Let's play!
This is a walkthrough for the game Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite. It was made by MikaUtsukushi, how takes long to do it. So please, don't steal it and claim it's yours!

Welcome all you struggling people out there to Mika's Ham Ham's Unite Walkthrough, a great game for the Gameboy Color and a ROM. For you people who don't want to go on GameFaqs or figure it out for yourself. OK? Let's begin now.

In the opening cut scene you find out a hamster named Boss is terribly busy, he then turns around and notices you, the player and asks you for your name, which you type in, you can leave it as Hamtaro if you wish. Anyway he then asks you for a favor in which you have to gather up all the Ham-Hams while he's doing what he's busy doing. He tells you to use Ham-Chat words to get the Ham-Hams back, then you the player says 'Heke?' and Boss is astonished as you don't know what Ham-Chat is, so then he takes you to the Beginning Dance Room to teach you a couple Ham-Chats, follow his instructions with Hamha (Greeting), Tack-Q (Roll), HifHif (Sniff), and Digdig (Dig) then he'll start pencilling in some other words as well. He then gives you a tour of the Clubhouse and sends you on your way.

Acorn Shrine
1. Getting Maxwell: Maxwell is the book loving Ham-Ham of the Clubhouse. And this is how you get him. When you first enter Acorn Shrine you'll be greeted by a good Hamatarian which is a Unimportant NPC that's not identified by any names. So once he makes his speech jump down from the platform area and keep moving right, you'll soon encounter Bijou which I will cover in the next part. Keep running right, and you'll see a little girl hamster day-dreaming, while you're there say Hamha, then Tack-Q, then she will teach you Mega-Q (Big). Now head up, and Tack-Q where the ladybug is on the building. It will reveal a rope, now climb up it. The jumping hamster will then notice you. Say Hamha to him and jump on the ledges with him and go left, keep going left until you fall, which then you'll come out and the jumping hamster will say Nopibloo (Don't Fret). Once he's done go right then climb down the rope. Now go up a little bit and you can either go up or go left (there are hamsters that will teach you new words if you go to any) if you went up into a darkened area with a hamster that just rolled over, say Hamha and he will teach you Zuzuzu (Sleep). If you went left, say Hamha right next to the hole and a hamster will pop out and say Dingbang (Noisy). Now if you went up with the Zuzuzu hamster go left, if you went left with the Dingbang hamster go up, either way you will come to this darkened area with what seems to be a mud puddle and a little bit of a crack on the wall, Tack-Q the cracked wall until you see a yellow area. Step into the yellow area until you see a shadow, say Hamha and you will get a hamster falling. Hear the short instrumental? That means you found a Ham-Ham. This one is of course Maxwell, he says he's embarrassed that we saw him fall so let's stand right in front of him and say Nopibloo and fall right on our face into the mud. He will then be happy and teach Bizaroo (Strange) to us and we will have a quick cutscene back to Maxwell's library-esque room. Now, let's head back to Acorn Shrine.

2. Getting Bijou: Bijou is our little French Ham-Ham that has a little fancy for Hamtaro. Remember running into Bijou way back in screen two? Well let's follow her and got right of the Mega-Q girl this time. You'll find a door, so while we're here, let's Hamha it and out pops, an Auntie Viv look-a-like. She then we'll teach you Hamsolo (Lonely) and then pulls you into her house for RAPE! No, a story. Then go up, and HifHif by that flower and a little hamster girl will teach you Koochie-Q (Pretty). Why don't we go up-screen shall we, now there's two holes here but don't go into the center, a friendly mole will tell you that the whole on the bottom right corner is your hole if you want to get out of here. So anyway let's Tack-Q the big tree with the hamster butt shaking, the hamster will fall down, killing you instantly, not really but he will teach you Oopsie (Sorry) and climb back up the tree, same position for who know's what reason. Then go up. Oh there's Bijou again, and she's gone again. Oh well, anyway Tack-Q the skinny tree with the hamster on it, he and a nut/berry will fall and he'll grab the nut/berry and say Sparklie (Delight) then go right. Then HifHif the moving grass to learn Delichu (Delicious). Then go left once more and there is Bijou once again. Now there is a big fat hamster in between some grass. Say Hamha and Tack-Q him to learn Teenie (Small) and he'll give you a love note to send to the Teenie hamster, the one that taught you Mega-Q, do that if you want to. Now on to Bijou go up from where the big fatty was and there will be Bijou hiding behind the tree. So Tack-Q the tree to make some bugs fall down and scare the crap out of her. She will then cry. You must say Oopsie now, but once you have done that, she found out that she dropped her shiny rock. Now do you see that sparkle in the black hole? DigDig there and you will get the rock. Say Hamha and then she will teach you Thank-Q (Thank You) and be back in her mansion-esque room. Now, for some bonus Ham-Chat say Hamha, Hamsolo and Thank-Q to maker her say Goodgo (Good Luck). Now head back to the main room in the Clubhouse and Boss will give you some information about Pashmina and the next location. Now once he's done let's get going.

You see the sunflower spinning at Acorn Shrine? That means you found all the Ham-Chats in that particular area of the game. Congrats. But Acorn Shrine isn't over yet, if you have 25 seeds on you, Scoochie up the tree where the Sparklie Ham was and buy Chick-Ah Jam for the 25 seeds if you want all the Ham-Jams.

Sunflower Park
1. Getting Oxnard: Oxnard is our favorite glutton Ham-Ham and has the markings of a cow. Anyway once you enter Sunflower Park you'll find out you're in a sand box. Go up and HifHif the odd colored hamster to learn Hushgo (Reveal) amd expose that he is BATMAN. No, he's wearing olive oil instead of suntan oil. Next go right and who is this? Why it's Oxnard. Talk to him and he says he lost his most precious seed. Now screenward down, and HifHif the hamster that you see to learn Blanko (Forgot). He needs you to find a couple hamsters because they are playing hide and seek, go back to the near entrance and DigDig in the hole. A hamster should push you and himself out from under the sand. He'll then tell you that wasn't a good hiding spot and say Meep-P (Regret). The hide and seek hamster will come and find this hamster. Now go where the hide and seek hamster originally was and go down, there is a sign with a little flower on it, Tack-Q the sign and a hamster will teach you Hushie (Secret). The hide and seek hamster will come again and find this one. Why don't we go right shall we? Go all the way right until you find a hamster, say Hamha, then HifHif then Koochie-Q to learn Hammo (Friend) and obtain a cucumber which you will need for Acorn Shrine. Now go up and go right and go up and DigDig a hole, a hamster will pop out and say Chukchuk (Give Up). The hide and seek hamster will then again come and find that hamster. Now head back to Oxnard and you will see the hide and seek hams play another round. HifHif the one that is 'it' and he will give you the most delicious smelling thing of all, limburger cheese. Go back to Oxnard and Hamha and then say Chukchuk. He will then say Gasp-P (Oh No!) and start rolling around and crying like a baby and reveal where his seed was. Underneath him. A recall to Calling All Ham-Hams pehaps? Anyway the whole reunite thing happens and you get to go to Oxnard's room. Which is awesome and cow patterns all over the place. Now head out back to Sunflower Park.

2. Getting Pashmina: Pashmina is a lover of all things pink and the mother-esque Ham-Ham. To get her travel right of where you got Chukchuk and another mole will tell you about the jungle gym. Go to the far right and Tack-Q the second pole from the left side of the frame, this will make a hamster fall and teach you Blash-T (Angry). Now climb up the pole and you will find Pashmina. But her scarf blew away and now we need to find it. So now head back down now Scoochie up the pole by the mole and you will find a crow with Pashmina's scarf in it's beak. Say Gasp-P to the crow and he will give you the scarf, and in addition he will ask you for the Hamster word for friend. You say what you want that comes up on the screen, now head back down where Pashmina's pole was and Scoochie up there. Pashmina will thank you for getting her scarf back. She will teach you Bestest (Fantastic) and come back to the Clubhouse. Pashmina's room is a pink extravaganza so if you don't like pink get out of there quickly.

Sunflower Park? Over yet? Not really we still have to take care of Hammo Hamster's lost friend. Now go back to Acorn Shrine where the Koochie-Q girl was. HifHif the sunflower seed on the ground, it turns out to be Tricket. So... deliver Tricket to the Hammo Hamster and you get This. Once you've gotten This, go up, see the steps? That's a slide, go up it. If you're up then maybe the olive oil hamster will slide down. (If not slide down and go back to where he's supposed to be to see if he's not there.) Slide down with him. You'll land right on top of him and find a secret area. DigDig in the hole and say Hamha to the Ham Boutique person, and you can buy a Ham-Jam called Sunflower for 25 seeds. You can also Tack-Q and Lookie the box to get three rocks. Rocks? What good are they for? Beating the game 100% and we will get to that in the Sky Garden chapter. DigDig the puddle to wake up the Olive Oil Hamster and step on the patch next to the hamster to get out and you'll wind up in the same screen as the Hammo Hamster. So let's DigDig the exit hole and get out of here.

1. Getting Penelope: Penelope is the youngest of all the Ham-Hams so we need to keep a close eye on her, but her caretaker for today just lost her. Oh no what will we do?! We'll find her that's what. So anyway you'll enter the Ruins, it's more of junk yard really. So anyway, Hamha the hamster that you see and learn Lotsa (Many). Go right, and there will be a crochety hamster with a table, he will be delt with later, so go down and you will meet, Cappy. He lost Penelope and we have to help him. Say Yep-P to help then he'll go right to search. Let's Tack-Q the TV switch to see if Scratchy finally got Itchy yet, nope, we get a sink on our head, let's do it four times to be stupid. Then go back to the crochety hamster. Hamha him to learn Pooie (Uncool). Now let's go back to where Cappy was and go right. There's a cuckoo clock there. Let's Tack-Q it until a hamster comes out and dances for us. She dances a Ham-Jam that we will get later. For now tell her Koochie-Q and she will teach us Ta-Dah (Show). She will then jump back into the clock waiting for her next audience. Climb up the lamp and then use Stickie on the white car and Tack-Q the hamham behind it to learn Shashaa (Hide). Now go to the right and keep going right of a ladder until you are at a tire. Tack-Q it and you'll bounce back into a new area. Tack-Q and Lookie at the treasure chest to get those three rocks. Go back up another ladder and there will be a white hamster that will be happy that he can now find a way to get there and he will teach you Grit-T (Courage). Go up the other ladder now and you will see Penelope, bouncing on a frog's head. Tuggie on the button near the right and you will fall, and get killed. No, you just go back down the ladder. Now go back up and the frogs container is drained. Penelope and the frog will be beyond the container. When you approach Penelope and the frog, Penelope will wave 'hi' to you. (Aww, how sweet.) Hamha Penelope and the frog, and the frog will ask you if this is your friend. Say Hammo and Penelope will jump down and say Bye-Q (Goodbye). Her first actual word. :3 And you'll see what Penelope looks like under her hood. Now we will go back to Penelope's room and find Pashmina. Pashmina will then say that she had to Wait-Q (Wait) for Penelope all this time. Penelope's room is sort of childish, complete with a slide.

2. Getting Cappy: Our failure of a baby sitter but a lover of hats is Cappy. Let's tell him that we got Penelope and we can head back to the Clubhouse. First let's go back to Ruins and go back to where the TV set is. The frog has moved, near us. So let's Hamha him and say Bestest. He will then tell us about weather predicting. Use HifHif to KO him and win the Pokemon League, er... get us the frog badge. Now go past the cuckoo clock and let's talk to the hamster on the ground. He will tell us that there is a scary place inside the fridge and he teaches us Panic-Q (Scary). Now let's go up the ladder on the fridge and talk to the hamster that seems to be on 'roids. You'll learn Herk-Q (Powerful) and ask us for five seeds if we want to use the elevator. We should use it which is the basket up the ladder. Using the elevator is easy, to go up press the up button on the D-Pad or keyboard, to go down use the down button. Now, go all the way up and left. You should be outside the elevator with a shaking hamster. He's afraid of high places so let's do the nicest thing ever to him. Tack-Q him and send him flying, before that he says, Nopookie (Dislike). Oh we are so nice, so let's climb up the pole and go right, a couple of picknicking hamsters will ask you if it's going to rain. HifHif then say Pooie. The adult hamster will then HifHif the air as well and say it will rain and it will be a Soak-Q (Wet) day for them so they pack up the lunch and expose a hole. DigDig in that hole to travel to a new area. You'll drop down into the fridge, exit right and you'll bounce down into a place called Tack-Q bowling with Cappy admiring a prize in the prize glass display. Say Ta-Dah to him and he will then keep looking at the prize, it's apparently a Shogun Wig and he won't leave without it. Talk to the hamster behind the counter and say you'll play. Now score 130 points or better to get the wig. Once you got it say Ta-Dah and Cappy will then teach you Blissie (Happy) and go back to the Clubhouse. Cappy's room is kind of drab. It just has some stuff so let's go find more things to do.

Ruins are still being explored, for Ham-Chats and Ham-Jams and other stuff. Go back to the hamster that taught you Panic-Q. Apparently what's scary in the fridge is the Tack-Q bowling place, he lost all his seeds there. Let's go inside and to the right. Climb up and say Hamha to the hamster running on the treadmill to learn Blahh (Tired). Now go where the Shashaa hamster was and Stickie the car, the Shashaa hamster should be gone, leaving a DigDig spot, so DigDig there. You'll find a paper called 'Poetry From the Soul 1'. Read it then go off screen and come back again. The car should have gone back to it's original position, now rinse and repeat until 'Poetry From the Soul 4'. Shashaa hamster has found out you've been reading his poetry so he Tack-Qs you and you lose 200 hit points and die. No, you're fine, he just gets the paper back and says Blushie (Embarass) and runs away. Now Ruins is finished for now let's go.

Sunflower Elementary
1. Getting Panda: Panda is the carpenter Ham-Ham of the bunch. So he's ready to fix everything and anything. So go to the school. YES A SCHOOL. WHY MUST THERE BE A SCHOOL?! And you'll meet a dog, you must Tack-Q the dog to get a word and get past him. The word is taught by a hamster on the dog and he will teach you Hamchu (Kind). Then go up and go up once more into the school. Go up the rope on the left side, you'll meet a hamster that sells stuff to you. I shall dub him/her as Vendy. Now Vendy has a Ham-Jam that we must get by using Blash-T. Sure you can pay for it at it's current price which is, 50 seeds. Do you really want it, then pay the 50 seeds, or.... Blash-T the price down to 5 seeds. Then you will get the Ham-Jam which is called Hamtaro Time and yes that is the theme song, the song you hear in the opening credits, all around the world except Japan and some other countries. Well anyway, climb down, and go up between the shoe shelves. Now go right and enter the gap in the door. That should be... the school kitchen... anyway you need to talk to the hamster near the banana bucket. Say Hamha then Bestest to learn Huffpuff (Carry). Now see the hamster that's laying down? Tack-Q him then say Oopsie. He tells you he needs the flower to cure what ales him. So exit the school kitched and go left as far as you can. Go inside the gap, climb the ladder, and it's Panda. Let's talk to him. What? A big puzzle is involved? Is there? No, you'll just come along silently then? Nothing? OK, let's go back to the Clubhouse. Panda's room is kind of a hardware like room, the floor is made of bricks and there are tools everywhere. Let's Hamha him so we can ask him for a favor later.

2. Getting Jingle: Jingle is one of the most loved of the series being a poet Ham-Ham that travels around, strumming a guitair and has a mohawk. Head back to the school. Go all the way up then left then go up the stairs. Go left and go in the gap in the doorway. Now go up near a skeleton. Tack-Q it, then say Blash-T. A hamster will come down from it and teach you Cramcram (Study) and then will climb back up. Go left and up the broom. The flower tea shop is the remedy for the hamster in the kitchen. Go up to the white hamster and tell him Huffpuff and he will say we will need a bottle, so let's go back to Vendy, he should have a bottle. And he does and it's shaped like a fish, but one small problem, there's a hole in it! Why don't we take it to Panda, but first we need to learn a Ham-Chat before we can give it to him. Near the flower tea shop is a hamster with some tea. HifHif then Hamha him to learn Noworrie (Relax). Now, exit this room and go all the way right and into the computor lab. Hamha the blue hamster and learn Wishie (Beg). Climb the wire beside him and go to the tower beside the monitor and use Stickie. The screen should come on and you should use the mouse pad. Open the hamster face and click on Hamtaro to learn Smoochie (Love). Now go back to the Clubhouse and into Panda's room. Say Wishie to Panda and he will go back to Sunflower Elementary and fix the bottle. Good old Pandy-Wandy-Shmandy-Landy-Bandy-Nandy. He'll also teach us a new word, Whawha (Frantic). Go back to the tea shop and say Hamha and Huffpuff and he will give us some tea and the word Hotchu (Hot). Go back to the hamster with the stomich problem and give him the tea. Leave the screen then come back and say Hamha to him. He will teach you Perksie (Listen). Go to where he was blocking and go right, this will take you to a window and where Jingle is. Say Pooie to him and he will teach you Clapclap (Encore). Then say Smoochie to get him to return to the Clubhouse. Jingle's room is decked out with lots of instruments but his main one is his guitair. His room is the only room you can hear his guitair theme in so if you want to relax to that song go into his room. In his room say Bye-Q and he'll say Givehoo (Ask For). Now that you know Clapclap, go back to Ruins and to the girl in the cuckoo clock. Watch her dance and Clapclap everytime she finishes. When you Clapclap her a third time she will give you the song she danced too and disapear into the cuckoo clock once again. This song is called Bolero and is a classical song I think. It's pretty famous... it was used on Futurama in the 'series' finale. That's the only time I ever heard it outside of the game so I don't know if it's used as another name or not.

Sky Garden
1. Getting Sandy: Sandy is a twin Ham-Ham and a good rythmic gymnist. Go to Sky Garden, which really isn't a garden in the sky, it's probably the name of the building that you are going to be on top of. Anyway you'll be in an enclosed area with a pillar and a DigDig area, if you wish you can go into the DigDig area but you'll find a dead end. With a weight, a rock and a door. The weight will come in handy if you want one of my favorite Ham-Jams. So anyway Scoochie up the pillar and Tack-Q down. Go left and climb the tree, but you'll be stopped by the hamster that's on the tree, he'll tell you to use the left gutter. Let's go down and talk to the two hamsters. One of them we'll ask you for This and he will trade you That and give you a Ham-Chat. Hamtast (Perfect), now let's go back where you fell and go left this time. There will be a monkey, yes a monkey, in front of a gutter. He'll ask you for the bananas that you got in Sunflower Elementary. Give him the bananas and go off screen. Then go back, climb up the gutter but there will be a blocked entrance. Let's go back to the Ham-Ham with the tree. He's on the ground, let's say Hamha. Apparently the monkey came by and ate all the nuts. Oh yea, before I forget the cat on the screen, you don't have to worry about. It's just there. Come near it though and you'll automaticly take a few steps back. Anyway, go up the tree. Who is that striped fellow? It's Stan! We'll get him later though. So let's go there via the steps. Go all the way left and DigDig into the hole. You'll be at the area where the monkey was. Apparently what was blocking the pipe was the doctor at Sky Garden. He'll run off back to his office on the building. Now let's go back up via the pipe and Hamha the hamster hiding in the golf hole. Say Bizaroo and learn Spiffie (Stylish). Go up and slip on the banana peal. The hamster will then laugh. Go to him and say Spiffie to learn Hamteam (Cooperate). Then go up and HifHif the hamster under the umbrella to learn Shockie (Surprise). Go right amd Hamha the girl, then say Hamtast. She says she wants some strawberry juice. Let's go the the right. Use Wishie on the counter to ask for some strawberry juice which costs five seeds. The hamster behind the counter will go and give it to her personaly. Let's go behing the counter and use Tuggie on the plug. It will make the river crossable. Now go all the way down and right and cross the log and up. Climb up the rope, say Hamha, then Tuggie then Lookie. She will teach you HulaHula (Lollygag) and will come along with you. IF you can get Stan to come along with her. But it's OK, you got Sandy down, now Stan will be easy to get.

2. Getting Stan: Stan is the flirt of the twins. Come down from the bench and cross the log once more. Sandy will tell you she can't find Stan anywhere. Say Hamteam to her and make her stay in the spot where she is. Go right and say all the Ham-Chats to the big hamster and get punched four times. Then say Spiffie and he will say Twintoo (Identical). Now make a circle to all the places and eventually Stan will go where Sandy is. Say Hamha to Stan and learn Nogo (No Can Do). You'll go back to Sandy's room which is pink and has little gymnastic ribbons on the table. Stan's room is blue and has some maracas on the table.

Sunflower Market
A note before heading off: By process of elimination Howdy and Dexter are the two Ham-Hams left to get. You get them at the same time but the stories differ by depending which Ham-Ham you get first. So I will seperate the two stories.

Let's head off to Sunflower Market which is our last destination in Sunflower Town. We'll be somewhat near the enterance but not exactly inside the store. Let's talk to the hamster that we see here. Hamha him to learn Dundeal (Sell) and he needs some Flugo. Let's go up the stack of papers and go through the mail slot. There is an arse between boxes. Let's Tuggie it. Out pops a hamster with a strawberry. He will give you the strawberry and say Giftee (Give). Now go right. Here they are, Howdy and Dexter, apparently they are fighting over who Pashmina likes best. Then they go their seperate ways and a reporter hamster will appear. Now this is where the two different stories begin. First I will post the Dexter version then the Howdy version.

Dexter Trapped In the Ice

Go right into the freezer. Scoochie up the icicle that froze between the ground and the shelf. Say Hamha and a hamster in a parka will come out and say Hamha then Frost-T (Freezing). Now Tack-Q the postbox to get Postman's Rush. Now climb down and continue right and climb up the icicle with Dexter on the top. Say Hammo to him to learn Hamspar (Rival) go down and go left until you reach where Dexter and Howdy quarreled. Now go down and left and up the rope. Say Hamha to the hamster behind the glass and then say Bizaroo and go to where the gap in the glass is and say Hamha and he will teach you Seetru (Invisible). Now climb down the rope. Go left and then left some more. Climb the rope and HifHif near the strawberries, say Hamha then HifHif to learn about Strawberry Soccer and play if you want to, if you get six out of six headers he will give you the Ham-Jam Young N' Wild. Now climb down the rope and head down and then right and climb the rope. A hamster is Tack-Qing furiously to open up a box of cookies so Tack-Q him then use Tuggie. He will then teach you KrmpKrmp (Eat). Go down and right until you see a hamster sitting down. He wants something to eat so if you have 20 sunflower seeds on you give it to him to learn Nokrmp-P (Hungry). Go all the way right until you find a bar scanner. Scoochie up and use Digdig next to Howdy inside the cash register. He will say Minglie (Play) and shoo you off. Now climb back down and the reporter will hang-glide for an enterance and tell you that Dexter has been trapped inside the ice in the freezer. Go back up and tell Howdy, Gasp-P and he will run to his lover. Go to the freezer where Dexter was and Howdy will be there. When he's done talking say PakaPaka (Bite) and he'll try to gnaw his way through but he can't and he'll say something about a heat patch, that's your cue to find Vendy in Sunflower Market. Go back to the main doors in Sunflower Market and go all the way left until you see Vendy he'll tell you about Flugo (20 Seeds), Heat Patch (9999 Seeds) and the Striped Sticker (9999 Seeds, and used for the Howdy Rescue). Say No-P to all then No-P again and go back to Howdy. Say Hamha and he'll talk about Black Mail so once he's done go out of the freezer and the reporter (Let's call her Intervista for now.) has lost her bag. Go left until you exit the main market area. Climb down the papers and Tack-Q the bike and Tuggie on the string to get the bag back. Return to where Intervista is and Hamha and give her the bag she'll say Wondachu (Wonderful) and will give you a Newsflash. Go back to Howdy and follow him out of the freezer and down. He's threatening to expose Vendy for what he/she did. Now once Howdy is done Hamha Vendy and ask him/her for the Heat Pack which costs 10 seeds now. Buy it and go back to the freezer and now Howdy will warm up Dexter and they will both follow you back to the Clubhouse.

Howdy Stuck In the Cash Register

Head down and down and all the way left and climb up the bar code scanner you'll see Howdy digging for coins. Say DigDig, now he'll tell you to spy on Dexter now go back where the two fought and head right two times and climb up the icicle and chat to Dexter once you have done that, climb down and head back out. Intervista will pop out and tell you that Howdy is in trouble. Go back to Dexter and tell him Gasp-P. He'll go to where Howdy is, follow him to where Howdy is and then say Goodgo. Now go find Vendy. Go down the bar code scanner and up say Hamha to Vendy and say No-P twice once he's done with the items. Back to Dexter say Hamha and then go back to where Dexter and Howdy fought. Intervista's lost her bag, go back to the first screen in Sunflower Market. Tack-Q the bike and Tuggie on the pink string. You'll get the bag, now bring it back to Intervista to get the news flash and of course Wondachu. Go back to Dexter and bring him the news flash. Go to the main doors of Sunflower Market and Dexter will threaten Vendy. Now talk to Vendy and he/she will sell the Striped Sticker for 10 seeds. Buy it then return to the scanner. Dexter will then put the sticker on you and now the controls are reversed I.E. right is left, up is down etc. Now walk in front of the scanner and you should hear a click. You'll automaticly go up and reunite with everyone....

You have found all the Ham-Hams now the credits will begin to roll. Once the credits are over a cutscene will follow and for some reason, stars will fall to the six locations. Now you must find them all but first some quick clean up.

Clubhouse Countinued
You have found all the Ham-Hams now the credits will begin to roll. Once the credits are over a cutscene will follow and for some reason, stars will fall to the six locations. Now you must find them all but first some quick clean up.

There are still a couple Ham-Chats out left to find and they are taught by certain Ham-Hams in the Clubhouse. The Ham-Hams will randomly rotate with each visit of the room hub. Once you leave the room hub and head back to the main room the Ham-Hams will shuffle into other Ham-Hams rooms.

Say Hamha to Snoozer, then say Zuzuzu to learn Bluhoo (Sad).

Go to Oxnard's room. If he's there he might try to mess with his Sunflower Seed picture frame and drop it on his head. Say Bluhoo to him and he will say Ouchichi (Ouch).

Go to Pashmina and Penelope's room. If Stan is in either room say Minglie and he will teach Go-Rush (Hurry).

Go to Maxwell's room and say Nopibloo to Howdy (if he's there) and learn Pookie (Like).

Now go outside the room hub and back in. Some Ham-Hams should have shuffled.

Go to Panda's room (if he's in there) say Bestest to learn Smidgie (Almost).

Go to Maxwell's room and if Dexter's there say Gasp-P and he will teach you Tootru (Really).

Go to Sandy's room and if Stan's there, say Goodgo to Sandy and you will learn Hampact (Promise).

Leave the room hub again and go back in once more.

Go to Maxwell's room and if he's all alone, say Bizaroo and learn Wit-T (Funny).

Go to Cappy's room and if he's in there say Blash-T to learn Grab-B (Get).

You should have all the Ham-Chats by now (85, and if you don't the Quicktionary will be up soon.) visit Boss in his room and tell him this and he will teach you Greatchu (Great) and the credits will roll once more.


After the first credits roll a short cutscene will follow as you pan away from the Clubhouse, stars will fall to the town for some reason and now you must collect them all to recieve the grand prize.... a Ham-Jam.

Acorn Shrine Stars

1.Go to the area where you learned Zuzuzu and Tack-Q the boulder in the top right corner. A pill bug will then roll out, go near it and it will roll up and bang the wall a couple of times and then roll away. Tack-Q where it banged and a star will fall on your head, now that you see the star.... it looks more of a sticker actually. HifHif it to pick it up anyway.

2. Go to where you learned Hamsolo and say Hamha to the ladybug on the tree. It will fly off the tree and circle the ground. After it's gone, DigDig the area it circled and another star will be yours.

Sunflower Park Stars

1. Go to where you found Oxnard. A DigDig game will be set up. Pay 3 seeds to the hamster in charge. Now you will start a mini game where you DigDig in the DigDig spots to get some prizes. DigDig until you find a star. This could take a couple of tries since the star is placed in a random order.

2. Slide down the slide with the olive oil hamster again, (if he's not there check the sun lounger again) once you're back in the secret garden, DigDig the obvious yellow triangle to get another star.

Ruins Stars

1. Go up the cuckoo clock to where the Grit-T hamster was and Tack-Q on the tire once more. Tack-Q and Lookie in the treasure chest to get a star.

2. This star is located as a prize in Tack-Q Bowling. Get 200 points to get the star. No advice except learning the blue patterns to sync up.

Sunflower Elementary Stars

1. Go to the shoes cubbies and climb up the right jump rope thing to visit a Vendy. Keep paying for his fake Ham-Chats (you might get a giggle or two) for three seeds a pop. He'll eventually give you a star for being a good customer.

2. Go to the room where you found Panda. Tack-Q the blue leg of the table and a star will fall down.

Sky Garden Stars

1. Go up to the main area with the lake and island. Go to the golf hole with flag and Scoochie up. Say Hammo or whatever you used for the crow. He'll take you anywhere you want. So select Crow's Pad and HifHif the star there. Once you're done ask him to return you Sky Garden.

2. Tuggie the plus behind the counter again and cross the log once again, DigDig underneath the bench where you found Sandy.

Sunflower Market Stars

1. Go to the cash register and DigDig in there for a star.

2. Go to the NoKrmp-P hamster and feed him 20 seeds. Continue this until he gives you a star.

If you have all twelve of the stars you will be rewarded with the Ham-Jam, Little Star.


Rocks are scattered around the game areas. What is their use exactly you ask? You want a new Ham-Jam? Of course you do, Ham-Jams are fun. Here is a quick list of getting them.

Clubhouse Rocks

1. Get this in the Dance room, DigDig in the right hand patch of earth.

Acorn Shrine Rocks

1. DigDig in the DigDig spot in the first screen.

2. Where the hamster that taught you Zuzuzu, Tack-Q the large rock and DigDig where it previously was.

3. Where you found Maxwell, in the middle of the screen.

4. Where you found Maxwell, one next to the door.

Sunflower Park Rocks

1. Next to the slide's stairs.

2. In the secret garden, the treasure chest contains three rocks. Tack-Q and Lookie it to get the rocks.

3. Scoochie up the fourth pole of the jungle gym.

4. Play the DigDig game (the place where you found Oxnard) several times to get a rock.

Ruins Rocks

1. In the cuckoo clock screen.

2. There are three rocks in the treasure chest in the secret area by the Grit-T hamster. Tack-Q the tire to bounce into the area. Use Tack-Q and Lookie on the treasure chest.

3. Make it all the way to the top of the fridge and go down the hole where the hamster family was picknicking. There's a rock when you fall.

4. Get 40-80 points in Tack-Q bowling.

5. In the dark entrance of Tack-Q bowling.

Sunflower Elementary Rocks

1. Next to the dog.

2. At the furthest end of the left hallway.

3. 2nd floor, left room, next to the broom.

4. Outside where Jingle is.

Sky Garden Rocks

1. DigDig in the area near the entrance. There will be a rock there.

2. In front of you when you Tack-Q off the pillar.

3. DigDig underneath the bench Sandy was sitting on.

Sunflower Market Rocks

1. Next to the fire extinguisher.

2. Inside the juice can where the hamster was that taught you Seetru.

3. Climb the left icicle of where Dexter was making his Pashmina statue.

4. In the strawberry soccer field screen climb up the ladder.

Heavy Rock

The heavy rock is of course a heavy rock and what you need for the last couple measurements in Sky Garden, to get the heavy rock, it goes through a long trading process.

Talk to the hamster in Sunflower Park next to the exit of the secret garden. Say HifHif, Koochi-Q and Hammo to give you a cucumber. Go search in Acorn Shrine for a cricket. It should be disguised as sunflower seed in the screen where you learned Koochi-Q. So once you're there HifHif the 'seed' and you'll get Tricket. Go back to Hammo hamster and give him Tricket. And he will give you This. Go to Sky Garden and go to where the Ham-Ham with the nut incident is and down. Go down and talk to the hamsters and say Yep-P. He will give you That in exchange for This. Go back to Acorn Shrine and talk to the Sparklie hamster. He will give his nut/berry thing over to you. Go back to Sky Garden and if the monkey moved and ate all the nuts on the tree in Sky Garden, give Sparklie hamster's nut to the hamster that is crying and he will give you the heavy rock.

Now go to Sky Garden's entrance and DigDig in the hole next to the pillar. And use ChukChuk near the box and deposit all your rocks. A new door will open and will reveal a new Ham Boutique. As a prize the owner will give you the Ham-Jam, G Rock.


Ham-Jams are one of my favorite features of the two games that require Ham-Chat. In the games they are ten little songs that you collect and dance to with Ham-Chats, some songs are based on real life songs.

Little Lamb: You get this song when you turn on the game. This is not to 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' I believe this an original song by whoever wrote the soundtrack to Ham-Ham's Unite.

Chick-Ah Jam: Get this song by Scoochie-ing up the tree next to the Sparklie hamster in Acorn Shrine and buying it for 25 seeds. It's kind of a short Japanese ondo 'march' with it's opening notes.

Sunflower: This song you get in the secret garden by sliding with the olive oil hamster down the slide in Sunflower Park and going in the Ham Boutique for 25 seeds.

Hamtaro Time: In Sunflower Elementary go to the shoe cubbie holes and climb up the left jump rope thingie. Blash-T Vendy until the song goes down from 50 seeds to 5. This is basicly the opening credits you hear in the show in America and numourous countries.

Bolero: In the cuckoo clock screen, Tack-Q the clock twice and watch the hamster's performance and once she's done, say ClapClap. Continue saying ClapClap until she gives you the song. This song is a classical song and has been used in Digimon and Futurama as I have pointed out before. A speed techno remix is avalible on the Dancemania Classical Speed 2 soundtrack.

Postman's Rush: Tack-Q the postbox in the freezer in Sunflower Market. This song is based on a song called Csikos Post which has been used in Yoshi's Cookie, Mario DDR, Daigasso! Band Brothers, Pop'n Music, O2Jam, Sexy Parodius and Pump it Up. The song can also be heard in Episode 6 of Azumanga Daioh.

G Rock: Once you have all 29 rocks and the heavy rocks, go to Sky Garden and DigDig in the DigDig hole near the pillar. ChukChuk the rocks in the box and this will open up a new Ham Boutique. The shop clerk will reward you this tune.

Young and Wild: Get a perfect score in strawberry soccer in Sunflower Market.

I'm Your Ham: Find all the Ham-Hams. This is not the I'm Your Ham song from the episode Hamtaro.

Little Star: Get all the stars. This is basicly the 'Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are' part of the classic nusery rhyme 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'


Basic lowdown of all Ham-Chats.

"Bestest" Fantastic SUNFLOWER PARK Return Pashmina's scarf to her
"Bizzaroo" Strange ACORN SHRINE Cheer up Maxwell
"Blahh" Tired RUINS Hamster on Treadmill
"Blanko" Forgot SUNFLOWER PARK "hifhif" the counting Ham
"Blash-T" Angry SUNFLOWER PARK "Tack-Q" 2nd pole on climbing
frame, then Tack-Q him again
"Blissie" Happy RUINS Win Shogun Wig for Cappy
"Bluhoo" Sad CLUBHOUSE "hamha" - "zuzuzu" Snoozer
"Blushie" Embarrassed RUINS Keep moving White Car and digdig
to get the poetry ham roll at you
"Bye-Q" Goodbye RUINS Say "hammo" to Penelope
"Chukchuk" Give up SUNFLOWER PARK Brown Ham hiding near slide
"Clapclap" Encore SF ELEMENTARY Say "pooie" to Jingle
"Cramcram" Study SF ELEMENTARY "Tack-Q", "Blash-T" skeleton
"Delichu" Delicious ACORN SHRINE Talk to the Acorn Trader
"Digdig" Dig CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Dingbang" Noisy ACORN SHRINE "digdig" on Blue Ham in hole
"Dundeal" Sell SUNFLOWER MARKET "hamha" the white ham
"Frost-T" Freezing SUNFLOWER MARKET "hamha" by the postbox in freezer
"Gasp-P" Oh No! SUNFLOWER PARK Say "chukchuk" to Oxnard
"Giftee" Give SUNFLOWER MARKET "tuggie" out the trapped Ham
"Givehoo" Ask For CLUBHOUSE Say "bye-Q" to Jingle
"Goodgo" Good Luck CLUBHOUSE "hamha" then "hamsolo" to Bijou
"Gorush" Hurry CLUBHOUSE Say "minglie" to Stan
"Go-P" Bathroom CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Grab-B" Get CLUBHOUSE "Blash-T" at Cappy when he gets
tired of the Shogun Wig.
"Greatchu" Great CLUBHOUSE Boss when you find all 85 words
"Grit-T" Courage RUINS White ham by tyre after you get the three Rocks in secret area
"Hamchu" Kind SF ELEMENTARY "Tack-Q" the dog
"Hamha" Greeting CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Hammo" Friend SUNFLOWER PARK "hamha", "hifhiff", "koochie-Q" to Ham with cucumber
"Hampact" Promise CLUBHOUSE Say "goodgo" to Sandy after Stan has left the room.
"Hamsolo" Lonely ACORN SHRINE "hamha" the door in the tree
"Hamspar" Enemy SUNFLOWER MARKET Say "hammo" to Dexter
"Hamtast" Perfect SKY GARDEN Trade 'THIS' to white Ham
"Hamteam" Cooperate SKY GARDEN Slip on banana skin and say
"spiffie" to sunbathing Ham.
"Herk-Q" Powerful RUINS "hamha" the lift operator Ham
"Hifhif" Sniff CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Hotchu" Hot SF ELEMENTARY After you get the Flower Tea
"Huffpuff" Carry SF ELEMENTARY "hamha" Hamster by the bananas
"Hulahula" Lollygag SKY GARDEN "tuggie" and "lookie" at Sandy
"Hushgo" Reveal SUNFLOWER PARK "hifhif" the sunbathing Ham
"Hushie" Secret SUNFLOWER PARK "Tack-Q" sign to reveal pink Ham
"Koochie-Q" Pretty ACORN SHRINE "hifhif" girl ham hiding in grass
"krmpkrmp" Eat SUNFLOWER MARKET "tuggie" open box by rolling Ham
"Lookie" See CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Lotsa" Many RUINS "hamha" white ham at start
"Meep-P" Regret SUNFLOWER PARK "digdig" ham hiding in cave
"Mega-Q" Big ACORN SHRINE "hamha" small girl ham by tree
"Minglie" Play SUNFLOWER MARKET "digdig" by Howdy
"Nogo" No can do SKY GARDEN From Stan when you catch him
"Nokrmp-P" Hungry SUNFLOWER MARKET Feed Hungry Ham 20 seeds
"Nopibloo" Don't fret ACORN SHRINE Follow the Jumping Ham
"Nopookie" Dislike RUINS "Tack-Q" trembling Ham off pole
"Noworrie" Relax SF ELEMENTARY "hifhif","hamha" teadrinking ham
"No-P" No CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Oopsie" Sorry" ACORN SHRINE "Tack-Q" ham out of tree
"Ouchichi" Ouch CLUBHOUSE Say "bluhoo" to Oxnard after his
picture falls down
"Pakapaka" Bite CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Panic-Q" Scary RUINS Nervous Ham near Tack-Q bowling
"Perksie" Listen SF ELEMENTARY Talk to ham cured with Flower tea
"Pooie" Uncool RUINS "Tack-Q" Tv until you hear a yell
go to grumpy ham and "hamha" him
"Pookie" Like CLUBHOUSE Say "nopibloo" to Howdy
"Scoochie" Climb CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Scrit-T" Scratch CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"See-tru" Invisible SUNFLOWER MARKET "bizaroo", go right then "hamha" the Ham behind glass
"Shashaa" Hide RUINS "Tack-Q" Ham hiding behind white car
"Shockie" Surprise SKY GARDEN "hifhif" Ham under umbrella
"Smidgie" Almost CLUBHOUSE Say "bestest" to Panda
"Smoochie" Love SF ELEMENTARY Click on Hamtaro on the PC
"Soak-Q" Wet RUINS Tell picnic hams weather will be "pooie"
"Sparklie" Delight ACORN SHRINE Ham with nut up a tree
"Spiffie" Stylish SKY GARDEN "hamha" and "bizaroo" to Ham in hole by golf ball
"Stickie" Poke CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Tack-Q" Roll CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Tah-dah" Show RUINS Dancing Ham in the Cuckoo Clock
"Teenie" Small ACORN SHRINE "hamha" Lovesick Big Ham
"Thank-Q" Thank you ACORN SHRINE Give sparkly rock to Bijou
"Tootru" Really CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Twintoo" Identical SKY GARDEN Use four basic Ham-Chat words then "spiffie" on punching Ham
"Wait-Q" Wait CLUBHOUSE Return Penelope to Pashmina
"Whawha" Frantic SF ELEMENTARY When Panda fixes the bottle
"Wishie" Beg SF ELEMENTARY "hamha" blue ham in PC room
"Wit-T" Funny CLUBHOUSE Say "bizaroo" to Maxwell after Howdy and Dexter are gone
"Wondachu" Wonderful SUNFLOWER MARKET Return bag to reporter Ham
"Yep-P" Yes CLUBHOUSE From Boss
"Zuzuzu" Sleep ACORN SHRINE "Tack-Q" sleeping Ham