Affiliation Form
Okay, so you want to affiliate with HHP? Here are the requirements:

- You NEED a website
- The site has to be decent. It must prove that you worked really hard on it, not slapping a few pages together.
- The graphics/layout don't need to be of extreme quality. As long as your content is awesome, the look doesn't matter. (unless the colors make me blind xD)
- It MUST be about Hamtaro, unless you're a really close friend. Your site CANNOT HAVE: Porn, hentai, adult stuff, hate, anything bad really...
- Site cannot be on hiatus when you apply. (otherwise, how could I see your site?) Its fine if you go on hiatus after being approved, it won't change your affiliation status.
- Do NOT send me an application in "chat speak" or "n00b language." This means, no "lol hiiii, afiliate w/my site plz n thx". NO
- If I haven't replied to your application, it could mean these things: Your application/site was not accepted, OR I didn't check my e-mail yet.

If you would like to apply, please fill in the form.
If this form does not work, please send me an e-mail at with all the below details.


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