Staff Members: André

Usernames: André
Age: 29 and coursing University
Birthday: July 30, 1989
Gender: Boy
Fav Shows: Hamtaro, Gundam 00, Code Geass, Death Note, D.Gray-Man... and many more.
Instrument: Can you eat it? O_o
Fav Colors: Blue, Red, Blue... and Blue *0*
Fav Sport: Airsoft :P
Country: Spain
Hobbies: Hamtaro, Ragnarok Online, writing fanfics...


Yay, copying Mimitchi :D Hi there, my real name is George. I'm a 29 years old University student -well, that's the "official version"... you people know that University students don't study at all... they are trying to DOMINATE THE WORLD!!! MWAHAHAHA! Ň.o Uhm... right, ok. I'm a close-friends boy (I just have three people that I can tell them "friends"), mostly shy but also a freak xD When I gain confidence with someone, I talk and talk until I become boring xD Uhm... I hate dance, drink -remember guys, NEVER drink alcohol, is for your sake ^^-... but I love going to parties and discos and hear the music or talk to people. I'm from Spain, like you can see in my profile xD So my english is a bit horrible @_@ Anyway, I guess we're going to the bad side... I started loving Hamtaro... uhm... it was... oh, that's right! When the Ham-Ham Unite game was released in Spain, January,10th of 2003 -thanks Wikipedia- when I was 12 years old. At this time, I was experimenting the Internet thing for first time, and when the series was broadcasted at Fox Kids -now Jetix, and recently, Disney Kids-, I started searching for Hamtaro things in the Internet. Then, I found a spanish MSN group where I found a lot of friends and, after mailing with one of them for a long time, I managed to start the first Hamtaro RPG forum in spanish -I guess it was also the first Hamtaro RPG in the world, but then I wasn't look for them in english, so... I don't know xD- and my affection to Hamtaro grown. I made my own Ham-fan André, and started to make him a story with the actions of the RPG. That was, I think, the best time ever I lived in my live. For two years, the RPG was online and my friends and I were having fun. In this time I found Ham Ham Kingdom and other sites and so. But well... mostly because I need to spent more time studying, I lost a bit of interest in Hamtaro. But, when I started to write my Hamtaro fan-fics, the interest returned and never disappeared xD Uhm... I guess I just talk a lot without actually saying anything @_@ Time to answer questions Mimitchi style :P


Why are you helping Mimitchi with this?
Well... it was a lucky time that I look at AHHG forums and notice that Mimitchi posted that she uploaded the Hamtaro movies in her site, and well, for a few months I had in mind a project about a Hamtaro media site... so I mailed Mimitchi trying luck to help her with my own archives. And then, this story began :P

What are your favorite Ham-Hams?
Bijou. Since ever, I just love the french ham. Is cute, friendly and have a big heart ^^

Favorite Hamtaro movie?
Uhm... that's hard to say. I really love the second one: Hamtaro fall in love with his true love -Princess Shera- besides Bijou, and have a shock that is too mature for a Hamtaro movie. It's the first time I see that, in a "kids movie", the main character is replaced with someone else in the wedding. But, the third one is good too, because it's Bijou's movie *0* She look so cute with the priest dress >_< Despite the Hamtaro x Bijou plot, still good xD

What about couples?
When I watched Hamtaro first time... I was Boss x Bijou ABSOLUTELY xD Since the first time, I just didn't love the Hamtaro x Bijou couple. I don't know why, I think they didn't match together... Another reason is that my fan-ham, André, is the childhood boyfriend of Bijou xD Actually, I support Maxwell x Sandy, Hamtaro x Sparkle, Boss x Oshare (or Boss alone and Oshare with Hamtaro xD), Bijou alone, Stan x Flora, Cappy x Penelope, Skyham x Pashmina and Oxnard x Pepper :P I think that's all xD

Video games?
Rainbow Rescue is the best one. But I play more with Ham Ham Games, is more funny :P

Any current obsessions?
Uhm... Now I just want to made this site bigger and bigger. I want to translate all the episodes I have and finish my fanfics.

How about animes?
Now I'm watching D.Gray-Man, Code Geass R2, Soul Eater, World Destruction and when in October start the second season, Gundam 00 (remember this was wrote on 2008). I love also Sgt. Frog -Keroro Gunsou-, Tutor Hitman Reborn, Negima, Shaman King, Death Note... I'm an otaku :P

And other interests?
I play Ragnarok Online, an MMORPG. I've also played Flyff, Granado Espada, Tales of Pirates, Gunbound, World of Warcraft and a large list xD

Any weird things about yourself?
I want to dominate the world. That's... weird, right? o.o

Hope you enjoy... I don't know how to continue xD