's cool isn't it kids? Anyway back up and up some more and here's Elder Ham! Man we are running into extras left and right. Anyway if you need him one day he'll be up on top of some stairs and on a red bench. Go into the leaf bush and right and play Boulder Bash with Boss. Go up and right and here's Maxwell and a horse! Talk to him and he'll ask if Cappy is with you. We haven't seen Cappy yet so let's go find him. Congrats! Maxwell joined your party! Go back to where Elder Ham was and grab the log. Go down and right until you find a place to put it. Now continue on until you'll be interrupted by a young couple. They finally got together and your love meter goes up... wait wrong game. The music I like though. Anyway keep going right until you encounter a red bowl. Who do we know wears red hat like things? Cappy! Though he's trapped under there. We have enough Ham-Hams so let's get him out. Once freed he will join us. Go back to the horse's screen... but he's gone! We need to give him a big carrot because that's what horses love! Go all the way right and then down and grab the big carrot and once gotten give it to the horse. You will get on it's head and you'll see a little hamster drawing. Talk to it and he will give a free picture and then leave. Talk to the hamster that replaces the artist and we'll be off on our way! Once off the horse go right, up and right and Oxnard will be crying. Go ask what's wrong with Oxnard and he will lead you up into a terrible news break. All the sunflowers haven't bloomed. We must find a way to make them bloom but how, then Oxnard goes back down the fence. Go back down the fence... oh and by they way... if you pull on the carrot in this screen, it won't be a normal carrot. It's apparently Carrobo a look-a-like of Bo but with a carrot costume... so he's not Rob Scheider? *Derp de derp?* Anyway for every two carrots you pull you can get a sticker off of a roulette. Anyway go into where Oxnard was blocking before. And he'll show us a small sunflower who needs to bloom. Oxnard will ask Maxwell if his books has the answer and unfortunatly he doesn't know. STOP READING BOOKS ABOUT MATH MAXWELL! Anyway, Bijou will ask if Elder Ham would know anything. So let's go ask him! He'll be exactly where we heard he would be! Climb some stairs and there will be a red bench! Alright so go back to Eggy-P's screen and all the way left until you reach a raddish. Now that you have Oxnard you can remove raddishes. Get it out of the way and now there's a lot out of the bridge. Go up back to the begining screen. There will be a log on one of the poles of the fence. Get it and put it in the missing place. Keep going left and get the red bowl Cappy was stuck under before. Now go alllllll the way right until you can't go right anymore because of a person who has too much hay in his wagon. Then go down and put the bowl in the water. More mini-games, this time play with Oxnard. Now this game can be tricky because you can go super mega fast but you have to slow down when the fuzzy bug comes at you and it's kind of diffacult. Anyway once over go up and talk to the hammie with the cane guarding the stairs. More mini-game time. Now with Boss this is more of timed. But it's not all that diffacult. Once up go up some more and talk to Elder Ham with a birdie pecking his head. Of course you can talk to him normally so you have to shout at him. Anyway Oxnard will be all frantic explaining what's wrong and asking Elder Ham how we can help it bloom. So we automaticly go to the little sunflower screen and the problem is we need water because it hasn't rained alot this year. There's a puddle of water so we can help it bloom by doing a Sunflower-Bloom Relay. Play this game with Oxnard. And Bijou just stands there... doing nothing but cheering. Anyway the sunflower will bloom once done and now we have to show Pepper so you run back out to the fence. Oxnard goes up the fence and gets surprised. He falls down and he tells everyone to come up. You do and... oh my goodness, all the sunflowers bloomed! And now witness the power of the adorable charcoal drawing. Now we got our Yellow Sunflower Petal. Let's go show Bo!

So let's go show Bo, and we present another color. So now we have orange and yellow... what's our next color. Once done, Jingle will appear and when you talk to him he will talk about the four leaf clover that can grant wishes. The Ham-Hams tell there wishes and now we have to go to the school to get it. In this level our starting party is Hamtar, Bijou, Oxnard, Boss, Cappy and Maxwell.

Go into the main outside part of the school and go right until a snake comes out of the pipe. The hamster in front of that vine will move and you can climb it. Go to the opposite of the sil and crawl down. The hamster with the swirly eyed glasses on the pipe will ask for help. We need to hit it with something... but what? Climb up the other set of vines and get the tennis ball and drop it in the pipe, the snake will move. Now the scientists hamster will let you use the telescope... when you look through it, you see somethings that look like a science room... 'cause science rules like Bill Nye the science guy. And you see that Pashmina and what looks like four leaf clovers. We must get a way to get to her. So now we must move that snake some more. Climb down some more and get to the pipe, go walk some more but the snake is still there. We need to hit it with a ball, but first let's move down.... It's Penelope! Oh no, Penelope must have gotten seperated by Pashmina in the school... aww... poor dear. Don't worry Penelope, you can join our party! And she does! Yay~ <3 Anyway talk to the hamster next to the ball. He'll give you the ball if he can get a cool cap. But first play the mini game with the ramp with Boss then go back down. Then go right and get the pipe piece and put it at the main pipe. Now go up where you found the pipe and use Cappy to play the mini game. Go back to the little hammie, get the ball, play the mini game with the ramp again with Boss. Get the ball and drop it down and the snake will leave. Now you can go freely. Go back to the main enterance and then left. Go play the can on the water game with Penelope. This game kind of got me on the DS/GBA controls but it's much easier with the keyboard. Once done you control Penelope on the hose and crall until you get to a hamster who controls the faucet. Once done you go up, oh and the carrot is Carrobo again. Anywho go up and move the boulder. Go in and go right until you can go down and... here's another extra hammie! His name is Inspecter Hams so he's a dectective. You hardly see him you know. I think I've seen him in the 2004 Hamtaro calender page and in the TCG. Anyway the crime that everyone has been talking about is... someone stole a shoe. IH thinks it was a girl. But we should see who it is soon. Anyway once done viewing the cutscene you can go up and go right a little and go into the room. This is the science room. A mouse is sleeping in front of the sponge. Unfortunatly we don't have enough Ham-Hams to wake him up so we need Pashmina. Go up the chain, and up the skeleton arm and look that Pashmina is still there! Go back down climb the beaker set, and then back down once your on the other side, climb the other one and play a mini game with Maxwell. Cross the little rainbow and get down the other side. Go into the tube and play the test tube water game with Penelope. Once done cross the other tube and out the window goes Pashmina. Follow her and talk to her. Pashmina and Penelope will be reunited. Awww, yay~ And Pashmina will join our team. Let's go back but a hamster will be blocking the tube. So climb the tube stand and the similar rainbow game with Maxwell will begin. It's a little more trickier anyway once done cross, and go down and now here's is the thing we were looking at. Four leaf clover? No... Maxwell says that there are mustard sprouts. No clover. So we should probably go back. Go back to where the mouse was and wake him. Get the sponge once he's left, and take it to where the milk was spilt. Go into the opening and get the show and turn it into IH. IH says that his next theory was the mice. So now we got that, and Penelope wants something from IH. So watch the charcoal looking picture and try to figure out what it is. IH will give us a memo so we can go to the princepal's office. Go back and walk right until you see a hamster guarding the door. Present the memo and you can go inside. Go right and into the broken chair... (why is it still here? Is it something special or something? Is it for all the bad kids?) Anyway play the game with Pashmina and Penelope. If you hit the UFO you get 100 points, so if you got that good for you. Just aim for the regular places. Anyway once done you get a silver card. Now go and walk on the spoon and climb on the wire. Looks like we have SOME clovers but it's neither the four leaf clover or Clover the rabbit from Happy Happy Clover. A pink hammie comes along and says that a four leaf clover should be in a book in the principals desk. Follow her directions and get there. Show the strong hammie the card and you pass. Go in, climb the tree. Walk right and talk to Bo. The clover is in the book but we can't get it open. Penelope notices a thing behind the dunce cap. (They have those in Japan? I thought it was standing outside the classroom with two buckets of water.) So we have a super scary puzzle to solve so use Maxwell for it. Don't worry you should have plenty of time. (The eyes on the key looks like the moon on my forhead a little... DOES THAT MEAN ANYTHING?!) Afterwards we get the clover... but Penelope is sad because she couldn't get her wish... but IH comes and gives Penelope flowers... and Penelope gives flowers to Penelope and witness my favorite of the charcoal pictures so far. Awww... <3 Now we can give this to Bo! There is another level done!

Give it to Bo, blah blah blah. Yeah maybe I should just call it... BO PRESENT. Now, as Maxwell explains about real life rainbows. Howdy, Dexter, Sandy and Stan are squabbling about what they were looking for a blue ingredient. Howdy decides a blue feather from a blue bird would be best... plus as they say the blue bird is the bird of happiness. But they keep fighting and fighting so we follow them outside. In this party we have Hamtaro, Oxnard, Boss and Pashmina.

Watch the cutscene and it's time to move on. Go into the hole where Howdy and Stan went. Go right and here's a little playground. Also Lolly and Ice will be here. Note it please. Keep going right and use Pashmina for this. Now... my suggestion is... if your playing on a keyboard, configure the keys so they can be grouped together so it will be easier. Anyway keep going right until you see a crying child. Pashmina knows how to juggle so use her. After the hammie says he was scared of something. What could it be? Let's go up. And here's... a member of the chicky chicky gang. Everyone gets away except Oxnard. So it's boss-ish time. Defeat it and everyone comes back and you can pass. Go up, left and up and view a cutscene between Stan and Howdy. Let's go up where Stan is. A frog will stop you momentarily to ask if you see his grandchild. Anyway go up some more and right and up and a frog is in Stan's way. Go talk to Stan and he'll join you. Go back to the other pond and a frisbee will be thrown at you. Go down, and right and with Stan (The super awesome hottie who can conquer frogs and lilypads.) you play the park's version of the lily pad game. After go up to the shore, go right, climb up the tree. Touch the frisbee. Climb back down, go into the log and the hamster hiding there will leave. Get the frisbee, go to the other set of pads and put the frisbee in the gap. Walk on until you see a pink frog. Get it and return it to grandpa frog. He'll help you by removing frogs in your way. Go back to Stan's screen and remove the frog. Now go back to the last pond and the other set of lily pads where you found the pink frog and continue to go right and you'll eventually reach Howdy. He says he's found the blue bird but it's actually a chick colored blue... oh... so Howdy joins you team in hope to find the actual blue bird. Go back to Stan's screen and move the boulder. Go up and the actual bird will be there! But Stan and Howdy scared it off. So Howdy and Stan will look on their own again and leave your party. Go left until you get to a tree and play a game with Boss. Now climb down the leaves and go down, and right. Also notice that Mama Ham and her babies are here. You'll find Sandy too, but there's a puddle in the way and we notice that the blue bird is on top of the fountain. A hamster will tell you that we must go around, find a bird to take us to the other side. Go left and up and face a mini game with the jump rope brothers. And now and forever... Sandy and Stan will always do jump rope. (Seriously in Haai it's like all they do and in the Haai game that's their mini game.) Anyway use Sandy for this game and go up. Go right and climb up the tree. Also on the swing is Papa Ham. Anyway climb all the way up and face a mini game with Sandy. The game looks a bit like a rail shooter though. Anyway once finished climb down the tree, go left, down and right and you'll be near the fountain. Go up and talk to Dexter so he can join our team. He was talking about the boat earlier and he thinks with all our help we can lift it! Go do so... but we still need Howdy and Stan to lift it all the way. I'm wondering if this boat has a motor in it, because it's a pretty heavy boat if it's made out of plastic. And now a Chicky Chickey appears and... oh no it's attacking the blue bird! We must go and find the other two! Anyway go back up the tree, and go left where the sunflower seed is and get it and keep going left and climb down the leaf thing. Now go play with Hamtaro on the slide. The soccer ball will splash the puddle and now you can have easy shortcuts between the pond and the park. Take the soccer ball, go left and then down and give it to the hamster who asks for it and now we have an easy access between the pond and the park itself. Now go back up and left and... oh dear, Stan's flirting again. Ignore him for now because we can't climb inside the tree until we have Howdy to make a proper chain. Anyway go up twice, cross the lilys, right, up and up until you find Howdy. Talk to him and join the party! You'll be automaticly transported back to the tree. Go in the rocks and up the tree. Go right and climb down the leaf thing. Now go to Stan and talk to him. Staaa~n I thought you loved Kyle, er I mean, Maxwell? D: Anyways after joining the team we'll be automaticly transported to the fountain. Now we can lift the boat. Go up and put it at the fountain, and our negotiators are... Hamtaro, Boss, Howdy and Stan, and Stan gets there by skateboard, how does that work? I have no idea. Anyway after trying to bribe them with a Howdy doll it's boss time. NOW IT'S BEGINNING TO BE LIKE POKEMON. You have some select attacks to work on. It's like an RPG battle so use your general RPG brains and fight your best~ Afterwards the Chicky Chickies will leave and you can free the blue bird, but as soon as it's free it leaves. Everyone else comes to the middle of the fountain... how is unknown but they will be all right because no matter what they'll get the blue bird. But... a feather floats down and another charcoal pic comes up and the blue bird rewards us with a feather. Now we can go take this to Bo!

BO PRESENT Howdy comes in with words that the Ham Ham Festival is going on. So now everyone is excited to go to it. Go talk to Bijou after the cutscene and she joins our team, but Boss goes to his room in dissapointment. Well let's go to the fair.

Once you come in... hey Flora! She's the nurse. And Bo is here too, he'll fly in but he'll also ignore us. So for now go to the right and talk to Boss. He'd go with us but since Hamtaro is here he's not going. Go to the right and it's Sandy and Stan here performing but first it's Sparkle! Then go up and talk to Panda. After talking go back to Flora's medicle thing. If the guard hamsters have moved you can go in. If not, explore around. Once in talk to Bo and learn that our red ingrediant is red syrup from the shaved ice. Not very impressive but... it'll work. Anyway the announcer hammie will say that to win it we have to play all 12 Ham Games. So I think we should start now. Go down, left and notice that Sabu is here with masks of all the Ham-Hams, go up and talk to the hamster with the soccer goal. Play the rainbow kick game with Hamtaro and gain a stamp. Now go back to Stan and Sandy's screen. Go up to Sparkle to play a mini game. Use Bijou on it and win another stamp. Also talk to Panda to join our team. Now go all the way left until you reach Auntie Viv. Hamtaro will volunteer to give her a back rub while you explore some more. Go back and talk to Boss so he can join our team. Go back to Hamtaro so he can be back as the leader. Now go right and up and build the gate, you can also go down, right and up to build the other gate. Once done go to the left or right... whever you entered the gates you'll eventually find Pashmina, Penelope and the guys. Pashmina has to go away for a while so it's like Watching Over Cute Penelope. Talk to all three, go off screen and go back. Penelope is gone oh no! Time to go find her. Go back to Maxwell's zone and talk to Maxwell. Go back to Howdy and Dexter and they will join you. Go back to Maxwell and Penelope went to go to see the mask stand. Talk to her and she'll run off. Follow her left and go to the other side of the stage and talk to her when she's on the tree. She thinks she's a cidica. XD She'll run over to Auntie Viv, now talk to her. Auntie Viv says that Penelope doesn't like you guys fighting anymore and wants a present to make up. Go back to Sabu and talk to him and get a mask and give it to Penelope. Howdy, Dexter and Penelope parts their ways to go back to the booths. LOOK AT PENELOPE, now she's Ultimate Muscle. XD Back to Howdy and Dexter's boothes, play both their games and then talk to Penelope and Pashmina will come back. Pashmina and Penelope will join our team. Now go left and up and play the pinball game with Penelope who temperarily becomes Sonic, with the checkerboard that looks like it's from Green Hill Zone. And play the game with the dolls using Pashmina. Gain the two stamps and build the gate on this side, go down then right then up and play the nail hammer game with Panda. HAMMER A NAIL, HAMMER A NAIL. Go up and build the gate. Also question for me... what is with the Herbert statues? I mean I know they give out sunflower seeds but what is their real life equivelent in Japan if there is any? Anyway go up and left and Oxnard ate so much that he is too stuffed to move. Go lift him up and give him to Flora. After Flora sticks him he'll join your team. Now go back to Oxnard's screen, go right and play the game with Oxnard. Then go left and talk to Cappy to get him to join the part and pull out Stucky. Sheesh, always stuck, that's why he's called Stucky though. XD Anyway once done go back up, talk to Sabu and start to build the Taiko Drum stage. Once done an awesome music will be playing and Hamtaro will play the Taiko drums. Now go back down, right and down again and play the hammer dodge game with Cappy. Don't worry, they are like Piko Piko Hammers that Amy Rose carries around. Afterwards go down to Maxwell and learn that the dancing competition is beginning. Go to the stage where Sparkle was and talk to Sandy and find out that she can't remember her moves. Well let's go back to Maxwell and tell him what's happening. After a long time trying to set up the booth... he must abandon it so he can be with Stan, er I mean Sandy. Cappy will take Maxwell's place and talk to Sandy again and now you can play the game. The tiger twins win again this year and now Maxwell can go back to his stand. And now we can actually play it! Play it with Hamtaro and win the final stamp. Go back to the place where you got the stamp book but find out that the shaved ice melted. Don't worry, a penguin ice maker comes out and we can have our shaved ice. Now let's go back and get Bo the red ingredient!

BO PRESENT Now all the Ham-Hams are gathered as Bo and Maxwell presents the last two colors as Indigo and Violet. Hamtaro asks what indigo is... that's right children you guys don't know much about indigo since it's not in your big Crayola 8 pack. Maxwell says it's more of a darker blue, but I think it's rather a shade of blue-violet. Anyway Bijou says she's seen it on the ocean. So let's go to the ocean with our team of Hamtaro, Bijou, Oxnard, Boss, Pashmina, Penelope, Stan and Sandy.

It's time for another beach level. I believe that this music is better than Sandy Bay's but you know, to each their own eh? Anyway go talk to the elder hammie so you can start cleaning the beach. Put all the cans in that bin over there. It just gives you a coloring page but it's better to move around in. Anyway there will be a turtle flipped over and now begins a mini game. Use Boss for this one. Now once flipped over go up and talk to Broski. He'll ask if you see his surfboard anywhere. So let's go right and there's another turtle. Use Hamtaro this time. Now go down and right and another turtle. Now it's Stan's turn. Now since all the turtles are up we can use them for later. Go back up and right and it's Hamtaro time for this mini game. Now go right and view the cutscene. Boss will run off trying to find a boat to impress Bijou. Go follow him, and it will trigger a cutscene of a surfboard to wash up on the beach. Keep going right and then down and talk to Boss. He'll say it's a perfect board but it says Broski on it so we should return it. Once you do he'll move out of the way for you. Go to where he was blocking and now we can get the board for a boat. Go back to the hamster who will offer to build a boat. Now it's Boss' big chance but Stan gets in the way and take Bijou and Pashmina off to a cruise. Play the mini game and... oh no afterwards they are stranded on a ball and trying to avoid a whirlpool. We must go to Broski, but.... he can only shore surf. We learned that last time, poor Broski. But the turtles from earlier will come up and help. The mini game will be like the last one. Now we saved the girls and poor Stan. Now it's Penelope, Boss and Oxnard to get over there. Go all the way right, and play the basket game. Now take the board on the boat and put it down at the gap. Rinse and repeat with the other board and then right, up and left and join up with the rest. Now the boys will look for the indigo water so now it's time for the girls to shine. Penelope will tell everyone about the aquarium that they passed at first. So let's go there, when you go to the fence a hammie couple will mention something about a INDIGO seashell. So Penelope goes and runs under the gap. So now we must climb the fence and get the gate open. Now go right, and here's Salia, who's a seal type hamster. Anyway go inside the pipe and go right until you meet with a glasses hamster. Talk to him and he'll ask us to turn on the lights. Keep going right then go up the pipe. Notice that Penelope is also here but she went away. So it's time to play a little jellyfish game with Pashmina and no it's not JELLYFISHING JELLYFISHING! Just cross them and you'll get to the other side and turn on the lights. Now crawl down the pipe and talk to glasses hammie to get a note so you can pass. Now go all the way right until you find another glasses hammie. There's a gap in the pipes and the hammie that turns it is gone so we must do it ourselves. Talk to the glasses hammie to begin a mini game with Bijou. Go right and play the other game and then go left, down, left and then turn the wheel. Now with everyone go down and then right. Penelope is here so now we can be reunited. She wants to ride this cup ferris wheel. We present the papers and we get to ride the cups now. Wheee~ now go right and look! This is where the fish sleep. And, hey there's a indigo seashell. And, Seamore! Let's go right and up the pipe some more and go up the pipe thing and oh no, Seamore has a cramp in his leg. So now it's time for a ring toss with Sandy. Seamore will give you the seashell after you saved him. No go up and, the floor seems to be invisible. But... oh hey a hammie came out of the water. His name is Tux and he's a penguin type hamster. He'll lead you to the end of the clear glass maze. Sometimes the clear glass will appear so you can wait until it comes up and cross. Now go up and you'll be transported back to the main part of the aquarium. The boys will come back with dissapointment in not finding indigo water. But, the girls show up with the indigo seashell. And now it's time to give this to Bo.

BO PRESENT Talk to Bijou and she'll tell you that Oxnard is telling fortunes. Most of the boys think it's a bunch of rubbish so most of the boys go and play outside except for Howdy who dissapears outside. Once coming back Oxnard tells everyone that the girls have gone to find the last color and it would be at Hamstarr Manor. So it's time to go there. Now our party for this is all the boys minus Howdy.

Prepare yourselves for my favorite of all the levels. Having a great music, designs, and games this is a level that is the best saved for last. Enjoy yourselves at this gorgeous level. Go into the manor and talk to the hamster who looks very familiar. He'll go away into the other room. Follow him, and here's the girls and the fortune teller will appear and change into the evil Red Punster. He'll take all the girls and escape. Oh no! We must follow him! Quick go up all the awesome stairs and talk to Hamstarr for a mini game. Use Dexter this time and guess the correct jewels. Then go around him and go to the next door. The Red Punster! And the other colors, Orange, Blue, Pink and Ookwee, I mean Yellow! They have the girls! We must follow them. Go into the next room and play the quiz with Maxwell and now here's a cutscene! They went in reverse, oh my. Go up the stairs and talk to Boo hammie and play the game with Stan. You'll land at the bottom of a crane game without Boss and Stan and here's Blue Punster and she just threw Bijou in the crane game! They both go in there and found out that it is just a doll. Blue Punster goes off and now we must save the both of them. But we can't even each crane machine needs payment. We must get two medals. Two are both in the room, go up the ladder and get the red one and go back down, right and up the ladder, left and get the blue one. Go back to the crane machine and play with Panda, don't worry about failing, you always get endless tries without running out of money. (Unlike real life crane machines where it takes you 30 dollars to get a super awesome plushie, still I love my Kenny plushie everyday. :3) anyway after that you can get the Bijou plushie to have for now. Head left, down the stairs and down to the door. Go right and oh no! Punster Orange has gotten Sandy! We must cross using Hamtaro. You can make it through here by hopping them all at once if your lucky. (BTW the moon with the hamster in it, is a hamster pounding mochi cakes, it's like the Moon Rabbit/Jade Rabbit of Japanese and Chinese folk lore.) Once crossed go right into the next room and try and talk to Sandy. But it's a doll. We've been tricked again! Well let's take it anyway, and we get a gold card too! Anyway go back, using Hamtaro again. Go up the second flight of stairs, go up and present the gold card to the Boo Hammie and go into the arena with the fake Oxnard and Pashmina and Penelope. And here's Punster Pink and Punster Yellow. We must beat Mean Oxnard to get them back. Use Oxnard for this round, don't worry it's exactly like the Bijou/Sparkle battle back at Tip-Top Fair. Anyway after Mean Oxnard is defeated we can get Pashmina and Penelope.. but they are dolls too. After go back down to the main lobby and go down, and left and talk to the Boo Hammie. He loves dolls so give him the dolls you won. He'll let you pass through. Keep going left and now go up into the room... and it's the Punsters! We must face them in two mini games. A button game and a Space Invaders like game. The Punsters will reveil themselves as Howdy and the girls. Hamstarr will come from the crescent moon (sponsored by ME! >3) and will give us a reward as the violet crystal ball. Our last ingredient! And unfortunatly... this is the end of Hamstarr Manor. WE WILL MISS IT.

BO PRESENT Once done... oh my.... WE GOT ALL THE COLORS! Now Bo will make a rainbow and we will always miss Bo. But we will go with him to Rainbow Land! And now sit back and watch the credits roll as we hop on the train of rainbow colors! Penelope is the conductor WOO WOO! Also notice when we ride we pass by all the areas we went to! Once the credits are done we go and see Bo, but there's a problem, and we also find out that it's actually Prince Bo. (BTW was the video game released after or before the 3rd OVA because he'd be king by now.) Go up the mirror and here's Prince Bo once again. The Rainbow Theater seems to be empty, so Bo hands out invites to the theater and give it to every hamster we met in the journey. There are 40 for each. So let's get started with the sub-quest.

Sunny Peak, the Quest for the Legendary Spoon Thingie.
Sunny Peak, how come I feel like I've been here a million times already? Anyway let's continue with the game! Go into the caves and to the peak where you got mixed up with Arnie's Little Brother. Gogo the mine carts and you should be at the place where you learned RubRub. Go down and you'll see a sword-in-the-stone scenario. Go infront of the pedestal and insert the three colored marbles you acquired. Go up to the sword thing itself and use Tuggie. HERE IT IS THE MASTER SWORD... nah, the Legendary Spoon. It's a joke so obvious even I got it, and I don't play LoZ. So let's go back to Wild Woods and give the spoon the the wife.

Now that we have all the colors and are back at the clubhouse. Whenever we talk to Snoozer we can change our team. So if you don't have the Ham-Ham you need to get to invite the hammie, you can change. :3

Invite Location: If you remember the logs back on Sunny Peak near the orange, you couldn't get in there. Now you can! Go in and continue right until you find him. Talk to him and he'll be invited!
Discrip: Just like last time, he's a newsreporter rabbit hamster. Though Drizzle isn't with him.

Invite Location: If your still at Radar's invite location keep continuing until you see a hamster/monkey climbing the tree. That's Ook-Ook. He really can't talk, he just makes monkey sounds. He's a cutie too. Just talk to him and he'll be invited.
Discrip: Ook-Ook is a monkey like hamster. He can't seem to speak and only say Uki. I wonder if he's a D'jungarian or was born with monkey like features. Anyway I don't know if he appears in the anime series but it would be awesome if he does!

Championi/Kinoko-chan? (If not name, please correct me)
Invite Location: Go back where you caught the orange and Championi will be here! Just talk to her and she'll be invited.
Discrip: Championi seems to like mushrooms, carrying around mushrooms and dressing up like a mushroom. Not sure why she's called Championi, it's probably some kind of mushroom though. If you find out please let me know. :3 I believe she was in an episode but I'm not all that sure.

Marron/Kururi-chan? (If not name, please correct me)
Invite Location: If you are still at Championi's location go right until you reach a tree. Go up it and go up the second branch and left until you find a little hamster with a tuft hairstyle. She'll talk on and on about chestnuts. Just talk to her and she'll go.
Discrip: Little Marron loves chestnuts, she must knows how the crack open the spikey shells. She appears in the anime, and she seems to be around the same age as Penelope, just a little older since she can talk.

Seedric/Donguri-kun? (If not name, please correct me)
Invite Location: He's been in the same location since you searched for the orange. If you can't remember that location just go from Marron's tree, go left until you find a vine. He's there, just waiting for you. Talk to him AFTER you invited Marron. He'll come to check out Marron.
Discrip: He returns from the last game. Still looking for acorns, but he looks for friends now! He might like to hook up with Marron you know.

Invite Location: She's basicly on the fence/flower like she was when we went to get the yellow ingredient. This time just have Oxnard in your team and she'll be invited.
Discrip: Oxnard's girlfriend/wife is a hamster who is the queen of the corral. She's proud of having the boldest yellow sunflowers around!

Invite Location: She's near the fence where Pepper is. Start at Pepper's location and go right. Talk to the artist hammie if he's in the way. Go down and talk to the hamster with a sunflower on her head. That's her. Talk to her if you have Stan on your team and she'll be invited.
Discrip: Solara is a Ham-Ham who wears a sunflower on her head and seems to wear a white sheet. She also has a pig-like curled tail with a ribbon on it. She really really likes sunflowers. Not sure if she's in the anime or not.

Invite Location: Alright this might take a while, I suggest having Boss and Panda on your team if you want to invite both Tomy-T and Eggy-P. If you had to make the switch then that's good. Now from the enterance, go down, all the way right until you find a hammie with a cane. Use Boss for the Stair Hop Hop mini game. Then use Boss on the Boulder Bash mini game. Go inside, right until you find a flower garden. Go up and then left and you'll find a hamster struggling with a tomatoe. Talk to him and he'll be thankful and give you the tomatoe. Then talk to him and he'll be invited.
Discrip: Tomy-T looks obviously like a tomatoe. With a red shirt and a green hair tuft. He's best friends with Eggy-P. He does appear in the anime along with Eggy-P.

Invite Location: Start from Tomy-T's location, right, down, then all the way left until the beginning of the flower garden/shed. Go inside the large opening and fix the floor with Panda. Go in front of the window and make a chain up it. Once at the sil go left until you see Eggy-P. He'll wonder if Tomy-T is bored waiting and we'll say he went to Rainbow Theater. Give the invite to Eggy-P AFTER you invited Tomy-T and he'll be off.
Discrip: And Eggy-P looks like an eggplant. He carries around one of those hobo bags on a stick and has a purple tuft of hair. He's best friends with Tomy-T and appear in the anime. BTW both eggplants and tomatoes are fruits in real life.

Elder Ham/Chorohamu
Invite Location: He's back up at the red bench, remember to use Boss with Stair Hop Hop. Also... since he thinks there won't be anyone his age there you must invite Auntie Viv first.
Discrip: Still sleepy, but is actually more helpful than he was in the last game. And since Auntie Viv has been included in this game he wants to be with her.

Invite Location: He's in the princepal's office. Go back on the coffee table, and go up and talk to the muscle hammie and he'll let you through. Go down the fluff and just talk to him.
Discrip: One of the first of the extra hammies, he's from a far far away place, by his garb and his location it is assumed he is from the middle east. He's the hamster of a great king but is tired of sitting around and he explores the world. He also looks alot like Snoozer.

Dr. Peanut/???
Invite Location: He's in one of the science room's sinks. Get Pashmina with you. From the science room, go up the chain, go up the beaker stand, cross the rainbow, go back down and go up the other one, cross it, and go back down. Talk to the crying child and Pashmina will juggle for him. Go down the ladder and talk to the hammie in the sink and Dr. Peanut will be invited.
Discrip: He's a doctor of peanuts apparently. He looks very old, or very tired. He never shuts up about peanuts. So he could be the George Washington Carver of hamsters.

Inspector Hams/???
Invite Location: Alright this is kind of a big mission. I suggest having Boss, Bijou and Penelope for this one. Anyway from the princepal's office exit/enterance go left, up and go left into the music room! Go up and go talk to the two hamsters in front of the organ. They seem to want to try turtle food because it's supposed to be delicious. Keep going left and up the mini ruler, up the broom and go right. And talk to the hamster on the organ who looks a little bit like Beethoven. He will ask to help him compose a song on the organ. Use Bijou for this, since she's seen Maria play so many times. The song is just basicly the Japanese school bell song. Anyway he'll let you pass, along with a super awesome, super cute sticker of Panda riding a panda~ Anyway grab the flyer for the Clover Elementary store. It will come in handy later. Go down the organ with the gap and fall down where those two hamsters where conversing. Anyway go back left and up the mini ruler, keep going left this time and down the other mini ruler. Keep going left and up the spine of the book. Gp up the water filter hose and play the game with Penelope. Go down the wire and talk to Inspector Hams. He'll say that he must stay until he finds out what turtle food tastes like. So... let's get us some turtle food! Our of the music room you go and go up from the exit/enterance. Use Boss and break the rock open. Go down the hole and be in the shop. These shops are where you get some stickers, sticker mats and coloring pages. Anyway rotate through the items until you see turtle food. Have 10 seeds for it and it's yours. Go back to the music room and talk to the hamsters who were conversing about turtle food. Give them the turtle food and they find out it's terrible. Well of course it's terrible, it's not to be eaten by hamsters. Anyway go back up to the turtle tank and talk to Inspector Hams, looks like we solved the case now we can invite him!
Discrip: The Sherlock Hams of the Hamtaro world, this is of course a dectective. He usually is bad at it though, so we decide to give him a paw. He also has a weird mustache.

Dharma Doll/???
Invite Location: She's in the princepal's office. Go into the broken chair, jump on the spring, cross the spoon and go up the wire. Go up to the trophy shelf. Get the cutscene out of the way and go right. Look at the red ham sleeping. Talk to her and she's invited.
Discrip: Dharma Doll is based on the Daruma Doll that you get in Japan to make a wish off of. She is dressed with the usual red outfit but her eyes are normal.

Papa Ham/Papa-Ham? (If not name, please correct me)
Invite Location: Have Dexter and Boss in your team for this one. From the bush enterance, go all~ the way up, right and go to the broken chain on the swing and climb all the way up it. Talk to the hamster and begin the game with Dexter. Once land, go down, in the pipe and go left into the pipe. Use Boss for this one. Go up the red shovel and talk to the hamster on the bench reading a newspaper. Talk to him and he'll be invited.
Discrip: He's a grey-ish hammie with some brown sideburns. He's really interested in the paper and he's married to Mama-Ham. Only one of their four babies have his grey fur.

Invite Location: Have Penelope for this mission. She's in the mini playground left of the soccer goal. She'll ask us to help the buisness out by handing out ice cream bars. We'll give it to hamsters who request something cold. She'll give four of four flavours, carrot, sunflower seed, sardine (yes, the fish) and cabbage. Sorry kids no fudgesicles, orange cream or coconut. So let's go out and find the different ones!
CARROT: This one will be in the tree you used to get to Stan. Go inside and go up the ladder chain gap and talk to the hamster and give it to him.
SUNFLOWER SEED: Go to Grandpa Frog's pond, left, left, down, use Grandpa Frog to get rid of the frog in the way. Continue down, right and up the tree, go down and talk to the hamster. Also while your their get the board and put it on the water so you can cross it later.
SARDINE: Go back to Grandpa Frog's pond and go up and right, use Penelope for this mini game. It's like the can game back at Clover Elementary. Go all the way right after, and talk to the hammie. Penelope has the sardine ice cream so you don't have to go back.
CABBAGE: He's in the sandbox. Once you enter go right and talk to the yellow hammie. Now that you've given all the ice creams Lolly can go. Just talk to her.
Discrip: A sweet hammie who wears a blue striped shirt and ribbon she works with her brother Ice to hand out ice creams, popsicles and other sweet cold treats.

Invite Location: Left of Lolly he's in the ice cream stand. Once delivering all the ice creams he'll go with you.
Discrip: Bigger brother Ice wears a similar blue striped shirt. He also sells sweet cold treats. Together Ice and Lolly as words are the word for popsicle in other regions.

Mama Ham/Mama-Ham? (If not name, please correct me)
Invite Location: Have Stan, Panda, Sandy and Oxnard in your team for this one. She's been in the same place she's always been but apparently she has lost her babies. We should go find them.
BABY 1: Baby 1 is in the sandbox. Go left and go talk to the foreman hammie. Stan will do his dance magic dance and have the foreman hammie move. Follow him and he'll move a boulder. Go where the boulder was and make Oxnard use Tackle on the truck. You'll gain the first baby ham. Since you automatically teleport back to where you were your only a stride away from the second baby.
BABY 2: Go right until you find the right shovel thing. Go right and you'll encounter a battle with karate hams. More RPG time. Anyway after defeating them go up the pole and get the second baby.
BABY 3: Go back to the tree, go up it, use Panda to fix the floor and go left and go down the vine. Go down and left and play the mini game with Sandy. Once finished continue going up and talk to the hamster with the three dots on the back. It'll be transported back to Mama-Ham.
Now that we found them we can invite Mama Ham.
Discrip: Married to Papa Ham she's very watchful over her children. Of the four children, three have her honey color.

Invite Location: He's at the enterance of the park. Go to the fountain and go down. He can only be invited if you found all of Mama Ham's babies.
Discrip: He wears a policeman's uniform and he's a policeham. Though he wasn't a good crime solver with Mama Ham's case his heart's in the right place. He also what seems to have a family member in Ham Ham Land but has a Chaplin 'stache.

Auntie Viv/???
Invite Location: She's still on the bench, just have Boss in your team to invite her.
Discrip; A much more engergetic senior ham, she's been traveling all over the world. She has a red dotted hat and wears red glasses.

Invite Location: He's rolling in the same spot. Just have Cappy in your team and he's invited.
Discrip: He has a pipe wrapped around his body. How he got there, who knows? It also looks like he doesn't have a nose.

Invite Location: She's on stage. Have Bijou in your team and she's invited.
Discrip: She's a rather snobby hamster, she's a very famous hamster over in America and in Japan. She has a thing for Hamtaro and views Bijou as her rival.

Invite Location: He's in the taiko drum stand. Have Boss in your team and he's invited.
Discrip: He looks like a pirate but that's just his markings. He helped Hamtaro get home and has a girlfriend pidgeon. He also sells seeds and other things.

Invite Location: She's at the enterance. Have Stan in the team and she'll be invited.
Discrip: She's a nurse/doctor of the hammie universe. She takes good care of everyone and Stan has a crush on her.

Invite Location: He'll be jamming at the shore. Just talk to him and he'll be invited.
Discrip: Like last time he can't swim and he's much of a shore surfer. His realy personality has came out and he's a flirt like Stan.

Invite Location: He's up on the tank where you saved him. Just talk to him and he's invited!
Discrip: Coming back again from the last game he seems to return WITHOUT Barette. He swims, but he can't swim so well if he has a cramp in his leg.

Invite Location: He's back at the clear part of the tank. He'd love to go but he's worried about the tank. Just follow the path back down. Go up and you'll be back at the main enterance of the aquarium. Go right and talk to the afro ham. (I LOVE THESE GUYS, They are so cute!) He'll be happy to paint the floor. Go back to Tux and the guy will arrive. Now Tux can go to Rainbow Theater.
Discrip: Tux is a penguin like hamster who can swim and carries around and noms a fish. He appears in the anime along with Salia.

Invite Location: She's in the main part of the aquarium play volleyball. Just talk to her and she'll be invited.
Discrip: A seal-like hammie, she likes to play volleyball. She also seems to be very sleepy, so maybe... it's Snoozer's match? She's also one of my favorite of the hammies in this game.

Invite Location: He's where he was this whole time. Have Howdy in your team and he'll be invited.
Discrip: The only hammie that Hamstarr Manor, Hamstarr is a fortune teller. He seems to have a star piercing in his ear. He's another of my favorite hamsters. He has an awesome theme song.

Let's see... we have 32 hammies already invited and there are 40 invites. Are we missing any... I guess so. But where else can we look? If you've seen the rainbows sprouting all over the place and followed them, they lead you to two new places, Acorn Trail and Sea Spray Park. There are two teams of hamsters, the Djungarian Choir and the Hambinis. They must find all the members before they are all invited. Let's find them shall we?!

To get to the correct portion of Acorn Shrine go back to Sunny Peak. The screen before you found the orange. Go up and go to the rainbow. This little spot is Acorn Shrine. Go all the left, down, left, down, left again and then down. The music should have changed. (this is actually my favorite out of the event music) On the right is a part of the D'jungarian Choir and on the left is a Hambini member. Both will ask to look for their friends. Let's start with the D'jungarian Choir.

D'jungarian Choir/???

D'jungarian Choir 2: Go straight down from the intersection and talk to the hamster. Stop his hiccups and a member will come out of the bush. Talk to him and he'll go to the main group.

D'jungarian Choir 3: From the D'jungarian Choir group, go right, down, and keep going down until you see another member. Talk to it and give it a cherry tomatoe and it will go to the group.

D'jungarian Choir 4: This one and number five are at Sea Spray Park. Go to Sparkle Coast where you found the board to make your boat a rainbow has appeared. Cross it and go left all the way. You'll play a mini game with Hamtaro. Then go up and talk to the hamster in front of a corn stand. Play the mini game with Oxnard. A D'jungarian Choir member will appear. Talk to him and he'll be off.

D'jungarian Choir 5: While your still in the area, go down and talk to the hamster with the fruit stand. (BTW before you go here, go to Hamstarr Manor, cross the rainbow, go all the way left and talk to the hamster at a juice stand, he needs fruit to make fruit juice) Answer the fruit stand master's quiz and take it and go to the juice stand person and give it to him. Search around and you'll see a member with juice. Talk to him and he'll be off.

Go back to Acorn Trail and talk to the D'jungarians and the'll be off to Rainbow Theater.

Discrip: A 5 hammie choir the D'jungarian Choir comes from D'junglebell Island. They will later show up in Ham-Ham Games with some people from their home. The don't wear costumes and they appear to be dwarf siberian hamsters.


The Hambinis have three members. We need to find two so let's go at them, one is at Sea Spray Park and one is at Acorn Trail.

Hambini 2: Go to Sea Spray Park with Cappy in your team and enter in by Hamstarr Manor's rainbow. Go to where the juice stand is and go up and talk to the sailor hamster. The wind will blow the hat away. Go back to the broken bridge, oh and you'll need to find two mermaid statues. Just explore around and you'll find them. After finding them go up, and go into the logs and pick up the hat and talk to the hamster. That will be a Hambini. He'll go back to the group.

Hambini 3: This one is fairly simple. Go to the Sunny Peak rainbow and go to the door and knock on it. It'll only open if you have 200 stickers. Collect some from min-games, shops and the like. Once you have all 200 go inside, search around for a gray hamster and talk to him.

Go back to the place where the Hambini leader was and hand out the invites.

Discrip: 3 little baby hamsters that are good friends with Penelope, they can talk but they still are like babies.

There is all 40 hamsters. Go back to Rainbow Theater and enjoy the show.

CONGRADULATIONS YOU BEAT THE GAME. You can still collect the stickers, sticker pads and coloring pages but they arn't mandatory. Anyway good luck if you do go out and find them. Thank you for reading this walkthrough. :3