Staff Members: Setsuro

Usernames: Setsuro Menurike, Setta
Age: 15
Gender: Boy
Position: Sub moderator/editor and Cbox monitor
What I do:What I do: ... I help André-san fix and translate subtitles that appear in the non-English episodes, and translate them to other languages when there is enough time. Fav Shows: Heroes, The 4400, Lost, Tottoko Hamutaro, and anything with a twist.
Instrument: Mouth (beatbox/vocalist)
Fav Colors: Black for contrast, white for background and red for emotion
Fav Sport: Kendo
Country: At the moment, Holland and South Africa
Hobbies: Practicing Sword style Rikuca and Bruuja, Learning new languages, improving my art skills, studying, caring for animals, editing fictions, Being helpful.


... Domo, mina-sama... I am Setsuro V. Menurike, or Setsuro for short... I seem to be here for the sole purpose of being helpful to others, as one of my dreams is to change a persons life to the good… I am most commonly found on, the dA for short, giving constructive critique and editing and moderating work for others… I can be found at Feel free to contact me if you wish.

Why are you helping Mimitchi with this?
... Why do I need a reason to help somebody? I just feel like it, and that's a good enough reason for me... I used to speak to Mimtchi-chan (Now known as Mimichee), and discovered her website... I took it upon myself to help out, and this is why you see me today.

What are your favorite Ham-Hams?
... Not sure really... Perhaps Panda-kun and Sasujija Tongari, more commonly known as Panda and Jingle... Their mysterious personalities elude me, wanting to know where and how they came to be.

Favorite Hamtaro movie?
... Does not have any favorites... I do, however, enjoy watching them all though.

What about couples?
... I do not even go there, what with all the flaming and squabbling from other fans... I do however see a logical link to Noppo-kun and Torahamu-chan, Koushi-kun and Jajahamu-chan, Hamutaro-kun and Ribon-chan, and a slight interest in Panda-kun and Mafura-chan.

Video games?
... Tottoko Hamutaro related, I'd have to say Tottoko Hamutaro: Hamu-hamu Sports, but other than that, I enjoy playing Pokémon every now and then.

Any current obsessions?
... At the moment, it's recreating my manga's, Try Twins, The Creatures of Chaos, Sukie’s Heart Hunt, and my two most recent projects, Superstick and Cloud Nine.

… Other than that, I tend to obsess more over our resident animals, since I live in house named Animal Arc.

How about animes?
… I’d have to say, I have no favorites, since I just watch, enjoy and remember… Full Metal Alchemist, Furi Kuri and Soul Eater seemed promising though.

Play any RPGs?
… I am addicted to the Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, to the point that if I mention a word of it to my friend, he kicks me out his house… My father also got me addicted to the Sims 3, which I am starting to play regularly… I do not play many games though.

Any weird things about yourself?
… I tend to have uLterior messeges withIn my Keen and EntertaiNing messeges… OtherWise, life isn’t that fun. (“,)

... Feel free to spam me with thoughts and queries, and I will try to get back to you A.S.A.P.

… Cha-ne.