Staff Members: Mimitchi
Usernames: Mimitchi
Age: 28
Birthday: July 29, 1994
Gender: Girl
Languages: English and French
Fav Anime: Hamtaro, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Lucky Star, Nodame Cantabile, Durarara!!
Fav Music: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, KAT-TUN, SS501, Frédéric Chopin, Davichi
Instrument: Piano (classically trained since age 7)
Fav Colour: Red.
Fav Sport: Skiing, hockey (watch only)
Hobbies: Drawing, webdesign, piano, photography, writing.. anything creative
Current fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers!), Sherlock BBC, Loki Laufeyson, Tom Hiddleston


I'm a rather shy girl who doesn't say much, but get to know me better and you'll have a great friend!
I started liking Hamtaro when I was 8 years old. My ex-best friend Sarah had called me asking "Do you watch Hamutaro?", and that's how it started. xD I became rapidly obssesed with this adorable series, even getting up at 5AM every morning to record it on TV. (Thus, the big load of episodes on HHP!) I was an expert Ham-Ham artist at school, and many people admired me for that. Later, I started visiting fan-sites about Hamtaro, notably the Ham-Ham Kingdom and the Amazing Ham-Ham Gang. (yes, those sites were around back then! xD)
After visiting and faving so many webpages, I dreamed of making my own site. Heck, I'd even sketch out what I wanted it to look like! So I did some research, and started learning HTML. If you want to read more about my first web experience, go to the History page on HHP. Anyway, Ham-Ham Paradise was my very first website, and it's my most complete one as well. ^^

I'm a go-with-the-flow type of person who tends to procrastinate on most anything. My favourite subjects in school were English, French, Music and Art, though I once aced my science classes too. From grades 11 to 12, I was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programme, the most challenging school work I've ever done. My procrastination got the better of me though and I was forced to drop out of Math and History.
During those two years, I learned that I love literary analysis... so I'm currently hoping to get accepted into the University of British Columbia (UBC), for the Bachelor of Arts degree. After that, I plan to go to the British Columbia Insititute of Technology (BCIT) to get a certification in web design and media. Because no matter how nice my layouts look on HHP, the coding is atrociously out of date and a validation service will show hundreds of errors. So I'd like to take my skills to the professional level. :)


Why are you going so far for this website? Are you obsessed with Hamtaro?
As of today, I'm not obsessed with Hamtaro. It might seem like it, seeing as how much effort I put into the site. But it's not so much the series I'm devoted to... It's the FANS. The whole reason I re-opened HHP was to have something fun for the small number of Hamtaro fans there are in this world. The reason I've collected all this media was for the fans and this site. Not saying it's no fun for me though: I was literally jumping everywhere when I received the movies. ;3

What are your favorite Ham-Hams?
When I first started watching, I absolutely adored Bijou. Penelope was a close second. But these days, I prefer Stan, Flora/Nurse-Ham and Sparkle. xD;

Favorite Hamtaro movie?
Adventures in Ham-Ham Land. It's nostalgic for me cause I saw it when I was little.. Sarah, the girl who introduced me to the series, had a VHS tape of this movie, no subtitles of course. We watched it together, and she translated bits from time to time.

What about couples?
Again, when I was younger, I was a Hamtaro+Bijou freak. But now I like Stan+Flora. <33 He's just so sweet to her.

Hamtaro games?
Ham-Ham Heartbreak and Rainbow Rescue :3

Any current obsessions?
You can usually tell from my avatars what I'm totally in love with at the moment. It could be some yaoi couple, a hockey player, etc..

What was your weirdest dream yet?
I've had so many of them, mostly HP/Voldemort ones. xD Here's my two latest ones:
1. My friend Selina and I were blowing up buildings all over the city. The police were trying to find the criminals, but they never figured two little girls would be terrorists.
2. I'm on the bus, and this hobo is taking it too. Some random person gives him a promotion to let him teach at my school. He winds up being my science teacher (noo! D:) and looks exactly like him, even acts like him. The only difference is that he would act drunk every few seconds.
3. My parents made arrangements for me to meet Trevor Linden. After talking to him for a bit, a fat Mexican takes his place, and the "real" Linden skates away into an arena filled with screaming fans to catch a plane.

Any weird things about yourself?
I have no sweet tooth. I was that kid who never ate most of her Halloween candy. Any chocolate needs to be 70% dark. I dislike pineapples and mangoes.