Staff Members: Kristopher
Usernames: Kristo-Ham
Age: 22
Position: I fix grammar on (and often time) the subs André makes.
What I do: Same as above, and I make updates on the site when I can.
Birthday: January 11, 1996
Gender: Boy
Languages: English, some Spanish, some Japanese (I'm not fluent in the last two, but I know some here and there)
Fav Anime: Hamtaro, Calimero (1992), Kyorochan, Doraemon, Chi's Sweet Home
Fav Music: Mainly Japanese music (Hamtaro music especially) and other foreign music, but I like some country music and pop music too.
Fav Colors: Orange, Golden Yellow
Fav Sport: I'm not really into sports, but I guess I like tennis? :P
Country: USA
Hobbies: Hamtaro, thrift store frequenting, collecting Furbys and other interesting electronic creatures, making paper cutout characters (I made some good Hamtaro and South Park ones!)
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I got into Hamtaro in 2008 after buying an old VHS tape of the English dub, since it was reduced to 25 cents at Burlington Coat Factory at Christmastime. 25 cents! I remembered having seen the show a couple of times back in 2003 or 2004, and I wanted to see it again.

Anyway, after watching it, I decided I had to see more, so I looked online. I didn't find many episodes at first, so the next year, for Christmas, I got the first 5 English DVD volumes on eBay. After watching them all, I knew there were still more episodes and I wanted to see them. So after searching some more, I came across Ham-Ham Paradise, in 2010. It was just what I had been looking for. (Almost) all the episodes in English were available to watch. So I started watching, in order, the ones I hadn't seen. I hadn't been watching them long when HHP went on hiatus. I was disappointed, because I hadn't watched even up to episode 52! Luckily, someone had uploaded some of the episodes on YouTube, so I watched them there. Not all of them were on there, though, so I'm glad HHP didn't take too long to come back. After watching all the English episodes that were available at the time, I began watching the Japanese ones with subtitles.

Then I came across part of an Italian episode and sent it to the site's e-mail, which André checked and he thanked me for donating it. I can't remember if I found any more things to donate that year, but early the next year, in 2011, when Hamtaro was supposed to have a new series on TV Tokyo, I downloaded KeyholeTV and a video capture program to record it, and I got episodes of the Hamutaro Haai! series as well. This went on for a year until TV Tokyo stopped showing Haai! in April 2012. That same year, I was made an official part of the Paradise Hamsubs team ( I believe I had been fixing subs for some time already). The next year, in April 2013, the new Tottoko Hamutaro series ended. I've been getting more and more of the original Japanese episodes since, to restore all the ones that were lost when MegaUpload went down (I think that happened in 2012). So nowadays, I fix the subs and time them usually, too. I'd like to learn enough Japanese to sub some myself someday.